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You're back

You're back. 

You saw your moment and crawled your way back in, slowly at first, but I saw you. I knew what it meant and I didn't stop you. I guess I hoped you wouldn't be here to stay. 

Hand jobs, period sex and a finger up the bum - the Scarlet Ladies sex panel

A Tuesday evening for me usually consists of nothing more than dinner in front of the tv before climbing into bed for a few hours of social media scrolling, any improvement to my weekday evening is always appreciated. So I was happy to be invited to spend a Tuesday evening in March in a cute bar in London surrounded by sex positive ladies and gentleman thanks to Scarlet Ladies. 

I'm not a nice, sweet, good girl - but that's more than ok

I'm a nice person, and I'm a good person, but those are not my key identifiers. I don't think anyone who knows me would pick nice and good if they were asked to describe me in three words - loud, confident and sassy are probably much more likely to come up. I'm ok with that, in fact I'm proud of that, because along with those things come being outspoken, honest and passionate. I'm a feminist, sex positive, unafraid of confrontation and comfortable speaking up when I need to.