Of Course I've Got Time For a Blog. Im A Student!

After weeks of having 'Start blog' written on multiple to-do lists I've finally plucked up the courage and created my own little blog. When checking bloglovin became part of my morning social media check, and I started thinking to myself "I could write a blog post about that", I realised it was time for me to have my own space on the internet. 

So here it is. Writing Essays with Wine is Totally Fine, is a lifestyle blog, on which Im going to be posting anything and everything. Being a university student, a feminist, a shopping addict, and a bit of a fatty, will probably reflect in my variety of blog posts.  I can't guarantee what I will post, as Im usually influenced on whats happening to me at the time, whether thats an essay I'm struggling through, clothes Im desperately coveting, a day out with friends, or my love/hate relationship with chocolate. (Lets be honest, its just a love relationship!) However I do hope to post a variety of posts, with hopefully good content. 

Starting a blog makes me both nervous and excited, and I can't wait to see how I find this experience. So if you've got any tips, or are just starting out yourself let me know!


  1. Hey :) Thanks for following me, I've only recently started blogging too! (Well, I started two years ago, then stopped, now I'm doing it again for real). Just read your blog post about productivity (or the lack of) and I can totally relate! You just pretty much summed up my entire first year of university - third year isn't so easy :/

    Anyway good luck with your blog (and university) :D

    Lil x

    1. Hey. I had a blog a few years ago but deleted it after I kind of gave up, but after getting back into reading blogs I decided I wanted to start one up again. And thanks for reading my post, every day I fail at being productive, and being at uni means no one to make me do stuff, I have to do it all myself. Im so not looking forward to third year, might need some tips on how to cope!!
      Thanks for the luck, good luck with your blog also :)

      Emma x

  2. Hey! Thanks for the Bloglovin' follow.
    Blogs that are about a little bit of everything are my favourite ones :-)

    ~ Bevchen

  3. Thank you for following me on twitter and bloglovin emma! i really appreciate it! and i'm so so sooo glad you've started one as i can tell that i'll be able to relate to everything you write:p Your blog title is awesome as well! Good luck and can't wait to read more :) xx

  4. It is a great blog with a great name


  5. This is so perfect! I felt exactly the same way before starting my blog and even though its still early days I'm absolutely loving it!
    (I don't like wine and write with a G&T instead)
    Imii xox // nettleandblackberry.com