Promises of Productivity Lost to the Joys of Napping

Most nights, before I go to bed, I tell myself, “tomorrow I’ll be productive!” I write to-do lists of all the things I’m going to complete in the day. I tidy my room, so I can start being productive as soon as I get up. I may even hunt down my trainers from under the bed and declare that tomorrow "I will work out!" I set my alarm, and cuddle up into bed ready to wake up refreshed and raring to take on the day. 

However, this is usually how my day goes; When my alarm goes off, I hit snooze and roll over for those 10 precious minutes extra of sleep. 30 minutes later, I’m jumping out of bed, cursing it for being so warm and cosy, and cursing stupid lectures for forcing me to get out of bed. With a brain still half asleep, I shovel some cereal down my throat, (remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!) hastily cover the bags under my eyes with some concealer and brush my teeth whilst also packing my bag. Having lost the opportunity to shower, through choosing extra time in bed, I try to fix my greasy hair by covering it in dry shampoo. After rubbing my head to blend in the now white roots, I give up, and end up with a messy bun thats more like a pile of hair on top of my head than a bun.

Next is what to wear, my wardrobe may be filled with clothes, but I haven’t got the time to stand around in my underwear, changing outfits multiple times, deciding on accessories, shoes and bag, and then change again because ‘something just isn’t right’. Instead I step into the jeans that I’d taken off the night before, spray on some deodorant, chuck on my Uni hoodie, (that should probably be washed some day soon), and lace up my converse before racing out the door. 

By the time I’ve got to Uni, after power walking there and working up a slight sweat, my day is already ruined. All I can think about is the lecture ending and getting back home and into bed, and this is exactly what I do. "Only an hour”, I tell myself, “I’ll be productive when I wake up”. I should know better, and know I’m just lying to myself. Yet two hours later I wake up, feeling more tired than I did before, and in no way feeling productive. This means I spend the rest of the day in bed, scrolling through netflix deciding what to watch, reading blogs and then subsequently finding myself internet shopping, and doing anything but the list of things I wrote out to do today.

After dinner, it’s then ‘too late to do anything now’, so my evening is just a continuation of my day, although I might move to the sofa for a change of scenery. Around 1am I’ll decide it’s bedtime, and get back into my bed, promising myself, “tomorrow I’ll definetly be productive!” 

Sometimes I wonder how I ever get anything done! Are you a productive person, who does all the things you plan for the day? Or are you like me, spending too much time procrastinating in bed? I think I need to place a ban on sleeping during the day... it never ends well! 


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