Beauty is a State of Mind

After watching this advert by Dove I knew I wanted to write a blog post about it. The advert is played out so you believe Dove have created this new ‘beauty patch’ designed to help women feel more confident in the way they look. This patch is given to a group of women who have talked about how they don’t feel confident or totally comfortable in the way they look. They then keep a video diary for 2 weeks discussing how the patch has made them feel more confident and feel better about themselves. At the end of the advert the women are told to look to see what is in the patch, and they’re shown that there is nothing in it at all. 

The message behind this advert really got to me. Most women, including myself, are so conscious of the way they look, they lack confidence and always pick out the things they don’t like about themselves. This ‘patch’ made women believe they were feeling more beautiful and confident in themselves, when really they were doing it all by themselves. The end message of ‘Beauty is a State of Mind’ is so true, you don’t need make up, or to change your body or hair to look beautiful, you are beautiful exactly as you are. 

We need to change how we think of ourselves. We need to change our state of mind from criticising and hating our bodies, to realising we are beautiful exactly as we are. I am beautiful, and so are you! 

I know this advert is just that, an advert, and Dove is a company trying to make money, but I would much rather a company try to make money by telling women to believe they are beautiful than by criticising them for not shaving their legs! (Im looking at you Veet!)  I also believe it’s okay to want to change yourself, to want to wear make up, dye your hair, or want to loose weight. It’s okay to want to look different or what you may believe is ‘better’. It’s something most of us do, however it’s also important to believe that even though you want to change, you don’t HAVE to change to be beautiful, and that how you are right now is just as beautiful as how you are with a full face of make up, or a different colour hair, or weighing a stone lighter. 

Beauty is a State of Mind, and I just want you to know, that you are beautiful exactly as you are.  <3 


  1. Such a beautiful and inspirational post! This has really got me thinking, I wish all adverts were like this!! <3 xx

  2. Such a clever advert, such a beautiful idea too. I don't think women will ever be happy with themselves until the media change the way women are portrayed! I certainly believe that women all deserve to feel good and we all deserve to feel good about ourselves xx

  3. Great Post I couldn't Agree more - We need to appreciate ourselves, flaws and all. :)