Reminiscing: Second Year of University. Part 1

It's been over two weeks since I've posted on here so I hope you haven't missed me too much. I know not posting regularly is seen as a terrible thing, but I'm not going to apologise as life just happened and blogging just didn't fit in for those 2 weeks. The main reason for a lack of posts was uni. I had essays to write and deadlines to meet, and I had zero creativity or motivation to write a post about anything. However, I've handed in my final assignments, I've finished second year, and I'm back home for summer!

This year of uni has gone so quickly, and I can't believe that it's summer again, and in a few months I'll be back for my third and FINAL year of education! I've decided to do a bit of reminiscing rather than start thinking of my dissertation, and this post is going to be a look back on my second year of uni. It's going to be pretty picture heavy rather than text, but hey, who doesn't love a sneaky look at somebody's life. I'm also going to just focus on semester 1 in this post, and do a separate post on semester 2. 

Just to warn you, most of the photos will be of me slightly intoxicated after a few too many glasses of wine, and this results in me either pouting, sticking out my tounge or looking like a hot mess. Apologies. 

I moved into my university house with 3 of my friends, and we had luckily picked a great house with a great landlord unlike a lot of our friends. So we had a brilliant year living together, we had our ups and downs but it was a lot of fun. We obviously had to christen our new house, and so a 'suits and sluts' party was held, and from what I've heard, it was a great night which I spent half of passed out on my bed while my friends fed me chips. 

September was freshers and therefore meant parties, nights out, and lots and lots of sleeping. The paint party was a lot of fun, and ended up in my soaked through with paint and my friend getting on stage and doing the Macarena. 

['America' fancy dress party]

[Foam party night out]

[Paint party night out]

The month of birthdays. Also the month of Prison Break, crying over stupid boys who are stupid, and missing far too many lectures. 

My housemate Hannah turned 21 and we decided to have a 90s themed party to celebrate. This involved me spending 2 hours ripping holes ever so delicately into my jeans to try and look more '90s'. What I loved most about this night was that the only songs that were played were 90s/early 2000s songs and everyone sang along. There is even a brilliant video of everyone singing to Robbie Williams Angels. This is also the night I first spoke to Josh my now boyfriend. He remembers his first impression of me being that I was absolutely crazy, which I guess is a great first impression. 

 [All the housemates together]

This night out was to celebrate my other two housemate's 20th birthdays. We went to one of our favourite club/bars called Warehouse, which is great as it has 3 floors and plays different genres on each floor, although everyone seems to end up in the smoking area talking anyway!

October was also an amazing month as I got to see my favourite musician, John Mayer. I've been a huge fan of him for years, and in October he played Wembley so me and my friend went to see him and it was fantastic. Although our seats weren't great, and all the photos I took were just a blur, the experience was amazing, and I loved hearing him play some of my favourite songs. 

[Not taken by me. I wish I was that close!]

Halloween brought in the end of October, and as someone who loves fancy dress but does not have the time, money or patience to find a costume, I went as a spider. So very imaginative. This night was a lot of fun, but also contained a lot of boy drama, with a stupid boy I wish I'd never known. 

A month of essays, autumn days, shopping trips and getting angry over aforementioned stupid boy. 

[Shopping trips when I should be writing essays]

This month couldn't have started off better, as the night of the 31st of November/the morning of the 1st December was when I first started talking to my boyfriend, Josh. We started talking on a night out for a mutual friend's birthday, and I then spent the first few weeks of December staying up till 4am talking to him. This wasn't the best idea as I had three essays to write and It meant a very stressful Christmas holidays. To celebrate the end of the semester and Christmas we decided to have a party. An undead christmas themed party. 

Me and my girl housemates went as Santa's mistresses in mourning, while my male housemate went as dead santa. It was probably our best house party, as we had decorations everywhere and people made an effort to dress up. It was a great way to say goodbye to our friends over the holiday. To carry on the festive spirit, we decided to visit the Manchester Christmas markets. We had such a great day walking around eating testers, drinking mulled wine and singing christmas songs. I'd definitely recommend it if you're a lover of all things Christmas. 

We ended the semester off with one of the best Christmas dinners I've ever had, a glass of wine, and watching The Grinch in our Pjs. 

This semester was a really great one, and I spent most my time either sleeping, drinking or sitting on the sofa chatting. This wasn't the best method for getting work done and I spent most of my Christmas holiday at my desk attempting to finish my essays. 

I hope you've enjoyed getting a little insight into my year, and hopefully you'll want to see my next post on what I got up to this semester. It's fun to look back on what you've been up to, especially reading through old tweets and looking back at old photos. 

They See Me Haulin'

This past month I've done a little bit of shopping. Okay, maybe a lot of shopping! So I thought I'd show you what I've picked up recently as I've managed to get some bits I really love.  I didn't want to overwhelm you with photos, so I've grouped most things up, and done individual photos of some of my favourite things. Hope you enjoy. 


First up is Primark. I picked up some basics and a few summery bits whilst I was there, including a mint been slouchy vest which I really like for summer, as well as a floral slightly cropped loose top. I also got something which as soon as I saw I knew I had to have, and thats the Lion King top, as it's my favourite film I couldn't leave it behind!

[Primark dress - £14]

My mum very generously got this dress for me. It's a full length dress, with a gorgeous pattern on and I love the colour, It's got a slip underneath till about mid thigh, and has a slit up the side. It's quite a casual dress and I can't wait to wear it over summer, especially If I go on holiday. 

[Primark shoes - £12 & £10]

I also picked up these shoes from Primark, and I'm in love with the gladiator sandals and I've worn them loads already. 

[Debenhams, Miss Selfridge, H&M, Warehouse & Topshop]

These few bits are all from different shops, and most were in the sale which is always great. The daisy top is from Debenhams and is a slightly cropped loose top, which looks lovely with high wasted shorts. The black, grey and lime green aztec top is from Miss Selfridge and was on the sale for £7, it's another copped slightly loose top, as Im really loving this style at the moment. The jumper and scarf I picked up from the Topshop sale, with the scarf being £5 and the jumper £20. I love both of these, the jumper is so soft and a lovely spring colour. 

[Warehouse dress - £8]

This dress is from Warehouse, and is a bargain, £50 reduced to £8! It's not something I'd normally wear, but for £8 I thought I'd give it a go, It's quite figure hugging, but the panelling makes it a bit more flattering, and it's not too short which is good. 

[H&M bikini - £15]

This is probably one of my favourite buys. This bikini is from H&M, and as soon as I tried it on I had to have it! This shade of blue is probably one of my favourite colours to wear, and the style is really flattering and fits well. I'm off to Cyprus in June so this baby is going to have it's debut then! 

[New Look]

I picked up these bits from New Look. The jumper was in the sale, and is probably something I won't wear until autumn comes around as it's quite thick. The blue boxy shirt is one of my favourite styles to wear at the moment, and I think it's really suits me, especially with high wasted jeans or shorts. The white top with the detailing at the bottom is really lovely and looks great with denim. I wore this to a party, and liked it some much I brought the same style in a different design!

[New Look]

The floral top is the same style as the white top above, with a cream detail at the bottom, I think these are lovely for summer. I can't remember who it was, but I saw a blogger wearing this Hogwarts jumper a few weeks ago, and as a massive Harry Potter fan, I had to buy it, now I just need a wand and I'm practically a wizard!  

[New Look shorts - £19.99]

These denim shorts are from New Look, and I brought them as motivation to loose some weight because they're currently a bit too small for me. Im hoping I can fit into them a bit better by the time I go to Cyprus, as I really love the distressed look, and I basically live in high waisted shorts over the summer. 

[New Look boots - £12]

The last thing I picked up were these dark brown Chelsea boots from New Look. I've been wanting a pair for a while but wasn't sure If they were my style, so when I saw them in the sale for £12 I thought I'd grab them and give them a go. 

So that's my recent purchases, let me know in the comments what you think of any of the bits I've brought. And If you've done a haul post/video let me know, as I'm really nosey and love seeing what people buy! 



I know It's Monday, and I normally do a 'catch up' on a Sunday, but I have had a manic week, and didn't manage to get a post up yesterday. However, I'm back, after a week off spending my days at my desk, attempting to write one of the hardest essays I've ever done. The actual essay wasn't so difficult, my lack of preparation, motivation, interest and creativity was where I struggled. Anyway, that's been finished and submitted, and  although I still have two deadlines left, I have more time to complete them, so I can get back to blogging! 

My week hasn't been that exciting, with most my days been spent in my room or at the library, however there were a few highlights I'll give you, starting with EUROVISION! My housemate is a huge fan of Eurovision, so on Saturday night we were all forced to gather around the tv and attempt to sing along and rate our favourite countries. After a few glasses of wine, this turned into a very loud and hilarious evening of laughing, singing, cheering and shouting at the telly. My personal favourites were Belarus, Finland and of course Austria! I was very happy when she won. 

Some other exciting highlights of my week were; doing a presentation and finishing one of my modules, finding out Cafe Nero have no sugar flavoured syrups, painting a desk to help out my incredibly stressed boyfriend, and buying a Hogwarts jumper and wearing at every opportunity! 

Im sorry for my complete lack of content this week, I wanted to write but even when I wasn't doing my essay I had no motivation or creativity, and I just wanted to be away from my laptop.

I hope you've all had wonderful weeks and aren't struggling with deadlines, and please leave me a comment or send me a link on twitter of any posts you've uploaded this week, as Im so behind on reading blogs I don't even know where to start! 

Update: Im in Deadline Hell

If you follow me on twitter you'll probably know this, or if you've read my past few posts, but I am currently in deadline hell. This is mostly my own fault for being lazy and procrastinating and leaving things until the last minute, and I was hoping my blog wouldn't suffer, but it looks like it's going to. 

At the moment, my priority is assignments and although I'd love to ignore them and focus solely on blogging, this really wouldn't be the best idea for my hopes of graduating with good grades. So what Im saying is, Im taking a brief break, as I'd rather post nothing than something I've cobbled together just to make sure Im posting. This week I'm hoping to be able to get a couple of posts up, but can't guarantee anything, hopefully my lack of posting doesn't disappoint anyone, and Im hoping to get back into things next week, although I will still have deadlines. 

Sorry for such a boring post, I just wanted to let everyone know Im still here, I've just got to focus on work for a bit, and good luck if you're struggling with deadlines as well. And if anyone feels like writing an essay on creationism and evolution in western Christian thinking, let me know! 

May Goals

I am so happy it’s finally May, as it’s means only a few more weeks left at Uni before summer starts! However I am also incredibly stressed that it’s May, as the last few weeks of Uni means a huge amount of work to do. I have essays and presentations and I am so unmotivated and I really don’t want to do any of it. 

At the beginning of April I set myself some goals to help stay motivated while I was stressing over Uni work. It turns out April wasn’t that stressful, mostly because I ignored all my work and left it right until the last minute, and now May is a VERY stressful month, until the 22nd when my last assignment is submitted. So I figured I would review my goals and see how well I stuck to them, and set myself some new goals for May.

Aprils Goals 
Stay on top of assignments
Obviously this didn’t happen. I’m not terribly behind, and I submitted one essay in April, so I did manage to get some work done. I’ve also been given extensions on some of my deadlines because of a mess up within my school. So that gives me a little bit more time. 

Eat healthy. Exercise more. Loose weight.
Im going to give myself this one, although half of April was spent eating crap and feeling crap, I sorted myself out, quit sugar, and starting eating better and managed to loose a bit of weight. The goal to exercise more was never going to happen as Im incredibly lazy.

Spend time with friends.
Goal completed. I got to go home and see some of my friends while I was there which was lovely, and I’ve spent some time with some of my uni friends. We’re all super busy at the moment, so even seeing them now and then is great. 

Get in to blogging.
This is something I think I’ve definitely succeeded on. In fact today I hit 200 followers on bloglovin! Which is just amazing! I’ve also managed to keep up with regularly posting, and started to get more involved with the community through commenting on other blogs and talking to people on twitter. 

Do something that makes me happy everyday. Keep a note of these things. 
I haven’t consciously done something every day to make me happy, but every day I’ve felt happy, whether that was for the whole day, or just for a small part of the day. Keeping a note of these things was a nice idea, but was never really going to last all month. 

Plan my summer. 
I’ve started to plan my summer, I’ve applied for a few internships, and thats all I can really do at the moment. It’s difficult to make plans when you don’t know what you’re going to be doing, so at the moment I have ideas, but no plans. 

So after a mildly successful April, Im going to set myself some hopefully achievable goals for May.

Complete all assignments to a reasonable standard.
This semester I haven’t really enjoyed my modules, and I’ve slightly given up trying, so Im setting myself the goal of completing all assignments, which I will do, but also to complete them to a reasonable standard. This means trying harder than I am now to create an essay that hasn’t just been cobbled together, and will hopefully get me an okay grade.

Loose weight.
Although I set myself this last month I think this month I have a good chance of loosing more. I’m sticking to my sugarless diet and hopefully that will help me loose more weight, especially as Im off to Cyprus in June with people from Uni! 

Design my blog.
As you can see, my blog is a very basic design, and as I have no creative skills whatsoever I haven’t done anything to it. My boyfriend has a bit more of a creative flair than me, and has mentioned helping me in designing my blog, so hopefully we can work on that this month.

Stop spending, start saving. 
Im poor, and I need to stop spending money on crap. Simple.

Heres to hoping this month doesn’t kill me. Good luck with May if you’re a student, I know it’s bad for most of us. If you’re not a student, I hope your May is relaxed, fun and filled with sunshine.