June Goals

I can't believe it's June already! May has gone past so quickly and I've finished second year for summer. June is going to be a tough month with getting back into a routine of working full time, something Im not really looking forward to. I've set myself some goals for the month of June, and I'm also going to look back at my goals for May and see if I've managed to complete any of them.

May's Goals 
Complete all assignments to a reasonable standard.
I am happy that this goal was completed. All my assignments were handed in on time, and I was happy with all of them, they may not be amazing but I'd like to think they weren't terrible, but I guess I'll find out when I get my results back!

Loose weight.
Once again this goal was a failure. May was a very stressful month and I use food as a comfort, whether Im happy, sad, angry or stressed I turn to food, and this month I have been all of these things, sometimes all of them in the same day! So unfortunately this goal was a fail. 

Design my blog.
As you can see, my blog is still very basic and hasn't had a makeover. I'm unsure what I want to do with my blog or what sort of design I want. 

Stop spending, start saving. 
I wish I'd stuck to this goal, but unfortunately I didn't. Luckily I've now got a job so I can start paying off my over draft. 

Seeing as May was basically a failure in terms of sticking to my goals, Im determined to be better in June, and here are my new goals.

I say this all the time, but It's time to step my game up! I'm going to Cyprus in 2 weeks, so It would be nice to possibly loose a few pounds before then. Im also hoping to go away with Josh at the end of the summer holidays before going back to Uni, and I'd really like to be slimmer for then. 

Be a better blogger
I want to improve my blog and have better content. I'm going to attempt to get ahead with my posts and have them written up and ready. I also need to get back into communicating with other bloggers on twitter as well as reading other blogs as I've got behind on this. 

Experiment with food
If you've been reading my blog you'll probably know that I've Quit Sugar. I'll be doing an update on how I've well, or badly, I've been doing with this, but I've been wanting to try some of the recipes recommended as I think this will be a great way to keep me on track. So hopefully you'll be seeing some posts of some sugar free recipes soon. 

I haven't got too many goals this month as I wanted to keep it simple as I'll be working full time and will be tired, and my free time will hopefully be spent seeing friends. Have you got any goals for this month?


  1. Congrats on getting a job, send some luck my way please!! A goal post seems like a good idea but I suck at sticking to things. I tried quitting sugar and caved in a couple days in, so I'd love to see some posts on how you're doing and curbing the craves :) xx

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

    1. I'm terrible at sticking to things, but having goals at least gives me some motivation to get things done! I've just done a post today about my total failures at healthy living/quitting sugar haha. :)

      Emma xx

  2. My goals this months are to work more on blog, also keep on working out :) xx

    1. I really want to work on my blog, but I have no idea where to start. I need to start working out, so good for you for having started! :)

      Emma x

  3. Hello! I love your writing so I've nominated you for the liebster award if you'd like to check out my post over on my blog! :)