Reminiscing: Second Year of University. Part 2

After looking back over the first semester of year 2 in my post here, I've finally got round to doing a post all about second semester. 


After a great Christmas break, which ended on the 1st January when I headed back up to Preston and spent the first two weeks living in the library attempting to finish my assignments. However these weeks were made better by Josh as we spent a lot of time together and eventually made our relationship official! 

January also meant 'Re-freshers' and therefore lots of nights out and parties. Including a 'no cups' themed party where you had to bring something inventive that wasn't a cup or a bottle to drink from. I chose a pink glittery cowboy hat, which was incredibly hard to drink from and meant I drank a lot of glitter! 

['no cups' themed party]

[Seeing my home friend on a night out in Preston]

[First night out as a couple]

Another highlight of January was my Canadian best friend Megan coming over to visit! It was so great to see her as it had been about 6 months since I'd last seen her. We had some pre drinks and then went out, and it was a rather messy night. Including me falling over and someone accidentally pouring their whole drink onto my face. Luckily by this point I was too drunk to care, and after a quick touch up and hair drying my face I was ready to dance the night away. 

[Megan and I]

[All my girls, and one of my boys]

[Me after being drenched by a vodka coke]

This month was one of my favourite months of the year so far. I went on a night out with my housemates for next year, got my grades back from first semester, and celebrated my 21st birthday. 

For my 21st my mum, nan and grandad came up to celebrate with me, we went out for a nice meal the night before and then on the day drove to the beach and had a wander along the coast before heading home for cake and presents. Then I got ready and had a few drinks with my housemates before my friends started arriving for a party at mine.

[Birthday cocktails at dinner]

[Selfies with mum]

[Grandad at the seaside]

[The amazing chocolate cake made by mum]

[Drunken dancing with Prince Harry]

We started March off with a well deserved girls night. I have a lot of boy mates so we felt we needed a night for just us girls. It involved cocktails, dancing, glitter eyeshadow done by a women in the club that was painful to take off, and the highlight of the night... strippers!

[My girls <3]

[Those abs tho?!]

[Matching painful glitter eyeshadow]

March was also when I received m surprise birthday present from my housemates. They'd kept it secret and arranged something and I had no clue to what it was. The put me on a train, walked me around a village, got me on a bus and arrived at the place and I still had no clue. Finally it clicked and I realised they'd brought me to CENTRE PARCS! We had an amazing day riding around on bikes, playing basketball, and doing the high ropes which was my idea but I absolutely freaked out! It was a great present and I had an amazing day. 

[Biking action shot]

Me and Josh decided we needed a weekend away, and in mid March we went off for a few days to the Lake District. I wrote about our stay in a blog post which you can read here. We had a great time and the weather was beautiful. The views were stunning and we had some great food.

March was also the month this blog was born! I wrote my first two posts in March and I'm so happy I decided to start a blog. Although it's been a struggle sometimes as I haven't always been consistent in posting, I've really enjoyed it and can't wait to see where it takes me.

The month when deadline hell began. I went on one night out and went home for a few days to see some friends. Other than that I spent most of my time either not doing work and procrastinating, or sitting at my desk writing. In fact this is the only real photo I have to represent April, who doesn't love a seflie. I did manage to blog a bunch in April tho, and this is what I spent a fair amount of time doing.

[Always time for a selfie]

The final month. After 3 weeks of working my butt off to try and finish all my assignments, my last week was spent shopping and also a night out to celebrate my film course friends wrapping their second year film. I also hit 250 followers on bloglovin which was just amazing and made me so happy. 

[Roses from Josh]

[Hitting 250 Bloglovin followers!]

[My outfit for the Film Wrap Party]

[My lovely girls]

My final semester of second year really was amazing. I had some great times, got together with my boyfriend, turned 21, received some great marks and started this blog. Now I've just got to hope the rest of my grades are good, and start preparing for my final year of uni!

I really enjoy looking back over the past few months, and I hoped you've enjoyed having a look at what I've been up to. 


  1. Sounds like you've had an absolutely fab second year :) Love your outfits in these photos by the way!
    Lil x

    1. I did have a great second year! And thanks a lot, Im thinking about doing some outfit posts so it's great hearing peoples like my outfits :)
      Emma x