A Guide To Starting University: Surviving Freshers Tips

Im back with another instalment of my Guide to Starting University! This week Im going to give you some tips on how to survive Freshers, as well as a giveaway of some essential items to get you through Freshers Week. 

Freshers week is one of the most anticipated parts of starting Uni, and even when you're in your second, third of even fourth year you still look forward to Freshers. It's a week (or sometimes 2) spent meeting people, getting to know your uni, and lots of partying! It's also a pretty scary and daunting time, especially if you're moving out of home and into student accommodation. 

I remember being so nervous on my first day, but within a few hours of saying goodbye to my mum I'd already started drinking with my new flat, and by the next morning we all felt like a little family! Everyone's Freshers experience will be different, but there are some tips that will be hopefully be useful for everyone. 

1. Get to know your flat mates
As mentioned in my packing guide a door stop is very important. Having an open door during Freshers makes it a lot easier to get to know your flat mates as they can come and chat without feeling too awkward. Bonding with your flat mates is definitely important during Freshers as you're going to be living with them all year, so you might as well try to be friends. However if the people in your flat aren't your kind of people, don't be disheartened, knock on the flat next door and try and meet some new people. Keep trying to bond with your flatmates though, otherwise it could be a long year of awkward silences.

2. Make it home
Student accommodation isn't the homeliest of places, and home sickness is common in the first few weeks, so a great way to make yourself feel a bit more comfortable is making your room feel a bit more like home. Make sure to unpack fully, even if it takes a couple of days, you'll feel a lot more settled in afterwards. Photos and posters are a great way to cover your walls and bring some home with you, and cushions, rugs or throws can make your room a bit less bare!

3. Fresher Fairs 
Your uni will most likely hold a Freshers Fair at some point during the week, and it's a definite to go along to, even if it's just for the freebies and vouchers! Also remember to check if places offer student discount as this is an easy way to save some money. 

4. Explore 
If you've just moved to a new city Freshers is a great time to have an explore, find out where all the shops are, your closest supermarket, the best takeaway to grab on the way home after a night out, and also the quickest route to your lectures. Also have an explore of your campus, find out where all the buildings are as they might be spread across uni, check out your SU and make sure you know how to get back to your halls after a night out. 

5. Make an effort
Freshers isn't all about drinking and partying, however that does play a large part in a lot of the activities, this isn't for everyone however I'd recommend making an effort to join in during the first few weeks as you'll meet some great people and make some good friends. Don't feel pressured to drink if you don't want to, and remember you can still have a good time sober. On the other side, if you're a hardcore partier make sure to still attend some of the daytime events and not spend your whole week in bed with a hangover! 

6. Societies and sports
Freshers is a great time to get a taste of some of the societies and sports available at your uni. There will probably be a fair you can go to where you can put your name down for some societies. A lot of societies will run events in the first few weeks that you can go to and get a feel of whether its for you. Don't feel like you have to sign up and pay immediately, but if you want to give something a try go for it! If you're interested in being part of a sports team Freshers is the best time to get started as there will be lots of new people and they won't have started training yet. 

7. Talk to everyone and anyone
Although it may seem daunting striking up a conversation with a stranger at your lecture, or going to a flat party by yourself, don't be scared! Remember everyone is in the same boat and just looking to make friends, and you never know who you might meet by just starting up a conversation! Some of my best friends I've met by getting chatting at a party, or starting a conversation at an event. Just say hello! 

8. Go to your lectures
Although they seem irrelevant and you'll be bombard with so much information you won't remember half of it, make sure to go to all your lectures. Freshers lectures are all about introductions to your course and modules, receiving important information, and getting to know your course mates. You'll be thankful you went, even if you are so hungover you could die. Just get back into bed once your lecture is over! 

9. Be safe and sensible
One of the most important freshers tips. Remember to look after yourself, that means not drinking too much, not walking home alone, and always using protection during sex. Freshers can be a pretty wild time and you'll probably push your limits and do things you might not normally do. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement and pressure so just remember to know your limits when drinking, keep together with your friends and flatmates on a night out, and also don't feel pressured to do something you don't want to do. Make sure you have an amazing Freshers and don't end up regretting your actions. 

To help me survive Freshers Intellicig have kindly sent me a #FreshersEssentials kit, and also an extra kit to giveaway to a lucky reader! The kit contains earplugs, plasters, vitamins and cold relief which you are likely to need! Also breakfast biscuits for when you're rushing to a lecture, a student cookbook, USB and a £20 Paperchase voucher for cute stationary. As well as an intellicig disposable e-cigarette to cut down on chain smoking on nights out! To be in with a chance of winning a kit with all of the essential items pictured above enter the giveaway below. Please note this is a UK only giveaway. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was provided with a #FreshersEssentials kit and one to giveaway to a reader by Intellicig

A Guide To Starting University: Budgeting & Saving Money

Money is probably one of the biggest worries for students, everyone needs more and you've never got enough of it. I spoke about Money in a previous instalment of this series, so I'd recommend checking that out first. However in this post I'm going to be talking about how to budget and also save money whilst at University. 

I may not be the best person to give advice on budgeting as I've spent all Summer working my way out of my overdraft, but I've learnt from my mistakes and Im here to help you not go the same way as me! First up is...

This is the tricky part. I've come to the conclusion that getting this right takes a bit of practice, and you need to spend to be able to budget. The first step to budgeting is to work out how much money you have, so that involves working out your income, that will be your student loan, any funding, part time jobs or money from parents. You can also factor in any savings you already have if you want to. Once you've got your income the first step is to take off any outgoings that you know about such as your rent, or your phone contract. That will leave you with the amount of money you have left to play with for the rest of the year. 

The best thing to do next is to divide that amount by the amount of weeks you'll be at uni, also take into account holidays and whether you will need money during the times you're at home. Once you've got your weekly allowance you can then budget. This is the point where I think spending needs to happen, until you know how much things cost it's difficult to work out how much to budget on different areas. I'd recommend not spending over your weekly amount unless you really have to, and then working out how much you spend on different things each week

If you're spending more than you've got each week then you'll need to start cutting down your spend on certain things. You'll have to decide yourself what that is but the main areas of spend are;

Food - This is obviously a necessity and probably what you'll spend most of your money on. To try and cut down on spending I'd recommend shopping in Aldi or Lidl is possible, or always going for own brand products. It's also a good idea to plan ahead for meals so you don't end up constantly buying ready meals or ordering pizza, which can become very expensive. For nights out I always find it's a good idea to have some leftovers ready for when you get in so you're not tempted by the kebab shops on the way home! 

Socialising - This includes drinking and nights out. My main answer to this is PRE DRINK, it's the best way for saving money. Also don't take your bank card on nights out and only take a small amount of cash. Another part of socialising is spending time with friends, pick a movie night instead of the cinema, or cook for each other rather than going out for dinner. 

Things You Don't Need - Clothes, Make Up, DVDs, Books, it's all stuff you don't really need but you want it. Well it's time to be strict on yourself, no more shopping sprees. However don't be too strict maybe give yourself a monthly amount to spend on clothes, or save all the money you don't spend each week and hit up boots. Also remember Charity Shops can have hidden gems, and if you're a similar size to a friend do a little swap, even if its just borrowing an outfit for a night. 

Uni - Books are expensive, if you can get away with not buying course books then don't. The library should have a few, and if you're nice your mate just might lend it to you. If you do need the books always try and find them second hand from other students!

Student Perks 
Everyone knows that students are poor, but they also know students want things, so theres lots of different perks out there for students to take advantage of.

NUS Card - If you're a student then you need this card, it gives discount in hundreds of places, including a lot of high street shops. New Look, Topshop, McDonalds and even Odeon Cinema accept NUS cards, usually giving you 10% discount, it's not a huge amount but it all adds up. At £12 for 12 months it's not a bad deal.

UNiDAYS - At alternative to an NUS card, this student discount can be used be joining online and either ordering through online shops or through downloading the app and showing it at the till. It has some great offers and discounts and is free so definitely worth checking out! 

Amazon Student - If you're like me, Amazon is the first place you'll go to when you need to order something, it has everything and at great prices. Amazon is now offering students a special account that offers 6 months free one day delivery and the chance to win prizes worth up to £3000. It's free to sign up to, but just remember after the first 6 months your account is then converted to a discounted Amazon Prime membership at £39 a year, this includes Amazon's Movie & TV streaming service. A great one to sign up for, and really useful when you desperately need a book for an essay, with free one day delivery its with you the next day! 

16-25 Railcard -  Not specifically for students but still a great discount card. It offers a third off rail travel within the UK and can really save you some money! A 1 year railcard costs £30 but this is easily paid off in the savings you make. If you plan to use the train to travel home, visit friends or go exploring it's a must have and will save you lots! You can also get discounts and offers on things to do in the UK. 

This post was in collaboration with Amazon UK
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My Favourite LBD

Dress: H&M
Denim Jacket: Asda (old)
Bag: H&M
Shoes: Tesco
Watch: Marc Jacobs
Sunglasses: Australian market

I picked this dress up from H&M when I went on a little spending spree after I finished second year and I am in love with it! It's not normally something I would go for, but I find it looks really flattering on. The detail on it is so pretty and makes it look more expensive than it was. I like that it goes in at the waist and gives me some shape but isn't the normal skater dress style I usually go for. I've got too many black dresses in various styles but I think this is a favourite, especially for summer. 

I've had this denim jacket for years and it's my go to cover up in the summer. I wore this outfit out to dinner when I visited York with my boyfriend, which you can read about here. I also have on the same shoes, bag and watch as in my other York outfit post. The watch was a 21st birthday present that I chose and used money from various family members to buy, it's so beautiful and I love that it's a subtle rose gold colour. 

Do you have lots of 'little black dresses', or just one favourite classic? Or are you more of a coloured dress kind of girl? 

Summer Recap

It's over. Summer has gone and we're officially in Autumn which for all us students means a new year. Im ready for a new season and a new academic year, I've had a pretty good Summer, I never get round to doing all the things I want to do and I usually spend a lot of m Summer either working or in bed watching films. I have still managed to do some fun things and spend some time with some people I love.
This guy had a pretty big part in my summer. I was lucky enough to get to see him quite regularly and we got up to some pretty fun things, as well as taking lots of selfies and eating lots of food!

I was lucky enough to get a uni funded trip to Cyprus with my Future Leaders group, most of who I'd hardly spoken to. We bonded as a group and I had the best time! I know I've made some really good friends through our trip. We did have to spend 4 days in Uni making a presentation, but the rest of our time was spent swimming, sunbathing and drinking cocktails and attempting karaoke! 

I spent some time at Josh's house in Buxton which is in the Peak District. It was really such a beautiful place to visit and we went on some really nice walks with his dog Sully who I fell in love with and didn't want to say goodbye to, look how cute and fluffy he is! We also spent a day in Alton Towers, which was so much fun as we both love roller coasters. I hadn't been in a while so finally got to try out some of the new rides. 

Rather than go abroad for a holiday Josh and I decided to visit a few places in the UK as our little break. We spent some time in Buxton and visited Wales which I wrote a post about that you can read here. I really loved Wales and want to go back and be shown around by my best friend who is from the area.  

We also managed to fit in a few days in York, which is an absolutely beautiful city, so much to do and see. We really enjoyed our few days here and you can read all about our trip here

It's very rare that all of us girls get to be together all at once, with us all living in different places and doing different things it can be hard to organise ourselves, but to celebrate us all turning 21 this year we decided to have a group night out in London. We had the best time just being together chatting, dancing and getting a bit drunk. One of those nights where you realise how much you love your friends. Even though I don't get to see them as often as I'd like our friendship is still really strong and theres a lot of love between us all. I'm so proud of all of them and how well we're all doing! 

Probably one of the highlights of being home was being able to spend lots of time with my baby girl. Tilly is getting pretty old so every time I have to leave for Uni it gets a bit harder. She spends most of her time sleeping, so I like to spoil her and let her on my bed. The first photo was from a scorching day when she got a bit hot so I put my fan on her to cool down. The second one is one of my favourites, my brother is giving her a lick of a straw from a starbucks! 

Theres obviously a lot of other things I got up to this summer that weren't worthy of a picture. Unfortunately I didn't get to spend much time with my best friend as she's living in Portsmouth and neither of us had the time or money to be able to visit each other. Im hoping to be able to see her some point this term and I'd love it if she could come visit. 

Overall I had a pretty great Summer, I think you know you're getting older when you don't spend all Summer with your friends, in fact this year I didn't get to see a lot of my friends for various reasons. I hope everyone had a lovely Summer, I'd love to hear about any fun things you got up to! 

Sunday Catch Up #11

How is it already Sunday again?! This week has gone so quickly. I haven't had an amazing week, nor has it been terrible, just somewhere in the middle. Im currently spending my weekend packing up all my stuff into suitcases and bags ready to make the move back up north to Preston.

I'm so excited to get back to uni. I miss my friends, I miss learning and I miss not working everyday! My summer has been pretty great though, I didn't get to do all the things I wanted to do or spend enough time with my friends because we're all adults now and can't spend our summers sitting in parks. 

This week I've been working quite a lot to try and earn as much money as possible before going back to uni. On Monday night I even stayed at work until midnight doing a move around on the shop floor which was knackering! I've really enjoyed my Summer at Primark and wish I'd gone back there at the beginning of the Summer but I needed some time to sort myself out a bit I guess. 

I've met some great people at Primark and made some good friends, I've also been praised for my hard work which is always nice and my managers have told me I'm always welcome to go back, so I guess I'll be able to go back after graduating because I probably won't be able to find a job anyway! 

Last Sunday I hit 400 bloglovin followers which was so amazing! I can't believe how many people are reading my little blog. I'm really enjoying growing my blog and trying to improve and also stay consistent. I'm usually the sort of person who gives things up quite easily so I'm really proud I've stuck it out and actually succeeded in blogging! I've got lots of ideas of things I want to do and where I want to take this blog, so hopefully I can make an attempt to reach them. 

I hope everyone is enjoying there weekends, I've been so busy working this week I haven't had much of a chance to catch up on blogs so please leave me some links to things you've posted this week so I can have a read. 

A Guide To Starting University: Packing

It's time for the next instalment of my Guide to Starting University series. So far I've talked about things to do before you go and money, but today it's time to start thinking about packing up all your belongings ready to move into your new student accommodation!

Packing for uni can be quite daunting and I dread doing it each year, but remember, the odds are you're not going to the other side of the world and anything you forget can be brought or sent to you if needed. Obviously if you are going to the other side of the world you'll probably be a lot more restricted in how much you can pack, and the important things will be very important, however this guide is mainly focused on people moving to uni's within the UK. 

Obviously the most important question is, what do I need to take? And my answer is, basically everything you use. It's not the most helpful answer, but if you used it while at home the chances are you'll use it at uni! There are some really great check lists out there detailing everything you need, and rather than just repeat them again I'll leave you some links you can check out to make sure you've ticked everything off. 

The Student Room has a pretty comprehensive list which I always have a read through when packing, but for a more personal view, Laura from Blonde Velvet Lover has a great list I'd also recommend. Make sure to check what is included in your halls before buying things, you may find you've already got an iron, toaster and kettle, however these things might not be provided so it's always best to check. 

To give my view on what you should take I'm going to do a list of some things I'd recommend having that you may not have thought about before. Obviously these won't be essentials for everyone, but you may find they come in handy.

Emma's Essentials
Earplugs - I guarantee there will be nights where you've got to be awake early and the rest of your flat/block/halls doesn't and they don't give a crap about you getting a good nights sleep. At these times earplugs are perfect. They also work great If the flat mate in the room next to you is a little uh, 'loud', because you really don't want to hear that!

Bedside Lamp - Your room will probably come with a desk lamp so you can always use that, but I personally found it nice having a lamp on my bedside table that I could turn on and off from bed, and it also wasn't as bright as the desk lamp I'd been given.

Playing Cards - You will need these, and the odds are you'll end up going through more than one set as a flat. They'll get sticky from being covered in alcohol and you're almost guaranteed to loose a few, but card games are great for pre drinks and getting to know people. 

Doorstop - It makes moving all you stuff in a lot easier as you can wedge open either your front door or your bedroom door while you bring in all your things. It's also best to keep your door open while all your flatmates arrive so you can say hello and start chatting. During the year it's also useful for keeping open your own door, or the door to your kitchen. 

Mugs & Teabags - Or coffee if thats your drink of choice. Once you've spent however long unpacking all your belongings you're probably going to want a nice cup of tea, having tea bags on you when you arrive is a good idea that your parents will be thankful for. Also I love having lots of different mugs that I've collected over the years, it's a nice way to bring a bit of home with you.

Hangers - Bring these with you, lots of my flat mates had to go out and buy some just to hang up their clothes. I just brought one for every item I took out of my wardrobe. 

White Board - You will probably have a noticeboard on your wall in your halls, but if you don't I'd definitely recommend getting one. If you have got one I'd still recommend a white board, it's great for jotting down reminders or writing out your weekly schedule. I use mine a lot especially around deadlines when I need to plan my time. 

Contraception - Pretty self explanatory. Don't have sex without it. You're at uni, you can't afford a baby right now, and STIs aren't cool. 

Cheap Plates, Glasses etc. - If you manage to finish first year with any still intact you've done well. You/ your flatmates/ your friends/ random drunk people will smash things, especially glasses. When things get piled up on the side waiting to get washed the odds are eventually someone will try to balance one more thing and inevitably knock everything off on the floor. Hence the cheap plates. 

Phone Charger - Do not forget this! 

Speakers - If you've already got some make sure to bring them, great for flat parties, or just any time you want to listen to music, although make sure to be considerate to everyone else you live with, not everyone wants to listen to your music, or your singing for that matter! 

Calendar/Diary - Whether it's a calendar, a planner, a diary or an app on your phone, make sure you have some way of keeping track of the things you need to do and the deadlines for your assignments. You don't wanna realise the day before that your essay is due at 9am and you haven't even read the question! 

A pretty big part of student living is sharing, whether it's sharing your bathroom with 3 other people, or sharing a kitchen with 8, there is going to be some sharing involved. This isn't always easy especially when you haven't picked who you're living with. The odds are your kitchen will be a mess, people won't wash up and no one will want to clean the bathroom. 

However sharing can also be great especially when it comes to knowing what to take. You do not need 5 kettles and 3 toasters, you need 1. If you can speak to all your flatmates online before moving in I'd suggest arranging who brings what, if not then maybe leave it until you arrive and all contribute a few pounds to buy a kettle. It might also be a good idea not to bring all the kitchen utensils you can think of, if you can share with your flatmates than it saves space and money. 

Not everyone is going to want to share of course, I was lucky that we decided as a flat to all share, this did mean my things were sometimes on the side not washed up when I wanted them, but it also meant I didn't have to go out and buy a potato peeler because I didn't have one. If the idea of sharing isn't something you're comfortable with then say something, don't feel pressured into letting other people use your things if you don't want. On the other hand don't be unreasonable, let your flatmates borrow your things with the condition they wash it up. You never know when you might need something of theirs. 

The actual process of packing is long and boring. My tips would be to do it in sections, clothing, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, uni things, important stuff, electricals etc. If you're worried about forgetting things make a list and tick it off as you pack. Also if you're packing it into a car it's good to have some big suitcases and boxes but then also lots of smaller bags than can be squished in. Also remember your room at uni probably isn't very big so you're not going to want to have massive suitcases taking up space!

Basically, don't stress about packing, take it a bit at a time and take whatever you want to take. If you forget something go buy it or get it sent to you, and also remember to share nicely, that means both letting people borrow your things but also washing up the things you borrowed! Halls is an amazing experience both good and bad, and after being there for a week you'll wonder why you worried so much about what to pack! 

Healthy Living #12 Weight Loss Goals

If you've been reading this blog for a while you'll probably know that I've been 'trying' to loose weight, something I've been trying to do for most of my life. I first spoke about it in my post about my weight loss journey so far. I then talked about it again in my I Should Be Skinny By Now post where I decided to finally get my butt into gear and loose some weight. Well that was almost 3 months ago and I am not any slimmer, in fact I might have gone the opposite way!

Loosing weight is not easy for me, but I'm so annoyed at myself for not working harder to achieve my goals. I'm heading back to uni soon for my final year and I really want to loose weight and feel better and be healthier, so Im once again going to attempt another push at weight loss! To keep myself in track Im setting some goals which I can hopefully reach. 

I've gained almost a stone since my lowest weight last christmas, so by this christmas I need to be back at my lowest weight or even lower. I've found the best way for me to loose weight is cutting out/down on sugar, which I've spoken about here and here. To kick start this Im taking part in Sugar Free September to hopefully motivate and encourage me to stick to a sugar free diet. 

I've got 4 months until 2015 and I want to start the new year feeling and looking the best I can possibly be. I'm setting some goals that are hopefully achievable, If I don't reach them I won't be too disappointed as long as I get close. 

My Goals
  • Reach my goal weight 
  • Loose 25lbs 
  • Be a size 10
  • Run 10k comfortably 
  • Complete the 30 day shred
  • Exercise 4 times a week
  • Eat less sugary foods
  • Don't use emotions to justify eating
  • Love my body 

I'm hoping I can finally managed to loose some weight. The most important thing is to be happy and healthy, but I want to be happy, healthy and slimmer, so I'm going to try for all three. 

If anyone else is on a weight loss journey, has goals they want to complete or has already completed their journey I'd love to hear about it. Also any advice, tips or encouragement is welcomed. Also I'd love to read any posts you have about weight loss or anything related to it. 

My Boyfriend Would Cheat On Me... With These People

I recently stumbled up Katie's blog 'The Style Dunce' I immediately followed and started scrolling back through her old posts, firstly I'd like to say she's hilarious, writes amazingly and says all the things I want to say just better (see this post). However after reading this post where she talks about the people her boyfriend would leave her for, I knew I wanted to do my own version as this is something my boyfriend and I talk about quite a bit! So hopefully she won't mind that I've sort of stolen her idea! 

We decided we were each allowed 5 people on our 'People I'm Allowed To Cheat On My Partner With' lists, and although some of his choices I can totally agree with, some I'm just not down with at all. I guess thats the beauty of the lists though, if he ever gets the chance with them I've just gotta let it happen, but I'm not really worried about that ever happening! So these are the people that my boyfriend is allowed to cheat on me with if the opportunity ever arises:

1. Scarlett Johansson 
She is his ultimate girl, and I can totally understand why! She is gorgeous, has an amazing body and she seems like a pretty awesome person. I'm definitely down with this choice and if he ever got the chance I'd be telling him to go for it! 

2. Jennifer Lawrence
She's hilarious, honest, beautiful and she can use a bow and arrow. She's got his heart and mine, we might have to fight over her!

3. Eva Green
I had to google her, and she's good looking but Im not sure she how she made the list over Beyonce?! Im not really down with this one to be honest. 
4. Taylor Momsen 
For someone who prefers it when I don't wear much make up he's sure gone for a girl who is into the heavy eye make up! Without all the eyeliner I could probably see it, but she's not really my type. 

5. Chris Hemsworth
His number one man crush, and this one Im totally down with, have you seen his body?! swoon! I can see why Chris is the only man to make the cut! He's also Thor, and who doesn't have a crush on Thor? He is quite literally a God! 

It's only fair that I also get a 'People I'm Allowed To Cheat On My Partner With' list, so here are the people I'd be forgetting all about Josh for:

1. John Mayer
This man is just amazing. Firstly I love his music! Secondly, he clearly just doesn't care about what people think of him, he's a bit odd and quirky and just says what he wants. Thirdly, his body is beautiful, he's got tattoos and muscles and a rugged look about him that totally works for him. Im in love. 

Josh's thoughts: I love his music and his unique style and the fact he doesn't really give a ...

2. Johnny Depp

I love everything he does and every character he plays, he's an amazing actor and I've had a 'crush' on him for as long as I can remember. Also, his jaw line is just perfect, along with the rest of his face!

Josh's thoughts: Great actor and I love that his passion is music, and hey he's obviously a very attractive man!

3. Jennifer Lawrence
Clearly Josh and I have similar taste, but to be honest I don't know anyone who doesn't love this woman. She's one of the most down to earth actress out there and she's also really funny, I just want to be best friends with her! 

Josh's thoughts: Obviously I agree with this one, she's a great actress and a 'normal' woman, not 'plastic' and fake. Doesn't hurt that she's sexy too!

4. Nick Jonas
Okay so heres a little secret just for you. I used to be a HUGE Jonas Brothers fan in my early and late teenage years, and Nick was my favourite. He has this deep emotional vibe about him and he's so dedicated to playing and writing music. Once a cute curly haired boy he's now a sexy big muscled, guitar playing, stubbled man! The purity rings gone and he's 100% on my list!

Josh's thoughts: There is nothing positive I can say other than his music is alright and I respect him for being able to play guitar well, but I hate the whole disney thing and he's not that attractive. 

5. Bradley Cooper 
You can probably guess my 'type' from this list, but I do love a manly man. Tall, muscles, strong jaw lines and a bit of the 'rugged' look. Bradley Cooper definitely fits this description, he's also got a lovely voice and is a great actor. I'll take one please! 

Josh's thoughts: Brilliant actor and a good looking man. I get this one. 

Who would be on your list? Do you and your partner talk about things like this? Also make sure to check out Katie's blog and read her post, hopefully she won't have minded me stealing her idea! It was too good to not do! Let me know if you do a post like this as I'd love to have a read.