The Beginning of The End

It seems like 5 minutes ago I was moving into my flat in student halls and heading off to my first lecture nervous and excited about starting my university life. Now I'm a few weeks into my third and final year of my degree. 

The past 2 years I've had some of the best experiences and met some of the most awesome people. I've learnt a lot, I've made mistakes and I've drunk a lot of alcohol, but now it's time to crack on and finish my degree. I want to make the most of my last year of student life so I've set myself some goals I hope to achieve during my next 9 months of being a student. 

Get Good Grades
Through first and second year my grades have gradually improved to a standard that I am really happy and proud of. This year I'm determined to get the grades I want and graduate with a degree I'm proud of and know I've worked hard to get. I don't want to be disappointed with my final grade and I know I need to work hard in all my modules to keep up my good grades. 

Study Hard & Procrastinate Less
This is an obvious one. To get good grades I need to study hard and stop with the procrastination, something which I am very talented at! 

Be Healthier & Loose Weight
As a student I have a fair amount of free time. Time which I should be spending at the gym, and this year Im determined to make the most of my free membership. I want to be healthier, and also loose weight, something I've been trying to do for a long time! I want to graduate and be happy with my size. 

Take Advantage of Opportunities 
Being at university means a whole host of opportunities to be had, some are obvious and some aren't, but this year I want to take advantage of all the great opportunities there are as you never know where they might lead you. 

Make The Most Of It
This is a broad one but I really want to make the most of my last year. So it's a mix of working my butt of to get the grades I want, physically working my butt of in the gym, taking advantage of opportunities and also having a great time with my friends and embracing the student life of partying, sleeping and having an awesome time! I've just to find the perfect balance. 

Have you got any goals for this academic year? If you're a third year are you experiencing a mix of sadness, fear and excitement like me? I might have to do another degree, Im not ready for the real world! 


  1. Good luck achieving all of your goals this year! I'm sure you will complete them :) My goal is to get good grades too, and make the most of the rest of the year! I'm not ready for the real world either, but looking at potential routes to take makes me excited?! So many mixed emotions!!!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog x

  2. Good luck with your final year! I'm going into my final year too, and my goals are more or less identical! :)

    Chelsea xx
    Love in Modern Life

  3. Woo hope you have a great final year! I definitely agree with trying to make the most of all the opportunities, I wish I had done that more! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  4. You've set out some great goals. I hope you achieve all of them. All the best for final year.


  5. All the best with your final year.

  6. Good luck with your final year lovely! <3 xx

  7. I'm also in 3rd year but I went back to Uni as a mature student and so I'm anxious to get employed and earn some money asap! I have found balancing job searches with dissertation plans and researching quite a lot! I am studying a similar degree to you, what job would you like?