14 Things To Do Before 2014 Ends

It's getting very close to the end of 2014 but theres still a few things I want to do before the year ends. So taking inspiration from Clare heres my list of 14 things to do before 2014 ends!

1. Start writing my dissertation
2. Get back involved in blogger chats and regular posting
3. Bake something Christmassy 
4. Get creative with presents 
5. Prepare for next semesters modules
6. Have a PJ day with Josh and be lazy with lots of food, films and cuddles 
7. Attend a blogger event
8. Catch up with my best friend
9. Try to learn ways to help me cope with anxiety
10. Have a Christmas dinner with my housemates
11. Look into buying a blender and research smoothie recipes
12. Do something outside of my comfort zone
13. Finally read the books that have been on my to do list 
14. Start loving myself again

What's on your list to do before the year ends? 


  1. Sounds like a great way to finish 2014

  2. Lots to do then girl, I'm 100% with you on number 14 xx

    Hannah x | hannatalks

    1. Still making my way through it, and yes Number 14 please, not sure if it's going to happen though!
      Emma xx

  3. Aw sounds like a great list!! I am trying to start upping my exercise this December, and I also really want to bake something Christmasy! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Awesome! Hope you've done well, i've been doing the opposite of upping my exercise haha!
      Emma x

  4. I need to make something Christmas-y too!! Good luck with your to-do list :)


  5. I have a ton of books on my to read list that I need to catch up too!

    Ana Leote | Meet Me @ 2 am

    1. I got a kindle for Xmas and more books so my list is even longer now!!
      Emma x