Healthy Living #3 Quitting Sugar Update

After last week’s post, where I talked about my decision to quit sugar, I’ve received such a great response. I’ve had lots of people wondering why Im doing such a crazy thing, and telling me they could never do it, which I totally understand, If a month ago someone had told me I’d be quitting sugar, I’d have laughed in their face! I’ve also had lots of encouragement, which has been so nice to read, so thank you for that. Lots of the comments I’ve received both on my blog and on twitter have been from people wanting to join me in quitting sugar, or wanting to hear updates on how Im finding it, so I’ve decided to do my first quitting sugar update. Im hoping to do this once every two weeks to give you guys an idea of how Im finding it, but without overwhelming you with update posts! 

So It’s been just over a week since I started my ‘detox programme’ and quit sugar, and Im going to give you a little idea of how I’ve found it. 

How I’ve Coped Without Sugar
- As a sugar addicted, the thought of not having any of my sugary favourites was a scary thought, however I feel like I’ve been doing really well. I’ve cut out the obvious sources of sugar, chocolate, yoghurt, fruits, cereal, white carbs, and the hazelnut shot in my latte (it just tastes so good!). I’ve also been a lot more careful in checking the labels before I buy things, and it turns out sugar is in EVERYTHING. Obviously I can’t just stop eating, so I’ve been aiming to eat products with around 3-5g of sugar per 100g, with a net total of about 25-40g of sugar a day, as this was the amount suggested by Sarah in her book. I’ve been tracking my food/calories (as Im also calorie counting) on the myfitnesspal app, and I’ve been quite good at staying within the allowance. 

The Struggles
- Although I have been pretty good at saying no to sugary things, checking labels and making healthier less sugary choices, I have slipped up. On Saturday I woke up at Josh’s house, and the only breakfast food he has is coco pops. After a huge bowl of chocolatey goodness my day kind of went down hill, eating sugary foods all day and feeling physically crappy for it. However as some lovely people on twitter said to me, It’s only one day, and slip ups happen, especially in the first week, so I didn’t let it get me down, and I stayed on track for the rest of the week. The main struggle I’ve found so far is the cravings, all day every day Im craving sugar, whether it’s cereal other than shredded wheat (the only low sugar cereal), a chocolate bar in the afternoon, or a yoghurt and fruit after dinner. Im craving sugar constantly

Side Effects
- The book mentioned that at the beginning of quitting sugar there is a period where you will feel like crap that can last between one to six weeks. Personally I haven’t experienced any side effects over than sugar cravings. Some common side effects are headaches and mood swings, and as I’ve been suffering from headaches regularly for a few months I haven’t noticed any increase. My hormones, mood and emotional state have always been something I’ve struggled with, and has always been a bit up and down and easily changeable because of my polycystic ovaries syndrome (which effects your hormones). So I haven’t had a noticeable change in this side effect either. 

- So far, other than constantly craving sugar, I’ve found it quite easy and enjoyable quitting sugar. Im eating less food than I did before, but I’m feeling fuller and needing snacks less often. In fact most days I’ve been either reaching my daily calorie goal (1400), or coming in under, without restricting myself or feeling hungry. I’ve been feeling less bloated and generally less lethargic and tired during the day, although I do still get tired in the afternoon especially If I’ve been at home all day doing uni work and on my laptop. The biggest result I’ve had from quitting sugar, and something that has made me incredibly happy, is that I’ve lost 2lbs in just over a week! As someone who really struggles to loose weight due to my PCOS (as mentioned in a previous post), having a 2 pound loss is something I’m so proud of, especially because I haven’t been doing any exercise, or felt as if I was dieting or restricting myself, other than not eating sugar. 

Although It’s only been one week since I quit sugar, I’ve found it incredibly beneficial and Im really looking forward to carrying on. Hopefully I can keep loosing weight, and the cravings will disappear soon. If you’re inspired to quit sugar yourself please let me know and we can support each other, also If you’ve got any questions about quitting sugar feel free to ask, and let me know If you like the idea of fortnightly updates on my progress. 

How To Cope With Deadlines

If you’re currently a student you’re probably in a similar place to me right now, and that place is assignment hell. I’ve got 3 weeks of uni left and all my deadlines are coming up, and I am not prepared. Im stressed and slightly panicked, yet my essays still aren’t being written. So I figured rather than focus on getting a good degree and completing my assignments, I’d write a blog post on how to cope with the stress of deadlines. Hopefully I’ll make use of some of these tips myself!

Organisation is key, planning is your best friend. Write down all the things you need to do, and work out the best strategy for getting them done. Work out what’s a priority, assign tasks for each day, even down to how many words you need to write, set targets and then you know what you’ve got to do. I love to plan, and I have calendars with dates circled and words scribbled all over them, and notepads with to do lists for every day of the week. Im the sort of person who can’t focus on two things at once when it comes to essays, so if I have deadlines close to each other I like to set my own deadline so Im not overlapping writing essays. 

Find out how you work best
This is important for getting things done. Learn where you work best, home, library, coffee shop, park. Where ever it is, as long as that’s where you’ll get the most work done! Also what time of day you work best at is important, some people love to get up early and get cracking, while some people work best in late at night into the early hours of the morning, learn your prime work time. Another key point is how you work, do you need the pressure of knowing your essay is due in a few hours, or does that thought make you want to cry and you’d much rather have 4 weeks to write an essay? Personally I need almost complete silence to get work done, so the library is great for me at less busy times. For me to work at home I need an empty house, and my bedroom has to be tidy. I also work best in the morning and late afternoon, I normally need a lunch break, and after about 7pm I can’t focus on anything. I’ve also discovered I work best when I start an assignment about 2 weeks before the deadline.

Just write something
Half the stress of deadlines is having an empty word document and not knowing what to write, and the best thing for this is, just write something. Anything that’s slightly relevant, even if it’s rubbish and you end up deleting it, having words on the page will make you feel so much better and also start your brain thinking. 

Take breaks, but only if you deserve them
Having regular breaks is important, because sitting in front of your laptop for hours on end, getting more worked up is never going to result in you finishing your assignment. Take a break, forget about your work for a little bit and chill out. A break could be 10 minutes to scroll through twitter and Facebook, or it could be an hour for lunch, or even a whole evening to watch a film. Whatever works best and whatever you need to relax for a bit. However be realistic, don’t take a break when you’ve spent the past two hours pretending to do work, but really you’ve been reading blogs, only take breaks when you deserve them, or when you have to, like eating lunch.

Treat yourself
Finally the most important tip to coping with deadlines, is to treat yourself. If you’ve worked hard and had a better than expected day, maybe you wrote 1000 words instead of 600, or maybe you finished your assignment, make sure to treat yourself, a pamper evening, or a trip to the cinema, some online shopping, or maybe a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. Make sure you acknowledge how well you’ve done, and feel proud, hopefully this will make you feel more determined to do just as well tomorrow!

So what do you do when you’ve written 0 words for both of your 3000 words essays, and all your deadlines have suddenly creeped up and you’re sitting at your laptop crying your eyes out wondering if you should just quit uni because you’re going to fail anyway? (yep, I’ve been there.)
Firstly, don’t panic, walk away, close the laptop, go for a walk, or go to bed if it’s stupid o’clock in the morning, and just forget about it until you’ve calmed down/slept. Nothing is going to get done while you’re crying and freaking out. When you’re feeling less like you want to quit uni and never come back, reevaluate. How much needs to be done, and how much time do you have to do it? Make a plan, and stick to it! If it’s a totally not doable feat, just do as much as you can do, and then speak to someone. Email your lecturers, ask for an extension, explain whats happening and you never know you might just get one. You might not, and you might fail one essay, but in the scheme of things, that one essay isn’t going to matter, and failing one essay is always better than failing two. 

Hopefully, if you're in deadline hell these tips will have helped you, and if you're not in education or aren't struggling with deadlines I really do envy you! Let me know what deadlines you're working to at the moment in the comments. 

Sunday Catch Up #3

So this week has been a rather boring week for me, I've mostly been procrastinating and ignoring all the work I need to do, shopping and spending money I don't have, and sitting around chatting with my girls. 

I had a lovely evening with one of my housemates and a friend who has been gone over Easter, we had nandos, and shopped and had coffee, and I even managed to stay under my calories for the day! Which was a shock after having a nandos. My other good friend came back to uni yesterday and had left her key at home so stayed at our house, this meant staying up till 2am catching up, and Im now very tired after being woken up at 7am with the boyfriend leaving to go do some work. 

This week I decided to quit sugar, and you can read about why I made this crazy decision here, and I've been doing okay, although struggling with craving sugar and having nothing to snack on. Yesterday was a bad day and I ate too much sugar, and food in general and definitely felt crappy for it. 

Im hoping that next week is a productive week, as I have lots of deadlines coming up, and very little work to show for it. I also have my first shift at work, and lots of internship applications to fill in. So I need to make sure Im not being lazy. 

I hope you've all had a lovely week, and that next week is just as great. 

Be Happy. Be a Unicorn.

With it being deadline time for me at uni, it’s very easy to get wrapped up in the constant stress of assignments and feel like your life is pretty crappy at the moment. I find it very easy to focus on the negative things in my life, and Im been trying to focus more on all the good things going on in my life and the things that make me happy.

So when Shani at Fierce Obsession, a fellow Milton Keynes’er tagged me in this post I knew it was something I wanted to do. I’ve also recently been tagged in 3 Liebster Awards by Emily at Emilym00n, Emma at Everyonewantstosmile, and Shesthecatswiskers. So I thought rather than bombard you with multiple tag posts. I’d do this happiness post as It’s such a great idea, and then answer a few questions from each award at the end. :)

So here are three things that make me happy.

1. Blogging - Yesterday was my blogs one month birthday, and I also hit 1000 page views, and 175 followers on bloglovin! I couldn’t be more happy about this, I never thought my blog would get anywhere and to have so many people reading and following makes me the happiest little bunny! Im also really loving coming up with ideas, and writing posts, it’s such a nice break from uni work. The community is also one of my favourite parts about blogging, and I love being able to connect with people on twitter, so if you’d like follow me here, and we can have a chat, I’d love to get to know everyone.  

2. Catching up with friends - After spending a few days at home and getting to see some of my friend’s I’ve realised how happy it makes me. Being at uni means living miles away from some of my closest friends, with my best friend living over 260 miles away, and some of my friends not even living in the same country! Summer is awesome because everyone comes back to the same town and we get to hang out like were 16 again, chilling in parks and having a good time. 

3. My boyfriend - Josh and I have been together almost 4 months, and as my first ‘real’ relationship (I was perpetually single) I’ve been enjoying spending time with him so much, and he makes me rather happy. Living 5 minutes from each other means we probably spend too much time together, but with summer coming up, and neither of us knowing what we’ll be doing, Im trying to spend as much time with him now as I might not see him for weeks over the summer. 

The rules are as follows:

1. Copy or save the unicorn button. 

2. Share with your followers 3 things that make you happy and ask them to do the same. 

3. Tag bloggers who you think would love to do this! 

4. Send any pics, links to your efforts to me via the comments on Lorin's original post. 

Here are some of my favourite bloggers, who everyone should check out. If you'd like to, join in, and share the positivity. 

I’d love it if you did this tag yourself, or just commented and let me know whats making you happy at the moment. Lets spread the positivity! 

And here are some of the questions from each of the Liebster Awards. 

1.What is your favourite beauty product at the moment?
At the moment I’m loving my Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream. I find it’s the perfect coverage for wearing everyday, it feels so light on your skin, and with a primer and powder it stays all day. I also like that it’s catered to oily skin, and has SPF in it. 

2. What have you learnt since starting your blog?
I’ve learnt that I really enjoy writing. I’d love to start writing about some of the things I have a passion for, but Im not sure whether they fit my blog and how I’d write them. Over the summer Im hoping to branch out more with my content, as my blog is still just a baby and Im learning so much everyday. 

3. What is your current favourite blog?
This is difficult as I have so many favourite blogs. However as a student Im loving reading Student Life by Hannah. I love her writing style, and she is absolutely hilarious. I also love reading blogs from other students. 

4. What is one of your pet peeves ?
This is another student related one. People talking in the quiet study part of the library. Just shut up!! Im the sort of person who needs pretty much silence for working, and finding that in the library can be almost impossible, especially when groups of people sit around one table chatting away! 

5. Where was the last place you went on Holiday?
I guess the last place I went on holiday was the Lake District with Josh, which you can read about here. However that was only for a two days, and Im not sure I count it as a holiday, so before that the last place I had been to was Spain last summer with two of my girl friends for a relaxing week chilling in the sun. It was so lovely and Im hoping we can do something together this summer to celebrate all of our 21st. 

6. Do you have any Stuffed Toys still?
Yes. At home Im sure I’ve got boxes in the loft filled with teddies, and hundreds of beanie babies as I used to collect them and just couldn’t part with them! At Uni I (embarrassingly) have two stuffed toys, one is Doug a dog teddy given to me for my 20th birthday by my flat last year, as they know I love dogs. The other one is Simba, I got him from the Disney store as he was reduced, and with Lion King being my favourite film ever, and having a lion king related tattoo, I couldn’t leave him behind! Now he’s my cuddle buddy and I love him a lot. 

7.What goals would you like to achieve in the 5 years?
This is a big question, and to be honest Im not really sure. In 5 years I’ll be 26, so hopefully I’ll be working somewhere I like doing something I love or at least enjoy. I’d like to be doing something that helps people, maybe working for a charity, or international aid or development in another country. I’d also liked to have travelled to as many places as possible, my wish list is ever growing and I hope by 26 I will have seen lots of them. 

8.What’s the best decision you ever made?
The best decision I have ever made was the decision not to go to university. Obviously I ended up at uni anyway, but taking a year out to try and decide what I wanted to do meant working full time for 6 months, and then 3 months travelling up the East coast of Australia  Which was one of the best experiences of my life. Deciding not to go to uni whilst I was studying my a levels also meant I stopped trying, although this meant getting not as good grades as I could have got, it also meant looking at uni’s with a lower ucas point requirement, and therefore meant finding my current course which is the perfect course for me. 

9.What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?
Jumped out of a plane at 15,000 feet. Also the best thing I’ve ever done.

10.What countries have you/would you like to travel to?
Im going to do what countries I’ve been to, because countries I’d like to visit is a whole post in itself. I’ve been to, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, America, Wales, Austria, Greece, Fuerteventura, Majorca and Qatar. 

Healthy Living #2 I'm Quitting Sugar!

So I'm sure you read the title of this post and thought “girl, are you crazy?”. Well maybe I slightly am, because I’ve decided to quit sugar!

Last week, after promising to start living a healthier life, I had some very bad days, with lots of chocolate involved in helping me through these bad days. Sitting in bed, crying, feeling sick from eating too much chocolate was when I knew I needed to change. After a long google session leading from one diet to another, I landed upon an article about quitting sugar, and a book by a Sarah Wilson about how she quit sugar and changed her life. 

After spending the evening online, reading about the benefits of quitting sugar, I decided to hit the shops to find this book and find out If I needed to quit the white stuff!

 [I quit Sugar - Sarah Wilson, £7.00 on amazon]

Quitting sugar may seem like a drastic and almost impossible thing to do, but I feel like it’s exactly what I need to improve my health and subsequently my life, along with hopefully some weight loss. In her book Sarah talks about her addiction to sugar, saying 

“I was addicted, and in the most undignified way. If someone put a cheesecake in front of me or a family sized block of chocolate, and I was having a weak moment, I’d damn well eat the lot. Once I’d gotten a taste, I couldn’t control myself.” 

I immediately connected to this, give me a bar of chocolate and I’ll eat it all too, I have no control when It comes to yummy sugary foods. Am I, too, addicted to sugar? Then I saw the “Should You Be Quitting” questions and I knew quitting sugar was something I had to try. The questions she asked were,
  • Do you get an energy slump in the afternoon?
  • Do you need something sweet after meals?
  • Does your stomach get bloated after eating?
  • Are you unable to eat just one piece of cake and walk away? 
  • Are you ‘podgy’ around the middle?
  • Do you often feel unclear? That you’re not always sharp and on top form? 

To every question I answered yes. I was addicted to sugar, and I guess I’d always known this, after years of constantly needing chocolate, being a ’sweat tooth’, and having binge sessions where I just didn’t know when or how to stop. Im sure many of you will be wondering why I need to quit all sugar, why can’t I just stop eating chocolate? But the issue of being addicted to sugar is that stopping chocolate and still eating other sugar, whether thats ‘good’ or ‘bad’ sugar, will still feed my addiction. 

The reason sugar (more specifically, fructose, a type of sugar) is bad is because it makes us eat more. Back in cave man days, and even more recently, sugar was a rarity and therefore we evolved with no fructose ‘off switch’. Our bodies don’t know when we’re full and doesn’t tell us to stop eating it, fructose also converts directly in to fat, which for anyone wanting to loose weight is a big issue. 

So, Im going on a sugar detox. Sarah’s book gives you an 8 week plan of how to quit sugar. The aim of the detox is to get your body back to a balanced state, where you’re not controlled by cravings for sugary foods. 

[A quote from Sarah's book. Found here]

Hopefully this is something I can stick too, as Im really interested to see how my body responds and I how I feel emotionally, without a dependency on sugar. The first week of the detox is a cut down week, where I begin to take sugary foods out of my diet, and replace them with very low or non sugary items. This means no chocolate, no low fat goodies, no biscuits or hot chocolate, no cereal, no yoghurts and also no fruit

Although this may seem very drastic, Im hoping it’s going to be a good experience for me. I’d love to know what you think. Are you addicted to sugar? Could you ever give it up? Also let me know if you’re trying to live a more healthy lifestyle or loose weight too, I’d love to have some support.

You can read more information about Sarah’s story online, and here’s a article about why sugar is ruining our health. 

A Beauty Haul

The past week I've spent far too much money shopping, so I thought I'd show you guys what I purchased, starting with my first beauty haul. Most of these bits are things I needed, and as Im a student I pretty much only buy high street make up and beauty products. 

The first item I picked up was the Garnier Summer Body, gradual tanning lotion in light. With summer getting closer, and my legs looking paler than ever after half a yeah hidden in jeans and tights, I decided I better start preparing and adding a little bit of colour to my ghostly white body! I also managed to pick this up for half price at Boots. 

[MUA nail polish in; Pistachio Ice Cream, Frozen Yoghurt & Moody Mink - £1 each]

[Rimmel nail polish in; High Energy & Baby Bellini - £1 each. 

I mentioned in my previous post that I love changing my nail colour, and at £1 each I couldn't say no to these nail polishes. The MUA ones are from Superdrug and only £1, the Pistachio Ice Cream is my favourite for Spring, a lovely pale mint green colour. The two Rimmel polishes I picked up in Poundworld for £1 each, which I thought was a bargain! The Natural Collection blush is a replacement for a blush I've had for years that recently cracked. The colour is a lovely subtle peachy pink and I love it for everyday wear. 

These bits I picked up as I really did need them. After using a cheap eyebrow pencil I decided I needed a new slightly better one, and picked this Maybelline one, and I've found it really easy to work with and a great colour for my blonde eyebrows. The concealer I picked up as I wanted a under eye concealer that would be brightening, and I've heard some good things about this one, I've yet to decide whether I love it. The Stay Matte Primer was purchased because I've heard a lot of good things about it. I own the Benefit Porefessional, but as it's so expensive I wanted a cheaper primer to use for everyday. The Maybelline BB cream is a repurchase, I love this product and use it almost everyday. It's a perfect colour for me and goes on so easily, it's a light coverage which Is great for day to day wear and I find it stays quite well on my face. 

This buy was an impulse buy, but probably the best beauty related thing I've brought in a long time. I managed to get these brushes for only £12 on the cohorted website when they normally retail for £21. Cohorted is a great website where you can get some great discounts on beauty items. The more people who buy an item the more discount is added, I'd definitely recommend checking it out! I've only used these brushes a few times but Im in love, they're so soft and my make up looks so nice and flawless after using them. I'm now eyeing up their other sets!

Have you picked up any bargains recently? I hope you enjoyed reading my haul, I know I love having a nosey at what other people have been buying! 

Get to Know Me

Seeing as I've been blogging for a month now, and having hit a milestone of 100 followers on bloglovin, I decided it would be a nice idea to do a 'get to know me' style post. So here's some facts about me. 

[Me after a couple of glasses of wine]

  • I hate baked beans, just no. 
  • I love eating healthy, most my friends don't believe it when I choose a salad in a restaurant. 
  • I have one tattoo, and the meaning behind it is very special to me. 
  • One of my best friend's lives in Canada. 

[Me jumping on my Canadian, Megan]
  • Im a very organised person.
  • Im also a huge procrastinator.
  • Harry Potter was a huge part of my life and will always mean a lot to me. 
  • I married a Kangaroo when I spent 3 months travelling in Australia. 

[Okay maybe I didn't, but it looks like it!]

  • I drink lots of water.
  • My favourite band use to be the Jonas Brothers and I've seen them in concert 5 times. 
  • Lion King is my favourite film, and musical. I cry every time.
  • My family mean the world to me and Im very close with them.

[My wonderful family]

  • I love my hair curly, but can never curl it myself. 
  • My middle name is Margaret.
  • I hate needles and having any injection. 
  • Once, I jumped out of a plane at 15,000 feet. It was the best thing I've ever done.

[Best moment ever]

Hope you enjoyed these little facts about me, and feel free to ask me anything else you want to know about me? Let me know an interesting fact about yourself in the comments. 

Sunday Catch Up #2

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you’re having a lovely day relaxing, or spending time with friends of family, and hopefully munching on some chocolate as well! 

This week has been a pretty good week for me. I spent the beginning of the week at home, I got to see my family, my dog Tilly, and some of my friends. On Monday mum and I went shopping because; one, I needed to buy my boyfriend Josh his birthday presents, and two, the shops at home are better than the shops in Preston and I wanted to buy some new things, which I did, and hopefully I’ll be doing my first haul post sometime soon to show you all my new bits.

On Tuesday I met up with my friends Ellen, Beth, Lizzie & Jessi to have an early celebration for Beth’s 21st as we rarely get to see each other as we all live across the country, especially with Beth & Jessi studying in Spain for the year! It was a lovely day and we walked along the canal to a pub where we had drinks and food before heading into town for one of the nicest ice creams I’ve had in ages! I then had to get the train back to Preston that night. 

Wednesday was Josh’s birthday, so I got to give him his presents which luckily he loved, and then we went for a meal with his family. Although I’ve met his family before, It was before we were together and I only spoke to them very briefly, so this was basically the first time I’d properly met them. I was a bit nervous but as soon as we sat down I relaxed and got on really well with them all. They were so lovely, and his mum even gave me an Easter Egg and a hug when they left! 

Wednesday was also a great day because I hit 100 followers on bloglovin! I couldn’t believe it when I saw, and Im so grateful to everyone who has followed me, Im still so new to this and I’ve had my blog less than a month, so thank you so much for following me. Hopefully within the next month I can keep up with regular blogging, and also improve my layout/design. 

Thursday & Friday I spent chilling and trying to find motivation to do things, however I did manage to finish my essay, and wrote 1200 words in a day which is double the amount I normally write! Having finished this meant I could chill out a bit for the rest of the weekend, with Saturday being a lazy day doing bits and bobs but mostly just lazing about. 

[Ice cream with Lizzie//Blossom on the Tree//Rekordelig in the Sun//Cuddles with my baby]

This week I was tagged by the lovely Vannessa at A Day in the Life of a Nunn, to do the TMI tag, so I think tomorrow I’m going to be doing a Get to Know Me/TMI kind of post. She also said I’m her favourite blogger which put the biggest smile on my face, so everyone should go check her out. 

Hope everyone has had a great week, and is enjoying their Easter/Long weekend off.  

Beauty is a State of Mind

After watching this advert by Dove I knew I wanted to write a blog post about it. The advert is played out so you believe Dove have created this new ‘beauty patch’ designed to help women feel more confident in the way they look. This patch is given to a group of women who have talked about how they don’t feel confident or totally comfortable in the way they look. They then keep a video diary for 2 weeks discussing how the patch has made them feel more confident and feel better about themselves. At the end of the advert the women are told to look to see what is in the patch, and they’re shown that there is nothing in it at all. 

The message behind this advert really got to me. Most women, including myself, are so conscious of the way they look, they lack confidence and always pick out the things they don’t like about themselves. This ‘patch’ made women believe they were feeling more beautiful and confident in themselves, when really they were doing it all by themselves. The end message of ‘Beauty is a State of Mind’ is so true, you don’t need make up, or to change your body or hair to look beautiful, you are beautiful exactly as you are. 

We need to change how we think of ourselves. We need to change our state of mind from criticising and hating our bodies, to realising we are beautiful exactly as we are. I am beautiful, and so are you! 

I know this advert is just that, an advert, and Dove is a company trying to make money, but I would much rather a company try to make money by telling women to believe they are beautiful than by criticising them for not shaving their legs! (Im looking at you Veet!)  I also believe it’s okay to want to change yourself, to want to wear make up, dye your hair, or want to loose weight. It’s okay to want to look different or what you may believe is ‘better’. It’s something most of us do, however it’s also important to believe that even though you want to change, you don’t HAVE to change to be beautiful, and that how you are right now is just as beautiful as how you are with a full face of make up, or a different colour hair, or weighing a stone lighter. 

Beauty is a State of Mind, and I just want you to know, that you are beautiful exactly as you are.  <3 

Healthy Living #1 : My Weight & Me

 Me - Summer 2012

Me - Summer 2013 to Now

Something that has been an issue for as long as I can remember has been my weight. From a young age I felt as if I was bigger than all my friends, and this made me uncomfortable and upset. I was self conscious, had low self esteem and hated my body. From around the age 14 I was constantly on and off diets, although never managing to loose a considerable amount, and never sticking to healthy eating and exercise. I’d always revert back to old habits of stuffing my face with chocolate and sweets and praying that by some miracle I’d wake up skinny. 

I eventually gave up trying around the age of 18, I still disliked my body, and I wasn’t truly comfortable but I stopped caring so much and started to come to terms with how I looked, and I learnt to ignore how I felt about my body. When I was 19 I spent three months travelling along the East Coast of Australia. I did what I wanted, and consequently ate what I wanted. I had an amazing time and didn’t care what anyone thought of me, at the time I didn’t even realise I was so overweight, I was just me. When I got back from travelling and stepped on the scales I nearly cried at what I saw. I was at my highest ever weight, and at that moment I realised I needed to loose weight and be more healthy. With starting Uni soon I knew I wanted to be smaller and that I wasn’t truly happy with how I looked. 

That summer I started to loose weight. Between June 2012 and now I’ve managed to loose about a stone and a half. Which I think shows in the photos of me. However that journey hasn’t been easy, and is by no means over, and I still want to loose another stone and a half. These past nearly two years my weight has been up and down. I pretty much plateaued for 6 months, then managed to break that and loose some more. However since December of last year I've managed to put back on half a stone. Christmas combined with starting a new relationship, as well as stress and boredom has allowed the pounds to creep back on. 

I’ve also struggled with a lack of motivation, and disappointed when my efforts seemed to fail. I have Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome which, amongst over things, makes it more difficult for me to loose weight. I don’t know the exact science but people with PCOS find it harder to loose weight than people without because of how their body is working. This means when I do try really hard, and still see no results I get really disheartened and go searching for the chocolate and ice cream.

However, I’ve decided, this is all going to change. Im taking responsibility for my weight and health, and Im changing things. I’ve decided to change my goal, and not focus primarily on weight loss, instead focusing on being healthier and fitter, and hopefully this will lead to weight loss, however slowly my body decides to act. 

So from now on I’m going to be posting a Weight Loss/Healthy Lifestyle post every Wednesday, to help me stay motivated. The posts will range from updates, tips and advice, things I’ve eaten, reviews and anything related to weight loss and healthy living. This time Im determined to stick to my goals and feel better about myself! 

If anyone else is on a weight loss/healthy lifestyle journey good luck and please let me know, as I'd love to have some people to chat to about it! And if you have any tips, or motivation to help me on my way please leave a comment. :)