Sunday Catch Up #13

It's the first Sunday Catch Up of 2015! I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas period and 2015 is treating you well so far. Today is mine and Josh's 1 year anniversary so we're spending the day watching films, playing ps4 games and blogging, with lots of food and cuddles of course. Tomorrow as a Christmas and Anniversary present were heading off to Berlin for 4 days! Which I am so excited about, I'm scheduling some posts so hopefully there will still be some content going up on here while Im away. 

In the first week of December I made a list of 14 Things To Do Before 2014 Ends and I though I'd have a look at how well I managed to complete all of them today. 

1. Start writing my dissertation
I'm 1000 words down on my 12,000 word dissertation, so I have starting writing just not very much! I'm going to get back on it once I'm back at Uni though. 

2. Get back involved in blogger chats and regular posting
I guess this is probably a fail, I have posted in December but not regularly as Christmas and being at home just all got a bit hectic. 

3. Bake something Christmassy 
Mum had me make Mary Berry's Chocolate Moose Cake, which was pretty simple to make and in my opinion tasted pretty great. Quite chocolatey, but I love chocolate so it was my kind of pudding! 

4. Get creative with presents 
I definitely succeeded on this one, Josh got a 'Dating Emma Survival Kit' including earplugs for 'when I won't shut up', PJ bottoms similar to mine 'so we can match', and a watch so he can 'spend all his time on me', among other things. I also used a canvas and scrabble tiles to spell out all my nan and granddad's grandcildren's names as a gift for them. I was pretty impressed with how good it looked!

5. Prepare for next semesters modules
As only one of next year semester module handbooks has gone up online I haven't really been able to prepare too much.

6. Have a PJ day with Josh and be lazy with lots of food, films and cuddles 
It didn't happen in December but it's happening today so I'm counting it! 

7. Attend a blogger event
I was very lucky to be invited to the Ladbrokes Bingo Secret Santa event in Manchester. I took my best friend with me and we had a great time, I got to meet some other bloggers, have some yummy food and free wine, and I won a £50 voucher! Meeting other bloggers has definitely inspired me and I can't wait to attend more events in 2015.

8. Catch up with my best friend
I luckily got to have a catch up with all my close friends over Christmas which was really lovely as we don't get to see each other often. 

9. Try to learn ways to help me cope with anxiety
I'm still working on this one.

10. Have a Christmas dinner with my housemates
Yes! Myself and my housemate Hannah cooked a Christmas dinner for 9 people, it was quite difficult and involved lots of organising of timings but we managed it and it tasted pretty damn awesome in my opinion. 

11. Look into buying a blender and research smoothie recipes
This didn't happen, Im still unsure If I should get a blender or not, any thoughts?

12. Do something outside of my comfort zone
Attending a blogger event was definitely slightly out of my comfort zone, as was pushing myself to speak to people at Uni about my anxiety. 

13. Finally read the books that have been on my to do list 
Some have been read, but unfortunately I've just added to my list as I received a kindle for Christmas and I've downloaded lots of books already! 

14. Start loving myself again
Nope. Anyone got any tips on this one? 

I had a pretty great December, it certainly had it's ups and downs, but overall I think I achieved some great things, and had some awesome times. I hope you had a great December and got to spend some time with friends and family. Let me know what was the best thing about your December?


  1. Well you did more work than me over your winter break! I did less than three lots of lab prep and that is it! I wish I had done 1,000 words! If you get any good smoothie recipes please let me know!

    Rachael at

    1. I didn't get much done once I'd actually gone home for xmas, but got a bit done in early december haha. Yeah I'm still looking into getting a blender, maybe soon, keep me healthy as well!

  2. You managed to get a lot done then misses! The personalised presents sound lovely, I'd definitely like to do something like that this year :) have an amazing time in Berlin! xxx

    Hannah x | hannatalks

    1. I did alright haha, and yeah I wanted do something a bit more special as I didn't have much money to spend this year. And thank you, I had the BEST time :D

  3. You sound like you got loads done, congrats! Those presents sound brilliant- I love doing creative kits of presents like the one you did for Josh. I did a freshers survival kit when my brother started uni and it was so fun to put together.
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you, and yeah I got more done than I thought I would. I think creative presents can be some of the best ones, thoughtful and depending what you put in, they can be pretty inexpensive too.
      Emma xx

  4. Congrats on the 1,000 words! I can't believe you have to write 12,000! My dissertation is only 7,000 words and even the thought of that makes me a little sick haha!! Have fun in Berlin darling and congrats on what sounds like an amazing December! Working on your anxiety and loving yourself are two very big things, so don't feel bad that you didn't "complete them" in December! They're something to constantly work on. Sending love your way, hun xxxxxxxxx

    Rhianna | robowecop

    1. I know its SO long, although it is worth 2 modules so I suppose that kind of works out ok. I had the best time in Berlin, although Im knackered from not enough sleep and so much walking! Yeah you're right it's a long term thing not something I'm going to fix in a month.

  5. aw i love your list! so many nice things, love lazy film days

    from helen at