The Self Love Tag

Self love is something I really struggle with, as Im sure a lot of you guys do as well. I'm very critical of myself and I can be really mean to myself as well, especially when it comes to my physical appearance. I do really think loving yourself is so important and it's something I'm really trying to focus on in 2015, so when I saw this tag while scrolling back through Jemma's blog I knew it was something I wanted to join in with! 

1. What does self-love mean to you?
Loving and appreciating yourself despite any flaws or things you may not be totally happy with to do with your body and self. Also being positive and kind to yourself. 

2. What is your favorite way to pamper yourself?
Painting my nails is one of my favourite ways to pamper myself, I like to put on a film and take my time relaxing and focusing on painting my nails add in a cosy bed, a cup of green tea and some biscuits and I'm in heaven. 

3. What are your three favorite hobbies/pastimes that make your soul feel on fire?
- Reading a good book. I love reading it takes me away to a different world that I can get involved in and not worry about anything else. 
- Blogging. I'm so proud of everything I've done with blogging and it makes me feel so great about myself that I've managed to achieve something. I also love the community and the love I always feel from everyone. 
Fighting for something I believe in. Im very passionate and have very strong feelings about certain things, and when Im doing something to fight for these things I feel so positive and great. 

4. What movie always puts you in a good mode when you're not in the greatest mood?
I love a good musical, so anything I can sing a long to really, even if it's a sad one like Les Mis or Lion King, they still put me in a great mood after. 

5. Who do you trust so much that you would easily believe in anything and everything they said?
My mum. I know she will always have my best interests at heart and will never do anything to intentionally hurt me. I also know she'd be honest with me and tell me if she was against something whereas others might not. 

6. What quote totally motivates you?
“My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is an ocean, but a multitude of drops?” - David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

7. When was the last time you took yourself on a date? What did you do?
Just before Christmas was my last 'me' date. My dates are always just shopping and coffee. I love to shop and I prefer to do it by myself as I can spend as much time as I want in shops, I don't mind sitting by myself in a coffee shop either, I like to people watch and treat myself to a yummy latte and a toastie or cake! 

8. What make-up or beauty products makes you feel like a million bucks?
I love a bright lipstick, as I don't wear them regularly so when I do I feel pretty awesome. I also love a nice perfume, every time I smell myself I just feel great. Sometimes I enjoy just having a bit of experimenting with make up when I have no where to go, I like to try new things and put make up on and then don't even leave the house!

9. What is the last thing you did for someone else that made you feel amazing?
When my nanna and I went out for coffee before Christmas we saw a little old lady queuing to get coffee, so I went over a offered to queue for her so she could go and sit down, and then my nan asked if she'd like to sit with us. She sat with us and told us all about her life, was lovely to do just a little thing for someone. 

10. Do you feel comfortable with and without make-up on?
I don't feel hugely comfortable without makeup and it's unlikely that i'd go out without at least a little bit on, but I can and I'd happily let friends and family see me makeup-less. I feel really comfortable with make up on, I'd say I wear a medium amount of make up, not super full coverage or intense, but not nothing. 

11. What piece of advice would you give a child about to grow up with the pressures of today's media and its crushing expectations?
It's okay to want to change something about the way you look, but you need to love who you are first and not want to change to be more like someone else. I've always struggled with the competing arguments of loving everything about yourself and therefore not being allowed to want to change yourself. I try hard to love myself, and it's not because I don't love myself that I want to change, I think it's because I do love myself that I want to be more comfortable and confident and if it's something I can change then I'll try. 

12. What song puts you in a good mood every time?
At the moment it's Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars, but there are so many songs that put me in a good mood, songs from musicals and disney I love to sing along to and they put me in a good mood. I also love songs like Bohemian Rhapsody, Stand By Me, Ain't No Mountain High Enough etc. 

13. What is the best advice someone gave you or you realized about life?
I'm not sure what the best advice I've ever been give or realised is. At the moment the best advice that's currently relevant to me and I've realised is, it's okay to ask for help and needing a break is nothing to be ashamed of. 

14. Who makes you giggle like a giggle monster?
I laugh a lot, at everything. My friends make me laugh, that's why they're my friends. Josh, my boyfriend makes me laugh a lot, especially when he tickles me! Which I hate!

15. What is something about society that bugs you that you wish didn't?
Minor sexism, this is things like sexist jokes, or slightly inappropriate comments. Obviously I feel Im justified to be annoyed by these things, but sometimes I wish they didn't annoy me so much. Little sexist comments and jokes, as well as general sexism is everywhere, and a lot of people don't notice it or just brush it off, and because of this when I get annoyed or mention that something is sexist I often get told to chill out, it's just a joke, and sometimes I wish It just didn't both me so much, because then I'd have an easier life! 

16. What is one of your favorite things to do on the weekends?
The same as most people I'm sure, relax, spend time with friends or Josh, eat, read, blog, tidy my room and prepare for the next week. Anything that isn't work and keeps me from getting worked up about stuff. 

17. What is something you're really proud of that you've done?
This blog. I'm a quitter, I don't stick to anything, Im rubbish with hobbies and clubs, so the fact I've stuck at this blog for so well makes me so proud. I'm also so proud that I've got followers and people who enjoy reading my blog, and that brands want to work with me and invite me to their events. My blog is one of the only things that is solely my work, I have to create and motivate myself to do it, and it's something I love to do! 

18. What is one of your favorite memories with one of your friends?
How could I pick. There is literally too many amazing friends with too many awesome memories. Spending 3 months in Australia with my best friend was one big awesome memory so I guess I'll pick that! 

19. What advice would you give someone who needs a boost in confidence?
You are amazing. I know you might not feel that way right now but you are. You're strong and confident and kind and funny and smart and talented and there are people who love you so much. You can do anything, even though you're not feeling great, one day you will, you've just got to start the journey to get there, it will take time but every day that you're positive to yourself rather than negative is a step towards a time when loving yourself in the norm. 

20. Lastly, how do you plan on investing in self-love?
Working on coping with my anxiety and becoming mentally healthier, as my self-love has dropped dramatically since I started suffering severely. I want to look after myself, both physically with eating well and exercising, but also mentally, taking time for me and relaxing and doing whatever best for me. 

I'd really love to see everyone do this post, so please link me if you've already done one or if you do one in the future! Also leave me a comment on your thoughts on self love, as well as your favourite way to pamper yourself! 


  1. I love this tag! I normally don't join in with many tags (unless I'm literally tagged) but I think I may take this one, it's so great and everyone needs a little self-love, we definitely don't do it enough :) xx

    1. Definitely do it, and send me a link if you do, i'd love to read it. It's so true isn't it, we need to love ourselves a lot more! :)
      Emma xx

  2. My favourite way to pamper myself is definitely being in bed with a cup of tea and Netflix or a book - completely switching off from everything! I've never heard that quote before and I love it :-) Rebeka x

    Rebeka Taylor

    1. Bed is the best isn't it haha. I always feel best when I just let myself relax and switch off, netflix and tea is best!
      Emma xx

  3. This is such a wonderful tag :) I agree with pretty much 100% of what you said, as well haha! The story about you and your grand-ma in the coffee shop made my heart warm, and I agree that it's lovely to just sit and drink in a coffee shop alone. Same goes for shopping - I honestly can't do it with other people anymore, I end up making silly purchases on a whim! Also, I'm the same about the sexist jokes. Same goes for mental health jokes that aren't too big of a deal, but the principle of it all really gets to me... but I just get told to lighten up. Can't please everybody, eh? Might have a go at this one myself, a wonderful read Emma! :) x x x

    1. Glad you like it. And aww thats so lovely, :) Shopping is my favourite thing to do alone, I hate doing it with other people, they stress me out cos I feel like I cant look properly. And yeah sexist and mental health jokes are just so annoying. Just gotta let it go sometimes I suppose but its so frustrating! And glad you liked it definitely give it a go and link me :)
      Emma xxx

  4. Brilliant post :)

    Camille xo

  5. loved reading this Emma! uptown funk is so unbelievably catchy, definitely a favourite of mine too :) xx


    1. Glad you liked it mara! It's so catchy isn't it! Makes me want to dance as soon as I here it :) xxx

  6. Such a lovely post sweet! :) I agree with sitting down and painting your nails, so therapeutic! And I've never heard that quote but I love it a lot. And the little old lady at the cafe, you must have made her week!! That's so sweet :)


    1. Aw glad you liked it Hazel. I love painting my nails, I spent forever doing it when I want to really chill out and relax. :)

  7. There are no words to describe my love for this post!! Also, Uptown Funk is THE BEST song ever. I'm full on addicted to it! Just puts me in an instant good mood! Xxxxx

    1. Glad you love it :D And yes it's insanely catchy, I just want to dance.

  8. What a lovely tag :) #19 is definitely what I needed to read right now. I'd also love to have the confidence to just sit in a coffee shop on my own. Sounds silly I know but I'd love to have the guts to do it xx

    Hannah x | hannatalks

    1. Well it's totally true, and I'm glad you read it. You could totally do it, coffee shops are the easiest place to sit alone, because it's not odd or unusual to be alone there. One day you should just go and do it, even if it's only for 5 minutes! :D

  9. This is such a lovely tag! I'm definitely going to do this asap! I also love just sitting in a coffee shop on my own and reading a book (and that's not just be trying to be cool or anything haha!) I'm now going to find a picture of that quote on pinterest (preferably with fancy writing and a vintagey picture) and add it to my wall!

    Rachael at

    1. Yes do it :D I love the coffee shop vibe, just relaxed and cosy and comfortable. Hahah, yes get the fancy writing and vintage picture!! :P