22nd Birthday Wish List

Blue Charlotte Work Bag - Accessorize £39
Emma by Jane Austen - Amazon £14.99
Green Amethyst Ring - Pandora £100
You Look Lovely Today Canvas Pouch - When Caitie Met Soda £18
Colour-Block Pocket Purse - Topshop £16 
Alphabet Spotty Mug - When Caitie Met Soda £9.50 
Laurel Wreath Ring - Pandora £55 

My 22nd birthday is coming up soon so I thought I'd put together a little wish list of some bits and bobs I've been eyeing up recently that I wouldn't mind receiving. I haven't asked for anything specific this year as I don't need anything and I'll be happy with whatever I get, although I have a suspicion I'll be getting car tax and MOT for my birthday as I do most years! Not the most exciting present but it's a necessity that I can't afford myself at the moment. 

I'd love an expensive ring, as most of mine come from Primark, so I thought a Pandora one would be perfect, I couldn't decide which ring I preferred, but I think they're both beautiful and a bit different. As soon as I saw the canvas pouch on When Caitie Met Soda I fell in love, how nice would it be to read this every time you opened your makeup bag. I also love their spotty alphabet mug, I've been eyeing up E mugs for a while and this is the prettiest one I've seen. 

I've never read Emma by Jane Austen but I feel like it's definitely one I need to read because, well, my name is Emma! I love the new covers on the 'classics', I think they're really pretty and would love to own a few, starting with this one. The Zoeva rose gold brush set and the Naked On the Run palette are things I really don't need, but they're just so lovely and pretty so although I can't justify buying them myself if someone else buys it thats totally fine! 

Accessorize has won my heart recently and every time I go in I want to buy more things! I debated between black and blue for this handbag, but I figured that although black was practical I loved the blue and I don't care about being practical! I've had my current purse for 3 years so I think it's about time for an upgrade, and this Topshop one looks like a decent replacement. The converse are also a replacement for my black converse that are literally falling apart! I'm not sure about them being leather, but I really love the colour.

I'd love to know what you think of my wish list, or if there is anything that would be on your birthday wish list at the moment?


  1. I am in love with those Zoeva brushes - there's something about rose gold that makes everything pretty :-)

    Rebeka from Rebeka Taylor xx

  2. Theres such rose gold hype at the moment, but Im totally in to it! They're just beautiful! x

  3. That mug is absolutely gorgeous, I absolutely love anything thats home related! Its my birthday soon too and I have some Zoeva brushes on my wishlist! Just the normal black and silver ones, but I've wanted to try them for ages! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

  4. I want ALL OF THESE THINGS! I have most of these things on my list, too. Hadn't seen the handbag and now that's on my list, too! If I had unlimited funds, I'd also want a GoPro, a nice new yoga mat, and Olivia Burton watch, a Nutribullet and some of the Laura Mercier Honey Bath. So, you know... not THAT much... ;) xxxxx

    Rhianna | robowecop

  5. Literally loving all of these things!!! xx

    Abi | abistreetx.blogspot.co.uk - Don't forget to enter my giveaway

  6. Pandora rings are the best! Super comfy to wear, only tricky part is choosing which one as they're all so lovely :) that alphabet meg is super cute too xxx

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  7. When is your birthday? :D

    the brush set looks amazing *-* and the mug is super cute.
    hope you get everything :P

    Thank you for the comment on my blog.
    Would you like to follow each other darling? I will love that. Let me know.

    Life In Pastel

  8. Im loving home stuff at the moment, just need to get my own home to furnish now! Might be a while though. I really want to try the Zoeva brushes and I just love the rose gold ones, total hype but I think they're beautiful. x

  9. Can I add all that stuff to my wishlist too?! I want all the things!!! Im loving the Handbag though, might have to get it for myself If no one buys it for me :P xxxx

  10. They're lovely arn't they, and I'll check out your giveaway now :D x

  11. They're all so lovely, and yeah I think you inspired me to look at the Pandora rings, and Im so glad I did, they're beautiful. xx

  12. The 22nd Feb :) Hopefully I'll get some bits, I've sent the list to my boyfriend, so hopefully he will take the very obvious hint! haha. x

  13. loving everything you've chosen - especially the book (the covers on those are so beautiful!) & the "E" mug. the green amethyst ring is stunning also, I need some proper not-from-primark rings too haha!
    Mara // marashares

  14. How gorgeous are they?! Every time I go in Waterstones I eye them up, definitely have to get Emma first though :D The ring is so beautiful, and yeah I definitely need some non primark rings! haha. Always loose them or they go rusty. xx

  15. Those Zoeva brushes are on my wishlist too. I've been fawning over them for so loooong. Lol. :)


  16. They're so beautiful aren't they! Definitely sucked in by the rose gold! x

  17. Love the colour of the bag, really bright and summery!