Cocktails Bittersweet Soho
[photo by Rhianna]

Last weekend I made a trip to London to meet some fellow bloggers at the #nyLDNmeet. The event was held at Bittersweet, a small cocktail bar in Soho London, and after meeting up with some amazing girls I've been talking to recently we made our way to the event. I feel very lucky to have met these girls and we all immediately got on so well with lots of laughter and gossiping. Having them with me made the event a lot less scary and I think we all really enjoyed ourselves. 

We arrived at the venue and we were immediately greeted by a selection of foods to try, which me and Laura took full advantage of! There was so much going on at the event and so many bloggers all standing around chatting it was hard to know what to do first. We scoped out Vix's Jewellery stand featuring some beautiful pieces from Stella & Dot, and then we noticed someone doing Henna. I think henna is so beautiful and I love that it is semi-permanent, after seeing some of Henna's beautiful designs on Rhianna & Laura I jumped in and had my hand done too. The design was beautiful and I've loved looking at it all week. 

Henna Design
[Henna by Henna]

The time flew at the event, and I'm gutted I didn't get to take advantage of the beauty technician who was painting nails, but I did jump into the last spot to have my hair done by the hairdressers from Fordham Soho. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the fishtail braid the stylist did for me, but we did have a good giggle and gossip while he was playing with my hair. After realising cocktails were half price Rhianna and myself hit up the bar and ordered a gorgeous pineapple flavoured cocktail which you can see in the photo above (which I stole from Rhianna, shhh!) after a quick explanation to the lady behind the bar about why we were all there and what blogging was we made our way over to one of the main parts of the event, a presentation from a new brand! 

Moogoo Skincare Range UK

Moogoo Dusty Girls Makeup

MooGoo are an Australian skincare brand just entering into the UK market. They're environmentally friendly with products so organic you could actually eat them, although they wouldn't taste very nice! The idea originated from a dairy farmer who adapted a cream he was using for his cow's udders to be suitable for human skin, I kind of love this idea, as it means the products are natural and not filled with unnecessary products. The range is really extensive, ranging from deodorant to blemish cream, fake tan to lip balm, they've even got a dry shampoo for dogs! We were told that the range is great for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as eczema. 

We were also very lucky as we were the some of the first people in the UK to be introduced to MooGoo's new makeup range Dusty Girls. I must admit I fell in love before I'd even see the products, the packaging is so gorgeous, and in line with it's skincare range all the ingredients are natural and perfect for people with sensitive skin. Even though I don't struggle with sensitive skin this is definitely a brand I'll be looking into when it releases in the UK. The mineral foundation is a product I've wanted to try for ages, and the pink blusher was gorgeous! 

Blogger Selfie

Probably the best part of this event was getting to meet so many other bloggers, especially some I consider to be great friends. One of the highlights was getting to meet the lovely Hannah who I've been talking to for about a year, I literally jumped up and hugged her and was so excited to finally meet her. Hopefully we will meet up again soon maybe for a cheeky shopping trip in London! 

I must mention the charity this event was raising money for. Look Good Feel Better is a worldwide charity supporting women suffering from the side effects of cancer treatment. As bloggers we can often become preoccupied with looking good and the materialistic side of things, so having a raffle to raise money for this great charity was a really nice touch, and although I didn't win any of the amazing prices I know my money went to a good charity. We were also lucky enough to be given goody bags to take away with us, so I didn't come away empty handed, especially after a quick raid of the snacks table! The goody bag featured products from My Protein, some samples to try from MooGoo, Dream Dots and Her Tea from TinyTea amongst other things. 

My Protein Goody Bag

I really enjoyed this event, and I'd like to thank the organisers Amy, Lauren and Tamsyn for hosting a great event. I'm also going to leave the links to some of the lovely girls I spoke to at this event. If you were at the event please leave me a link I'd love to check out your blog! 


  1. ooh how did you get invited to that? sounds fun thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk

  2. This looked like so much fun!! :) wish I lived in London!

    Your goodies looked so amazing as well, wanted to try Dream Dots for ages and I love My Protein!!

    Kat | www.kathorrocks.com

  3. Ah love this - I let out a proper giggle when you mentioned us taking full advantage of the food! Juussst a little bit ;)

    Laura | elelibee

  4. Your posts are always written so well Emma! Loving all the photo's too! So so glad I got to meet you all and I genuinely had such a good day, probably mostly thanks to you girls!

    Soph x

  5. Looks like this was a lovely event! Gutted I couldn't go myself but everyone kept raving on about it on twitter! Xx


  6. hahahaah I love you and laura with all the snacks hehe :) Every time I see these photos I don't know whether to feel sad or happy! Can't wait to see you all again very soon I hope on our blogging adventures! Love the henna on you, it looks fab! I also can't help but feel I missed out on some seriously delicious pineapple cocktails! xxxx

  7. I just heard about it on twitter and messaged one of the girls organising and asked if there were any more spaces available :D x

  8. I came down from Preston for the event, but when Im not at Uni I live 30 mins train ride from London so Im quite lucky. We were really lucky with the goodie bags, I've given the Dream Dots a go and they seem good, although I think I get spots too regularly for these to be a good investment. x

  9. We went wild! All about the food ;)

  10. Aww thanks girl!!! My photos are so poor, stupid lighting and iphone, need me a good camera! So nice meeting you too <3 xxx

  11. It was a great event but Im sure there will be one you can make it too soon! :D x

  12. We are snack queens! I cant wait to see everyone again, I love you guys!! And yeah my henna was really lovely, and yes the cocktails were delicious! Nom xxx

  13. Thank you I did have a great time :)

  14. It was such a lovely event! I was so so excited to finally meet you too!!! Especially when you texted me saying you'd found my Starbucks cup, I was like AHHHHHHH SHE'S NOT FAR!!!!!!! Hahah. Can't wait to meet you again already! xxxx

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  15. Haha, we were literally like, do you think thats Hannah?! Can't wait to meet you again too :D xxx

  16. not sure why I never commented on this, I've definitely seen it!
    these photos turned out great, despite the bad lightning, I'm v. proud :)
    it was lovely to meet you, meeting you lot really made my day x
    Mara // marashares

  17. i did steal the top one from Rhi, and the group ones aren't mine either, but other than that I managed! Lovely meeting you too, hopefully see you again soon! xxx