1 Year Blog Birthday!

So yesterday marked my 1 year blog anniversary! I've now been blogging for over a year and my blog has grown so much in that time. I've really enjoyed blogging and I can't believe I've stuck at it for a whole year! I've had some amazing opportunities and most importantly met some great people, I've got friends I talk to daily and I really feel like Im part of a community. 

So to say thank you to everyone who has supported me on my little blogging journey I wanted to run a giveaway! So if you've read all of my posts, spoken to me on twitter, or even just had an occasional look then thank you and I'd love it if you could enter my giveaway. I appreciate every follower, comment and tweet, it means so much to me that people enjoy reading my blog. 

For my giveaway I decided to do a little lifestyle bundle of different bits and bobs I know I'd personally love and hopefully you'll love to. It consists of; two rose gold French themed makeup bags, a pair of socks, a face mask, a yankee candle, two Soap & Glory minis, the Cargo Cosmetics Vintage Escape eyeshadow palette (you can see photos and swatches here), an Essie nail varnish, a canvas pineapple bag, a mini notebook, a tub of vaseline, a pug mirror, and Tanya Burr eyelashes. 

This giveaway will be UK only so Im sorry if you're outside of the UK. It will run from today the 26th March 2015 until 12am on the 27th April 2015. I will use rafflecopter to draw a winner and will contact them via email or twitter within 7 working days. The winner will then have 1 week to reply or I will redraw a new winner. The prizes were all brought with my own money and will be sent out via Royal Mail Signed For Delievey Second Class within 10 working days of the winner responding. Mandatory entries are following this blog on Bloglovin and on Twitter

Send me a tweet or leave me a comment if you enter, I'd love for this prize to go to someone who enjoys reading my blog! Also I currently have another giveaway running if you'd like to enter that as well, and you can read my first ever blog posts and hopefully see how far I've come in a year! 

How to Choose the Right University

Going to University was the best decision I've ever made. Now Im coming to the end of my third and final year and I've made some amazing friends, had such awesome experiences and learnt a lot and i'll hopefully be coming out with a degree in Human Rights. Uni isn't for everyone of course and I'd never pressure anyone into going if they didn't want to, but if you are thinking of going it's also really important to take time and choose the right uni for you. I took a year off between college and uni because I wasn't sure what I wanted to study or where I wanted to go. 

There are so many factors that need to be considered when deciding what uni to go to, and everyone will have different priorities so don't feel pressured into picking a uni because other people have liked it, you're the one who is going to be going there so you're the one who needs to like it! Here are some of my tips on what to consider when choosing which uni to go to.

How to choose the right university. Which university to go to UK
In my opinion choosing the right course is one of the most important aspects of choosing a university. You're going to be studying that subject in-depth for three years at least, you need to be sure its the course for you. If you already know what area you want to study, for example Law, English, Biology or Business then look at league tables and see what uni's are rated best in those fields. Also have a look at what the course involves, are there specific modules that really jump out at you, does one uni offer really great internship opportunities. Read into what you're going to be doing and see what uni comes out top. 

If you're not so sure on your course or you're looking at a few different courses that are similar across different unis then make a note of whats different about them. When I was looking at uni's I thought I wanted to do something in international relations and development and also law. I applied for 5 different but similar course but when I found the Human Rights degree at UCLan I immediately thought it sounded perfect for me. If you're not exactly sure what course you want to do make sure to do some research, scroll through UCAS, talk to your teachers, maybe take a year off until you know for sure. 

Visiting the uni and attending an open day is great for seeing if the course is for you. Try and attend some talks, speak to the lectures and any current students if you can. Find out exactly what the course is like, if you hate exams try and see what the assessments are like, if you don't like group work see how much of your course is working with others. Try to find out as much information about your course as possible, as writing essays and attending lectures when you don't like what your studying can be really difficult!  If you can't make it to an open day send the course leader an email and see if they have any information for you or can answer any questions. 

Once you've decided on what course you think you'd like to take the next most important thing is location. Firstly, will you be living at home or moving out? If you're living at home you're going to want to factor in distance to travel from home to and from uni when considering which university to choose. If you're hoping to move away from home you've got a lot more choice. Also if you've got a city in mind where you'd like to live make sure to do some research into the uni's in that area, also into other uni's close by or in a near by city. You may find the perfect uni for you if you look a little bit further afield, don't limit yourself. 

If you're moving away from home think about how far away you want to be, it might seem awesome to move to the other side of the country until you want to go home for a weekend and a train costs your weekly budget and a coach takes half a day! However you also might want to be far enough away that your mum can't just pop in and see you and you get to really experience independence by doing your own clothes washing and cleaning your own bathroom. Another thing to consider if you're moving away is travelling to and from home, is your uni town on the same train line, is it driving distance? This might not seem important but when you're making that journey home you might just be grateful you don't have to make 3 different changes on the train! 

How to choose the right university. Which university to go to UK

The town or city the uni is located in is important. Do you want to be living in a big city,  like London, Manchester, or Birmingham? Or would you rather be in a smaller city or a town where everything is a lot closer together. Big cities can be really daunting if you're not used to them, they can feel unfriendly and you may find your accommodation is miles from your lectures. A smaller city or town can also feel boring, you bump into people you know all the time and there can be little new places to explore. It just depends on what you're used to and what you'd prefer. Coming from a small town I knew a big city would be too much for me and I feel very comfortable in a smaller city because I know where everything is and see people I know all the time. 

When looking at universities people often forget to really look into the campus. It's important to know what type of campus your uni has. Are all the buildings close together but you need to get a bus to the city centre, or maybe your uni has grown within the city and buildings are spread out everywhere. Is the student accommodation in walking distance of lecture buildings and the supermarket, will you need to get a taxi to the train station or a bus to the shops? These things are all important and your preference will be totally personal. 

Everything Else
St Mary's University in London got in touch and asked if I'd like to write this post for my followers because they're running a campaign called 'Be Part Of It' encouraging students to be part of all that the university has to offer. I think it's really important to really take a look into what your perspective uni may offer because you might find something that really takes your interest. So although the course and the location are important you also need to look into what else your choices have to offer. 

If you play a certain sport or you're part of a group you'd like to continue make sure to research if these are available at your uni, especially if you want to take part competitively. Look into the support and opportunities offered as well, most universities will have similar things but something might stand out to you. For example internships, graduate opportunities, travel, societies, volunteering, sports, jobs, disability support, or funding. If there is something you know or think you'd like to pursue while at university check out if its possible, maybe you'd like to learn a language, or write for the university newspaper. Making the most of your university and really being part of it is important, so make sure you think about that when you're choosing what university to call home for 3 years! 

A university is a community, and you can gain a lot from being there, so have a think about what sort of community you'd like to be a part of. Maybe you'd prefer a small close knit uni with smaller classes, or maybe you want to be part of a huge uni where theres so many opportunities. Think about what priorities you have, maybe its top lecturers, or a good reputation, maybe you want somewhere with a great night life, or by the seaside. Everyone will have different needs and wants, just be honest with yourself and also be open, just because you could get into Oxford doesn't mean it will be the best uni for you! 

If you can look round a uni or go to an open day I'd really recommend this, as soon as I got to Preston and had a look around UCLan I fell in love, I just got the right feeling and knew it was for me. It also helps because you find out what you like and don't like in a university, so even if you come out of an open day hating that uni it will help you to find the perfect uni that is totally different. St Mary's have put together some videos speaking to students as part of their campaign to show you what life is like at St Mary's and how you can make the most of your time there. 

St Mary's have also offered me the opportunity to run a giveaway for my followers for the chance to win a £10 voucher to spend! All you have to do to enter the giveaway is fill in the rafflecopter form below. The giveaway will close on 3/04/15 at 12pm and the winner will be notified within 48 hours. If they have not claimed their prize within 72 hours I will draw another winner. The prize will be sent out by St Mary's and will be a £10 voucher for either Sainsbury's, Amazon, Starbucks, Waterstones, iTunes or Cineworld. GIVEAWAY CLOSED

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you're looking at universities I hope these tips were helpful. You might also be interested in my Guide To Starting Uni series.  If you've been to university and have any advice please leave it in the comments and you might enjoy and understand this post on library etiquette and this post on what student's actually wear! If you haven't been to uni I'd love to hear any advice you have on not going to university. 

St Mary's gave me the opportunity to run a giveaway for my followers however I did not receive any payment for this post and all views, ideas and opinions are my own. 

My Top 10 Disney Films

Top 10 Disney Movies

Disney films have been a part of my life since I can remember, like most people I have a huge love for disney films, they bring back memories and they're just great fun. I'm a huge fan of Disney Musicals and I spent a large majority of my childhood loudly singing along to the soundtracks. 

Recently Disney has come out with some amazing films, and along with the classics they have a pretty amazing range of films so I thought I'd do a list of my Top 10 Disney Films. This list is just consisting of animated Disney films because they have far too many films to choose from otherwise! 

My Top 10 Animated Disney Films

1. Lion King 
Not only is this my favourite disney film but it's actually my all time favourite film. It means a lot to me and I love the story, the characters, the songs and the west end show, I've even got a tattoo of some of the lyrics from one of the west end songs! 

2. Robin Hood
Im not ashamed to admit I had a crush on Robin Hood, yes he was an animated fox but he was a bad guy who was actually good, a rebel and outcast but he was fun and adventerous and charming, and it was a movie with lots of animals. There was sadness and love and it had a happy ending, I have a big love for this film. 

3. Up 
This film made me cry multiple times, it was beautiful and moving whilst being imaginative and fun. I loved the characters and there are some hilarious moments but as always with disney they hit you hard with the feels. I always recommend this film to adults because I think they'd enjoy it just as much as children. 

4. Aristocats 
I think this film is where my love of cats came from. Its one of the first Disney films I brought for myself on DVD and I still loving watching it to this day. 

5. Cinderella 
The only classic princess film on my list. When I was a child I was never as interested in the princess films in comparison to the animal ones, but Cinderella was always my favourite. I remember thinking she was beautiful and I had a cinderella castle that I loved playing with. She's definitely one of the best princesses in my opinion. 

6. Toy Story 
It's a classic. What child didn't imagine their toys came to life when they weren't looking?! This was my brothers favourite disney film so we were always watching it, and I'd still happily watch it now. 

7. Cars
I don't know why I love this film but I really enjoy it. I love that there are no people in this film only cars, and it's been so cleverly done with a really fun story line. I rewatched this on New Years Eve this year and I felt like I'd started 2015 off in the best possible way! 

8. The Incredibles 
I never knew I wanted a film about a family of superheroes until I saw this, Disney did it right and it's a hilarious movie, I can't wait for the sequel to come out! 

9. Ratatouille 
Another Disney film about animals, however this ones also about food! I just really enjoy this film and I love the idea of a rat running a restaurant, especially because there is such a negative view of rats, they're not exactly loved! I think this is an underrated Disney movie and I'd definitely recommend giving it a watch if you haven't seen it before. 

10. Tangled 
One of the newer Disney princesses and also one of my favourites. I love that these new princesses have more personality, they're strong and quirky and intelligent and they don't need no man! Although Ryder is pretty loveable and all princesses deserve a wonderful prince, even if they don't need one!

What are your favourite animated Disney films? Do you have a favourite Princess? 

edited by me [photo source

Charity Sunday: Challenge Yourself with the Will Of Iron Triathlon

I've always wanted to compete in a race for charity, however my complete lack of fitness has always held me back and I've found other ways of donating and supporting charities. So when the lovely Beth got in contact and asked if I'd like to help promote an amazing charity I immediately said yes. 

Willow Foundation Will Of Iron Triathlon

The Willow Foundation support seriously ill young adults between the ages of 16 and 40, by arranging amazing Special Days where these young adults can spend time with their families enjoying an activity of their choice. These special days can be almost anything and allow for some amazing memories and a great experience during some of the most difficult times. 

This great charity is the only national charity supporting people in what can be a life changing way. So to raise money Willow are setting a challenge, The Will Of Iron Triathlon! Now as I mentioned, my fitness is nowhere near good enough to be signing myself up for a Triathlon, but I can do my part and promote this event!

Willow Foundation Will Of Iron Triathlon

The challenge consists of 3 sections, the run, the swim and the cycle! However Willow have been nice and you can take part in this as a team of up to 10, with different members taking on different parts of the race. With a 26.2 mile run, a 112 mile cycle and a 2.4 mile swim you'll probably want to recruit as many team members as possible! However if you can't manage to face it alone you can always do half the distance, and you can also split the amounts up over the 7 consecutive days of the event. 

Will of Iron week is taking place from 2nd to 8th May and you can do it anywhere, you just need to keep track of how far you've gone and make sure to fundraise as much as possible! The event costs £25 to enter and you'll be supported by the team at Willow every step of the way. So lace up your trainers or pull out your swimming hat because it's time to start training! 

If you're interested in signing up and either braving it alone or gathering a group of mates you can do so here. Also make sure to check out Beth's post all about the event, as well as checking out Willow's social media to keep up to date. 

Learning German With FlashSticks

FlashSticks Review Learning a Language

My German lessons at school mostly consisted of having a laugh with my friends and getting in trouble with the teacher. Languages weren't my thing, in fact German was the only GCSE I actually failed, embarrassingly! Even a week's trip to Berlin with my class didn't help and we all spoke English for most of the trip. 

Now I'm an 'adult' I realise I really should have tried harder especially after realising how little German I remembered on my recent trip to Berlin. I'm also really jealous of all my friends who can speak another language, especially the ones who are fluent! I've been wanting to attempt learning a language again but I didn't want to pay lots of money for something I might be terrible at and would take up lots of my time, and that's where FlashSticks comes in. 

FlashSticks Review Learning a Language

FlashSticks Review Learning a Language

FlashSticks are a company that wanted to come up with a easy, fun and creative way to help people learn a foreign language. We all know post it notes are awesome, you can stick them anywhere and they work perfectly for learning a new language. FlashSticks are currently available in Italian, Spanish, French, Mandarin, English, Portuguese, British Sign Langauge and German which is what I went for. I figured as I already had a basic knowledge of German from my GCSE lessons some of the phrases and punctuation might come back to me. 

I received the FlashSticks German Beginner pack* which like all of the packs contains 100 unique words organised into categories. Blue for masculine words, pink for feminine words, yellow for neutral words and green for other words, having the words categorised definitely helps and gives some variety. Each FlashStick has the German word written at the top with a simple phonetic underneath to help with pronunciation then a picture and the word written in English. 

FlashSticks Review Learning a Language

FlashSticks Review Learning a Language

I think the best thing about FlashSticks is that you can stick them anywhere and it brings learning a language into your every day life. You can stick them on the things they are so every time you see or pick up that item you're reminded of the foreign word and can give it a quick practice and eventually it will get into your head. Obviously a lot of the words aren't going to relate to physical things you may have, for example you can hardly stick one on the sun or walk around with one on your glasses all day! I've found that having random words stuck in areas I see every day such as my wall or mirror means I can practice them as and when. I've been practicing these words while I've been doing my makeup and I've switched them up once a week with different words just to have a change. 

You may be thinking FlashSticks sound great but what about learning pronunciation? Don't worry they've covered that as well! All you need to do is download the free FlashSticks app, hold the camera over the individual post-it which it will then scan to find the word and then it shows you a video of someone slowly speaking that word so you can hear the proper pronunciation. This is a really great idea and is really easy to use, the app registers the word quickly and the video is only a few seconds long.

FlashSticks Review Learning a Language

FlashSticks Review Learning a Language

FlashSticks Review Learning a Language

Although you're not going to be able to hold a conversation in German with one of these packs it definitely would help with the basics such as numbers, colours, basic phrases and words. FlashSticks also do Intermediate and Advanced packs which would help you improve even more. I think these would work best alongside learning a language rather than on their own, but they're great for anyone wanting to learn the basics in a really easy way that doesn't take much effort. 

I'd definitely recommend these to anyone currently trying to learn a language, or anyone who just wants to get the basics of a new language down. Once I've got these basics into my brain I'll definitely be looking into the Intermediate pack, I'd also love to try the BSL pack and learn some sign language. 

The FlashSticks packs cost £4.99 each and are available to buy online, on Amazon, or at WHSmith's. They also have a great blog with articles and advice on learning a language. I'd love to know if you can speak another language, and if you can't what language you'd love to be fluent in? 

FlashSticks provided me with the German Beginners pack for review however all my opinions are honest and my own. 

Life Lately: Feeling 22, Escaping Rooms & Blogging Friends

They weren't lying when they said third year was hard. They being anyone whose ever made it through Uni that is. If you've been following my blog or twitter for a while you might know that third year has been a bit tough for me, being diagnosed with Anxiety and trying to cope with that while also trying to make it through final year has definitely been a struggle, but Im getting there, it does however mean blogging is taking a bit of a back seat. Im less active on social media and sometimes Im just unmotivated and I don't want to blog. 

I do still love blogging, I love writing posts and discovering blogs, I love the community and I am so thankful for the amazing friends I've made through blogging, a few of who will feature in this post, a catch up post letting you know what I've been up to lately. Other than eating too much, spending too much money and procrastinating on work I've also done some pretty awesome things that I'm going to tell you all about. 

Turned 22

Pandora Ring Birthday

You'll probably already know that I recently turned 22 as I reviewed the restaurant I went to for a birthday meal where I had a delicious Indian meal, you'll also know I spent my actual birthday chilling out with my boyfriend which you can read about here. It was so nice to have a relaxed birthday and I was a very lucky girl and received this gorgeous Pandora ring from Josh, it's actually one I'd mentioned before so I think he must have stalked my blog a bit! 

The Escape Room 

Escape Room Manchester Review

Escape Room Manchester Review

The day after my birthday I headed into Manchester to meet Sophie & Laura for a very exciting event we had been invited to. Our evening at Escape Rooms was probably one of the best I've had in a long time! When we arrived we were treated with champagne and cupcakes so I was immediately sold, none of us had any idea what we were going to be doing though, although I was imaging something along the lines of Crystal Maze! 

The idea behind Escape Room is that you and a few friends are locked into one of the 5 different rooms and you have to escape within an hour. Sounds easy, but I can assure you it's not! The rooms are all rated and deciding to 'go hard or go home' we went for the hardest room of them all, Room 13. Based loosely on The Shining we we're locked into a hotel corridor where we had to try and solve clues to open padlocks and find keys. I don't want to give too much away because it's definitely better being totally surprised, but I will say we definitely struggled and had a lot of help from the owner Chris who is featured in the photo above. Although we had help we still solved a lot of the clues even with lots of laughter, some dancing and some screams when things got a bit scary! 

Eventually we managed to escape with 5 seconds to spare and we were jumping up and down hugging each other! We were very lucky and a little bit cheeky and we managed to get to experience another room which was called Prison Break and started with us all being handcuffed together! Chris also gave us a tour of the space, obviously not showing us any rooms, and he also spoke to us a bit about the business which originated in Malaysia, you could tell all the staff including Chris were really passionate and loved their job. They wanted everyone to have a good time, hence the hints when we were really struggling! 

I would recommend The Escape Room to everyone, I'm even hoping to go again with my housemates, its so much fun even if you end up doing the room with strangers you'll be sure to be friends afterwards, as we did with Laura and her friend. Also make sure to follow Chris on twitter, he's a great guy for giving us such a great evening! 

Girls Night

As I'd had such a chilled birthday I wanted to celebrate with some of my girls from Uni, we wanted cocktails, catch ups and 90s tunes. We started our evening at Turtle Bay where we definitely took advantage of their Happy Hour(s), the food is also amazing there, if you've never been I definitely recommend it! 3 hours later when Turtle Bay closed we made our way to a club offering 90p drinks and 90s music. Perfect. I haven't been out much this year and it's definitely not my scene so much any more but I still had a lovely night. 

Stratford Upon Avon 

I have blogging friends. Wonderful, hilarious, kind and amazing friends who I feel very lucky to have found. After talking to these girls every day for what feels like forever, and having met some of them at the #nyLDNmeet in January we decided to organise a little meet up and randomly decided on Stratford Upon Avon. It's a beautiful little town where we visited a butterfly farm, spent 2 hours in a cafe eating sandwiches and scones that fell apart as soon as you touched them (see above!), and wandered around the streets giggling and taking so many selfies. 

Stratford is a fair distance from Preston so when Sophie offered me a lift I said yes please and prepared myself for a road trip that consisted of my amazing DJ skills, reminiscing on Jonas Brothers days and lots of laughter. We also picked Laura up on the way and met Kayleigh and Mara in Stratford. It was a lovely day even if half of it was spent in the car! I'd love to go back to Stratford it's such a gorgeous town, I love all the buildings and houses. 


I don't know how it happened but I won two giveaways recently! Both within a few days of each other and both featuring some amazing things! The Soap & Glory set from Katie's giveaway is amazing and I'm hooked, and the Sleek palette from Abi's giveaway is so beautiful it's relegated my Naked 2 palette while I have a little play! I'm feeling very grateful having won so many lovely things. Make sure to keep your eye peeled for a little Writing Essays With Wine giveaway in the next few weeks though! 

I'd love to say I'll be blogging more regualrly soon but I don't think that's going to happen, I'm getting busier every week, but don't worry I'll still be posting a couple of times a week! Have you been up to anything exciting recently? 

Photo Every Hour: Birthday Edition

On the 22nd February I celebrated my 22nd birthday, as it was a Sunday I decided I wanted to spend my day in the most relaxed way possible and just chill and enjoy myself. My day consisted of food, naps, and lots of cuddles and was spent with my boyfriend Josh. I thought it might be a nice idea to do my first Photo Every Hour post and document my day, the idea behind this is you take a photo for every hour that you're awake, so without further ado, here is my birthday!

Breakfast in bed while watching an episode of the American Office that I love where Jim & Pam get married. 

Opening cards and presents from my family and friends. 

Two of my favourite things; putting on makeup and watching Josh play Alien Isolation on Playstation. 

Cuddles! And a bit more Alien playing. 

Lunchtime trip to Caffe Nero for a caramel latte, brie and bacon panini and a slice of red velvet cake, it is my birthday after all! 

Back to Josh's and into my super cute and comfy cat PJs from my mum, then chill out with a book, my favourite chocolates and a Tropicana. 

After being ditched while he did some work I summoned the boyfriend back for more cuddles!

If you can't have a nap on your birthday then when can you?! 

Waking up from my nap and catching up on some youtube videos, with a few cheeky Lindt balls of course. 

A phone call from my mum while Josh plays a bit of Fifa until I forced him off. 

And sent him to make dinner! Although I don't feel to bad because it was just a chuck in the oven job we'd picked up from M&S, but it was so tasty! 

Not as tasty as this beautiful chocolate and vanilla cheesecake. Heaven! No candles to blow out though. 

I ended the day back at my house where I put on my fairy lights, lit a candle and got cosy in bed with my book ready for an early night and a good sleep. 

It may not look like the most exciting birthday but it was exactly what I wanted and perfect for me. I couldn't have asked for a better day. Let me know if you enjoy these Photo Every Hour posts, I'd love to do more and as Im super nosey I'd love to see what you guys get up to in a day! 

Birthday Meal at Calcutta Brasserie

Calcutta Brasserie Stony Stratford Review

Calcutta Brasserie Stony Stratford Review

When it comes to birthdays, or any celebration, my family love to go out for a meal, so when I was home a couple of weeks ago we decided to head out for a meal to celebrate my 22nd birthday. I'd recenetly been contacted by Calcutta Brasserie asking if I'd like to come along and sample the menu* and check out the award winning restaurant. I of course said yes and asked if I could bring along my family to celebrate my birthday! 

Calcutta Brasserie is an Indian restaurant in Stony Stratford in Milton Keynes, I had never been before but my family had heard good things and my mum's partner had been before and said it was really nice. The first thing to point out about Calcutta Brasserie is it's location, Stony Stratford is a lovely little historic town, perfect for a little wander, and the restaurant itself is set in a 17th Century Chapel. This setting definitely had the wow factor with the high ceilings, exposed beans and artwork on the walls, this made the dining experience unique and unlike anywhere I've ever eaten before. 

Being a total wimp when it comes to spicy food I was a bit daunted when my brother suggested the shared banquet menu, but after being reassured by our waiter that I'd be able to cope with most of the dishes we went ahead and ordered. I think the Calcutta Brasserie's banquette menus are a really great idea, for a really great price of £17.95 you get a great selection of food. Our dinner started with poppadoms and a selection of sauces to dip into which were different to what you usually get in in an Indian restaurant, these seemed a bit more original and full of flavour. 

Calcutta Brasserie Stony Stratford Review

After munching all of the poppadoms and having a good catch up our starters arrived. A huge plate with one of each thing to try including Onion Garam Pakora, which was like a Onion Bhaji but a bit lighter, a Vegtable Samosa, Lasooni Murgh Tikka which was gorgeous, and Lamb Shammi Kebab. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to try different things in small bites and this was just enough to prepare us for our mains!

Calcutta Brasserie Stony Stratford Review

Calcutta Brasserie Stony Stratford Review

This is where the meal and the banquet menu really sells itself. A huge pile of rice, a bread basket consisting of different naan breads, and then a selection of five mains that could be refiled as many times as you wanted! There was one very spicy one I stayed away from as advised by our waiter,  but all the others were amazing, they all had great flavours, and weren't too heavy or over powering. I did struggle slightly with the spiciness but thats just my rubbish mouth because I couldn't stop eating, it all tasted so good! 

The mains we had to try were, Murgh Makhni a tandoori chicken in a tomato sauce that was probably the tables favourite, Kori Gassi which was the spicy one that I stayed away from but everyone else enjoyed, Lamb Rogan Josh which I was surprised at how much I enjoyed as Im not a huge Lamb fan, Bombay Potatoes something I always love, and a Mushroom and Vegetable Jalfrezi which although spicy tasted great. 

After refilling the Murgh Makhni and the Rogan Josh we were totally stuffed and decided to give pudding a miss, with me and my mum opting for green teas instead. 

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by the Calcutta Brasserie, in the past I've normally found Indian restaurants to all be quite similar in style, taste and menu. However on this occasion the setting was something unique and definitely a selling point, the food was delicious and even when my mouth felt like it was burning I wanted to keep eating! The service was great and fast, there was always someone ready to get you another drink or answer any questions. I was impressed by the whole restaurant and had a really lovely birthday meal! 

Calcutta Brasserie Stony Stratford Review

I'd definitely recommend Calcutta Brasserie to anyone whose in the Milton Keynes area and is looking to try something a little bit different or who has a love for Indian food. My family and me really enjoyed our meal and it's definitely somewhere we would go back to and would recommend to friends. 

Calcutta Brasserie provided me a complimentary meal for 2 in exchange for a review however all opinions are my own.