Saying Goodbye To My Childhood Crush

My early teenage years (and my later teen years) were spent loving a certain band. A band whose music I loved, they made me happy through my struggle with teenage life, I made some amazing friends through them and I had some brilliant experiences. I was however, sightly obsessed, not crazy obsessed, but I did see them live multiple times, waited outside their hotel to meet them and entered every competition I could possibly find related to them. 

That band was the Jonas Brothers. I normally get one of two responses when telling people I was a big fan of the Jonas Brothers, it's either an "OMG I loved them too!" or more likely it's a "you liked the Jonas Brother?!" accompanied by some serious judgement. Ultimately I don't care what people think, I loved loving them, a band of attractive talented and dedicated men boys. My obsession for them lasted until I was about 18, I still have a lot of love for them but Im an adult now and obsessing over a boyband is something I just don't have the time for. 

However a few weeks ago I stumbled upon a competition to win a trip to London with Capital Fm to see Nick Jonas perform his new solo song Jealous in a intimate session. I entered on a whim, but I actually ended up winning! A minor fangirl freakout later and I was on the phone persuading my best friend to take one for the team and come along with me. Once she heard 'free travel and accommodation' she was up for it! 

We arrived into London after a hilarious train journey sat opposite a mother and daughter who were getting pretty drunk and had some pretty great stories. Not expecting much from the hotel we made our way there but we were totally shocked when we arrived, this place was classy! They even had ice cold pineapple water at reception which tasted pretty damn amazing, we were even upgraded to a deluxe room which came with a free easter egg, which we enjoyed while lying in our very comfy beds. The Radisson Blu was in a great location, just off of Oxford Street and being used to staying in Hostels or the cheapest possible location it was a really nice change for Hannah and myself. 

Once we'd dropped our bags off we headed to Leicester Square where the Capital Fm Station is, it was a beautiful sunny day so the radio station was really warm, however we were provided with some snacks and me and Hannah felt like kids drinking capri suns and eating mini bags of hairbo! We got chatting with some of the other competition winners who were also fans which was nice, and then after a little wait we were called into a room where cameras were set up to film Nick's little set. 

With only a few of us in the room we were really close and it was so awesome to hear him play. I did get a little excited but eventually relaxed and enjoyed listening to him play, he's got a really great voice. He performed his new song Jealous which is so catchy, as well as one from his new album called Wilderness which has a really nice bluesy vibe. He also did a cover of Sam Smith's Lay Me Down which again sounded amazing. 

After listening to him perform a few songs, and be interviewed we were all lucky enough to get a photo with him, which you can see above. It's not the best photo but I felt really lucky to have been able to meet him again and in a way say goodbye to part of my childhood and teenage years. My 16 year old self would have been freaking out, so it felt nice to feel relaxed and to realise that I was actually over my 'Jonas days'. 

The Up Close Session was sponsored by Clearasil and when we left we all got given a little goodie bag with a mug, a rain mac and some clearasil goodies which I've been making use of. As it was such a gorgeous day we headed up to the park where we joined the masses of people enjoying the sunshine. 

Spending a few days with my bestie in London was so much fun, we mooched around the shops and enjoyed the sunshine, add in the fact it was all payed for and I got to see my childhood crush perform a few metres away from me, as well as get a photo, and well it was basically perfect. I'd definitely recommend giving Jealous a listen to, I think you'll be surprised. Also if you'd like to listen to all of the songs he performed you can watch them here.

I'd love to know what your thoughts are or were on the Jonas Brothers and if you've heard Nick's new song. Also make sure to enter competitions, you never know you might just win! 

My Top 5 Ultimate OTPs

The idea of a OTP, a One True Pairing doesn't really lend itself to a Top 5 list, as then it's not your 'one' true pairing, its your five favourite true pairings. However I don't care and I wanted to talk about my Top 5 Ultimate One True Pairings

If you don't know what an 'OTP' is, it's basically your favourite pairing from any fandom, tv show, movie, book etc. They don't have to be romantic pairings, neither do they have to be real to the story, for example you could have Draco and Hermione as your OTP, even though their characters were never written as a pairing. It's ultimately just a bit of fun so I wanted to put together a list of my favourite pairings from different shows and movies. 

5. JD & Turk - Scrubs 
"It's Guy Love between two guys!" The cutest best friends there ever was. This 'broship' is one of my favourites, I love the overly comfortable and totally straight friendship these guys have and Scrubs will always be a show I love to watch. 

4. Seth & Summer - The O.C
I had the biggest crush on Seth, I loved a slightly geeky guy, and Summer was gorgeous, together they had the cutest relationship. When they weren't together I hated it and was always waiting for them to get back together, I also loved that the actors actually dated as well! Serious love for this couple, and that spiderman kiss though?! 

3. Troy & Abed - Community 
If you've never watched Community then I seriously urge you too, I never get into TV shows but this I binged 5 seasons in 3 days. It's hilarious and Troy and Abed in the morning basically make the show for me, they're best friends who do everything together and their friendship is so innocent, their only argument is over whether they should build a pillow fort or a blanket fort?! Who wouldn't want a relationship like that? This is the OTP I most wish were real, and I wish they were my friends!

2. Jim & Pam - The Office 
A couple that were so meant to be and have the most real relationship I've seen on TV. Obviously The Office is a 'mockumentary' so they're portrayed as real people, but their story has so many heart felt moments, but so many ups and downs as well. Jim's proposal episode makes me want to cry, and their wedding was beautiful. I love their story and I love them. 

1. Hermione & Ron - Harry Potter
They will forever be my number one OTP, I spent all of my childhood waiting for this moment to get together, I remember feeling so happy when I read the final book. Watching their relationship grow throughout the years was so lovely. I have serious feels over this relationship. 

Do you have a favourite OTP? I'd love to know what pairings you love. 

Taming The Frizz: Hair Care Review

KMS California Haircare products review Tame Frizz Silk Sheen The Hut

I have pretty easy hair that I can easily do nothing to and leave the house with it looking okay, however there are some things about it that drive me crazy. Mostly that my hair can get pretty frizzy, it's quite thin and without using some sort of product to tame or smooth the frizz it can end up looking a bit crazy. I've never had any brand loyalty when it comes to haircare, I've never found anything that has become my 'holy grail' hair care product so I'm always up for trying something new. 

When The Hut got in touch and said they'd like to send me some hair products to try out I was immediately excited. The Hut are like an online department store, stocking basically everything, including some pretty great beauty and haircare brands. I was sent some products from KMS California a brand I'd never heard of before but I was excited to try them, especially as I'd never really tried any high end haircare products before. 

KMS California Haircare products review Tame Frizz Silk Sheen The Hut

First up from KMS California were two items from the Tame Frizz range, the Conditioner and the De-Frizz Oil. The Tame Frizz De-Frizz Oilclaims to provide frizz and humidity control for up to 3 days, now I can't say whether this works for up to 3 days as normally I wash my hair after 2 days, however this oil definitely works! I've never tried a haircare product and been immediately impressed by the results until this product. I just apply a few pumps of this oil onto towel dried hair, I focus mostly on the ends and then run my hands through the hair on my head and my hair is immediately noticeably less frizzy, and once dried I can definitely tell a difference than from when I don't use it. 

Normally I find oils can make my hair a bit greasy, heavy and sticky, but not with this product which is light weight and non greasy, my hair doesn't feel heavy or like I've got product in it which is exactly what I want. It keeps my hair smooth but still fresh and it also smells really good which is definitely a bonus. Another amazing thing about this product is how long it lasts, I received a 100ml bottle and even though I've used it regularly since it arrived I've barely used any! 

Unfortunately I haven't been able to give the Tame Frizz Conditioner* the trial it fully deserved because I have a sneaky suspicion my house mate has tried it for me! I did get a couple of washes out of it and I think there is enough for one more so I did get to form an opinion, and I do like this conditioner. I always find it hard to review shampoos and conditioners because I can never see too much of a difference, however the first thing I noticed was how amazing it smelt, I could just sniff the bottle it's that good! 

It's formulated with the same unique de-frizzing system as the oil and works to detangle and condition while improving the hair structure and smooth the surface of the hair. Now I'm not sure how well this conditioner has improved my hair structure, I wouldn't even know what to look for, but it did condition my hair and detangle it. Along with the De-Frizz Oil this has made my hair less frizzy but I don't know how much of that is down to the conditioner. I think to really test this I'd need to use it for a few weeks along with the shampoo. 

KMS California Haircare products review Tame Frizz Silk Sheen The Hut

Along with the other KMS California products I was sent the Silk Sheen Polishing Serum* which helps to tame frizz and adds a silky shine. This can be used on damp hair or on dried hair to add some shine and softness whilst controlling split ends. Again this product is non greasy and lightweight, I tend to keep it to the ends of my hair and then lightly run it over the top of my hair to add some silkiness. I've been loving using this product when I've straightened my hair as it just adds a gorgeous shine but without feeling heavy or making the hair look greasy. 

The Hut also sent me a product from Redken, the Iron Shape 11* is a finishing thermal spray used to protect your hair from heat damage. Although both the Tame Frizz Oil and the Silk Sheen Serum have heat protection in I always like to have a heat protecting spray as well, as I don't always put the oils or serums in all of my hair, and therefore need some protection on the bits I've missed. Again it's hard to tell how well a heat protecting spray works but this one was lightweight and not at all sticky, I'd be likely to use this on dry hair when I don't want to use any other product but want to protect my hair from heat. This is also a great size for travelling so I'll probably save the rest for my next holiday. 

Overall I was really impressed with these products, especially the De-Frizz Oil and the Polishing Serum, I'll definitely be checking out the KMS California products available on The Hut, this Create.Straight Kit would be a great gift for someone with frizzy hair problems and is a really great price! You can also currently get a Free Selfie Stick with a Redken purchase from The Hut, which is a pretty cool offer. 

If you're a frizzy haired girl like me I'd love to hear your tips and favourite products for taming the frizz! Does anyone else struggle to see the benefits promised by different shampoos and conditioners, or is it just me?! I'd love to find out your favourite haircare products or what your hair struggles are. 

*I was sent these products for review by The Hut however all opinions are my own.

Wishlist: Stationary Porn

I love stationary. There is no two ways about it, new notebooks make me excited, I want to write in them but at the same time I want them to stay perfect. When I was younger starting school in September meant a whole new set of stationary, from pens to rulers, notebooks to folders. Now as an 'adult' I still want to buy new stationary, even though I have more notebooks than I'll ever need! As a poor student however, I have to hold in my stationary desires so instead of buying I thought I'd create a stationary wishlist, that for anyone who loves stationary like me, will be pure stationary porn!

3pk Hellow Yellow A5 Notebooks - Kikki.K - $14.95
To Do Notes - Busy B - £7.99
Livework Bright Pattern Pens - Fox & Star - £3.25
Food & Exercise Journal - Kikki.K - $16.95
Bon Voyage Travel Journal - Fox & Star - £13.50
Gold Ideas Journal - Fox & Star - £11.99

Simple yellow notebooks? My heart be still. These are so minimalist and I know I would be scared to write in them. This Food and Exercise Diary from Kikki.K might help me actually loose some weight, and these inspirational cards would create a nice little wall display. I love this gold Ideas Journal from Fox & Star, it would make a really lovely blogging notebook to jot down ideas in. I may not be going travelling anywhere but when I do I'll definitely be getting this super cute Travel Journal from Fox & Star, reading back on memories from a trip is so nice. 

Happy Veggies Sticky Tabs - Paperchase - £3
Meal Planner - Busy B - £8.99
Receipt Storage Book - Busy B - £9.99
Mini Sticky Notes - Busy B - £3.99
Happy Veggies Snack Boxes - Paperchase - £8

I'd never even realised a receipt storage book was a thing, but I definitely need this, my spending is terrible and I never have any idea of how much I spend. Keeping receipts and making a note of what Im spending will be really useful in helping me save money, and the folder is so pretty as well so I'll be motivated to use it! These Happy Veggies Sticky Tabs and Snack Boxes from Paperchase are the cutest things I've ever seen. I'd have to fill the snack boxes with healthy vegetables otherwise I'd feel guilty! I'm really loving Busy B's stationary, and this meal planner is something I really need in my life. No more takeaways when I've got my weekly meal planned! 

I'm not sure if this wishlist has helped me or just made me want to buy everything right now! I definitely think I'll have to pick up a few of these bits soon, I'm a student so stationary is essential right?! Did you enjoy this naughty stationary wishlist? What's your favourite place to buy cute notebooks and sticky notes? 

Healthy Living #14 Let's Catch Up

Healthy Living Weight Loss Self Confidence

Back at the beginning of January along with my goals for 2015 I posted about my health and fitness goals for this year and as it's almost 3 months later I thought i'd do a little catch up. I haven't posted about healthy living very much this year, mostly because I haven't been living very healthily, however Im trying to get myself back into a better more healthy mindset so I figured If I blog about it I have to stick to it right?! 

Physically my health is probably the worst it's ever been, i'm currently at my highest ever weight which makes me really sad because in September i'd been at my lowest weight as an adult. However i've had a tough few months struggling with anxiety, low moods, self confidence issues and a seriously bad relationship with food, which has resulted in me putting on a lot of weight in a short space of time. Things are looking up though, since February time i've started to feel a lot better mentally, my anxiety isn't as bad and i'm coping with things a lot better, now i'm feeling a bit better in myself I think i'm in a good place to start working on myself physically. 

Eating & Weight loss 
One of my main goals for this year was to stop dieting, I focus on food way too much, and for the first 3 months of this year I just let myself eat what I wanted and tried to make good choices. This didn't really work for my weight though so I decided I needed to change my eating habits and be a bit stricter with myself. So to try and help me with eating less and hopefully loose some weight i've joined Weight Watchers online. On this plan every food is given a point value and I get a certain amount of points daily and weekly. This gives me freedom because I can eat whatever I want I just have to stick in my points. I'm still getting into this, and i've struggled sticking to it, Im an emotional eater so anytime something happens my immediate response is to turn to food!

I'm definitely eating healthier, but i'm nowhere near as healthy as I know I can be. I've been really enjoying making smoothies, which was another one of my goals. My main struggle is snacking, I just always go to sugary chocolatey options and I can't restrain myself and I just eat and eat. I'm trying to hold myself accountable for my eating and be stricter on myself, I like eating healthy foods, I just need to remember this. 

So far this year exercise has been non existent in my life, over the summer I'd really got into running so i'm determined to get back into it. Now the weather is better I can make it out more for runs, and I also want to do more home workouts, whether thats the 30 Day Shred which i've been doing on and off for 3 years but never got to the final level! Or Blogilaties which i've heard amazing things about. 

I also really need to try yoga I think this is something i'll really enjoy and it has so many benefits. Meditation is something else I wanted to try out this year and I don't know why I haven't given it a go yet, this is something I know will help me with my anxiety. 

Mental Health 
As I mentioned, my mental health has improved so much since last year, my anxiety levels are a lot lower and most days I don't feel anxious at all or I can talk myself out of my anxiety. I've got back on track with Uni, submitting work and keeping on track with my plans, I definitely still have bad days and i'm not ready to come off medication but i'm definitely coping better and I feel amazing because of it. 

However on the other hand my confidence about the way I look has dropped significantly, gaining a lot of weight quickly has been really difficult. My clothes don't fit, I get surprised when I see myself in the mirror, I don't feel sexy any more. I've always disliked the way I looked but now i'm so unconfident I don't feel comfortable going out, I feel like people are staring at me, even though I know they're not. I'm not loving myself and I know I should. I'm not being mean to myself anymore, i'm not calling myself names but instead I just feel sad and self conscious. 

I know I want to loose weight, I'm not comfortable at this size, I want to be back to the size I was before, and the only way to do that is to get my shit together! Hopefully joining Weight Watchers and getting back into exercise will help me loose weight, I just want to look like me again.

If you want to read back through any of my previous Healthy Living posts you can. You can also read about my weight loss story that I posted a year ago, to hear a bit more about my story. If you're struggling with self confidence or if you're on a healthy living journey I'd love to hear from you. It's so nice getting support from the blogging community.

MooGoo Blemish Cleansing Moisturiser Review

MooGoo Natural Chemical Free Blemish Cleansing Moisturiser Review

At the end of January I attended the #nyLDNmeet in London and apart from having a wonderful time I also got to meet the lovely ladies from MooGoo, an Australian brand thats just launched in the UK. We got to have a look at all their products, hear about the company and then very generously, we got to pick an item we'd like to receive to review, I chose the MooGoo Blemish Cleansing Moisturiser*. 

MooGoo, a company whose products originated from a cream used in dairy farms to repair the skin on cow's udders, believe in the importance of using natural and safe ingredients in their products to make something that works well but looks after your skin too. Their products are great for people with sensitive skin or skin problems, but they're also great for people who just want to look after their skin and don't want to put nasty chemicals onto their faces. 

I've suffered from spot prone skin since I hit puberty so Im always on the look out for products to minimise and prevent spots so this immediately called out to me. The first thing that impressed me was the packaging, not only does it arrive in a box with a cow on and stuffed with 'straw' the product box is even shaped like a milk carton! I love the cow theme and think it shows how the company have stuck to their origins, also how adorable is the name MooGoo?! 

MooGoo Natural Chemical Free Blemish Cleansing Moisturiser Review

The cream doesn't contain any bleaches or chemicals unlike most spot treatment creams. It has a very light consistency and spreads very easily so you don't need to use much, I find it feel really moisturising although it does take a bit of time to sink in so I prefer to use this as a nighttime moisturiser. I'm not sure whats in this cream to make it smell so nice but it's got a really nice sweet slightly fudge like smell that isn't overpowering and doesn't smell at all chemically. 

Now the big question is does this moisturiser have any effect on spots? The answer is yes, I think, I always find it's hard to tell how well a new product works on reducing spots, especially if you're like me and you get them regularly no matter what product you use. I did find that I was getting less spots whilst using this cream and it seemed to sooth them and they reduced much more quickly than normal. I do still use a targeted spot treatment with this moisturiser, but that is something I've always used, and I've noticed the cream has helped improve my skin. 

I do still get breakouts, especially hormonal ones, however they are less than before and I do feel like this helps them to disappear quicker. I've enjoyed using this product and even though I am still using other spot targeting treatments I think this product is helping and I really like it as a night time moisturiser or during the day if i'm not wearing makeup. At £12.50 this moisturiser is a little bit more expensive than one you might pick up in Boots, however you pay for what you get, and here you get a product that is natural and good for you. 

MooGoo Natural Chemical Free Blemish Cleansing Moisturiser Review

Overall I really like the MooGoo brand, I think it's great to see an all natural company providing a range of products, and if you suffer from sensitive skin or specific skin problems I'd definitely recommend checking them out. I'd love to see them stocked in more UK stores, I'd really like to try their Oil Cleanser for Combination skin. MooGoo also have a sister brand Dusty Girls which offers chemical free makeup, look out for a review coming soon!

I was sent this product by MooGoo to review, however all opinions are my own. 

Battle of The Mascaras: Benefit Roller Lash v. Maybelline Lash Sensational

Benefit Roller Lash Maybelline Lash Sensational Comparison Review

New Benefit product launches are some of the most hyped up makeup launches around, and the hype around Benefit's Roller Lash mascara was no different. Deemed by some as the best mascara ever, it was an instant hit and everyone seemed to be raving about it, especially as Elle magazine gave out mini samples right before the launch, creating even more hype as the masses were able to give it a test run. 

I too jumped on the bandwagon and was pretty excited to test out Benefit's newest offering and I wasn't disappointed, however after hearing on the beauty blogging grapevine that the Maybelline Lash Sensational was an almost perfect dupe I had to get my hands on that as well. I'm sure by now you've seen multiple comparison posts for these two mascaras but I wanted to give them both a real test before reviewing. I've used both regularly since and although they are very similar, I've come to a conclusion on which one is my favourite!

Benefit Roller Lash Maybelline Lash Sensational Comparison Review

As you can see the brushes on both wands are very similar. They are both plastic with a slight curve to them. This curve allows you to really get to the bottom of the lashes and the small bristles mean you catch every lash and it 'locks in' to give more of a curl. The Benefit wand is thiner than the Maybelline one and has slightly less of a curve to it, I find the Lash Sensational coats my lashes quicker and is a thicker consistency. 

Roller Lash's main selling point is it's ability to give a great long lasting curl and as you can see in the comparison picture below, it does seem to give slightly more of a curl than the Lash Sensational. I think if you curled your lashes before (which I haven't in these photos) you'd get an even better curl from both mascaras. The design of the wands definitiely helps curl the lashes as you can get to the roots and bring the lashes up into a curl against the wand. I'd say Benefit's option wins on the curl front, but Maybelline does still offer a good curl with their mascara. 
Benefit Roller Lash Maybelline Lash Sensational Comparison Review
[Maybelline Lash Sensational - Top // Benefit Roller Lash - Bottom]

I love a good volumising mascara, I have quite a lot of lashes and I love them to look as big as possible, and I definitely found that Lash Sensational had the best volume, it is a wetter formula but not too wet and it coats the lashes really well, the smalll bristles on the brush really get into the roots of your lashes, it also defines lashes really well and doesn't clump. Roller Lash also defines lashes really well and doesn't clump however the slightly drier formula means it doesn't give as much volume. 

I'm quite lucky in that I have naturally long eyelashes anyway, so length is never something I look for in a mascara and I more lean towards a mascara that curls and gives volume. However both mascaras do give length, if you have short eyelashes these might not be the mascaras for you, however the Maybelline Lash Sensational is easily build able to give more length. Roller Lash is slightly harder to build up because it's a dry formula but it does give a nice length too. 

Other than when I rub my eyes I never really have an issues with flaking with most mascaras, including these two, I am more likely to get flaking with the Roller Lash though. I haven't found that either mascara smudges on me and both seem to hold the curl quite well. Benefit claim it will hold a curl for 12 hours, I think this is definitely exaggerated and neither mascara holds the curl it starts with for 12 hours, however the curl is definitely still there. I think if you curled your eyelashes first you'd definitely see an improvement in the longevity of the curl. 

Benefit Roller Lash Maybelline Lash Sensational Comparison Review

Benefit Roller Lash Maybelline Lash Sensational Comparison Review

These mascaras are so similar I could probably use one of each eye and no one would be able to tell the difference. However one has inched it's way forward to become my favourite and the winner of this battle and thats the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. I prefer the formula, it gives more volume and is more buildable, although I do find Roller Lash gives a better curl I think with some curlers Lash Sensational would definitely compete! Also the very obvious difference and a big decider in my decision making is the price. At only £7.99, compared to Benefit's £19.50, Maybelline's Lash Sensational is a much more purse friendly option and I won't be purchasing a full size of Roller Lash when I can have a dupe I prefer! 

I'm a big believer that mascara is a very personal thing, something that works for me may not work for you, so unfortunately you've just got to try and hope you like! If you've been thinking about trying Roller Lash I'd definitely recommend giving Lash Sensational a go first as they are very similar! 

If you've tried either of these mascaras I'd love to hear what you thought of them? I'd also love to find out what your Holy Grail mascara is? Mine used to be Maybelline's The Falsies but im on the hunt for something new to fall in love with.

Exante Diet Review

Exante Diet Meal Replacement Review

I've always been a bit sceptical about meal replacement diets thinking they'd taste horrible or bland and you'd be eating the same thing every day, however Exante Diet have definitely proved me wrong! They have a huge range of meals, snacks, and shakes to suit everyone and you can tailor the plan to suit your needs, whether you want to eat solely replacement meals, incorporate some additional food or only use the replacement for certain meals. 

I was sent a selection of different Exante Diet products* ranging from shakes to soups, scones to puddings and I was pleasantly surprised with how great they all tasted. My favourite was the Hazelnut shake which tasted really creamy and frothy like a milkshake, the chocolate pudding was gooey and chocolatey although I slightly over did it in the microwave! 

Exante Diet Meal Replacement Review

Exante Diet Meal Replacement Review

The pasta, ham and mushroom soup was thick and you wouldn't have thought it came from a packet, with most of the meals I supplemented them with some added extras, I tried to keep as healthy as possible but I did feel like on their own the packets weren't filling enough as a meal but adding some vegetables or fruit won't add many extra calories and just makes the meals feel more like, well meals! Once I added some extras, like bread with my soup, or bacon and fried vegetables with my breakfast eggs, they felt more like meals and filled me up a lot more but still meant I kept my daily calorie intake quite low. 

Exante Diet's range of plans means you have freedom to decide what products you want, and if you want to add in additional food. At 200 calories per packet having 3 or 4 of these a day would definitely help with weight loss, especially if you add in extra exercise, but there is also the freedom to eat food as well and still be able to loose weight if you make healthy choices. Each packet has nutritional value and eating 4 packets a day will contribute to 100% of your recommended daily allowance. 

Exante Diet Meal Replacement Review

Exante Diet Meal Replacement Review

Although I didn't stick to the set diet strictly and just sampled a selection of the products I can definitely see how this plan would work for loosing weight. You'd have to be very strict and motivated to manage with just the replacement meals and no extra food, but I think along with some healthy options these can definitely help with weight loss, especially if you're just starting and want to get in control of your portion sizes, or want an easy way of eating without having to obsess over calories or fat content. 

These would also work great if you're on the 5:2 diet as you can easily work out calories for a 'fast' day, and know that you're still getting all the nutrients you need. Although I didn't see any immediate weight loss I know that's because my body doesn't loose weight as quick as other people might (PCOS problems), however using these replacements has definitely helped me to be more conscious of my portion sizes, evaluating if Im actually hungry or just bored and also making healthy choices. 

Exante Diet Meal Replacement Review

I'd definitely consider buying some more meal replacements especially as you can order items individually, the Exante Diet Honeycomb Shake is taking my fancy, and you can also bulk order specific items, normally with some pretty great discounts like these Exante Diet Double Chocolate Bars that are 32% off! They also offer a great Starter Pack with a range of products to try, and an Pick Your Own Bumper Pack where you can choose which products to have.

Overall I think the Exante Diet is a really great meal replacement diet, with tasty food and the chance to tailor the diet to you, and I'd definitely consider a starter pack if I wanted to really kick start my diet. I do think my favourite options were the shakes which make a great alternative to breakfast or lunch. You can check out the full range of Exante Diet Products and read up a bit more about how it all works

I was sent these products by Exante Diet to review however all opinions are my own.