Taming The Frizz: Hair Care Review

KMS California Haircare products review Tame Frizz Silk Sheen The Hut

I have pretty easy hair that I can easily do nothing to and leave the house with it looking okay, however there are some things about it that drive me crazy. Mostly that my hair can get pretty frizzy, it's quite thin and without using some sort of product to tame or smooth the frizz it can end up looking a bit crazy. I've never had any brand loyalty when it comes to haircare, I've never found anything that has become my 'holy grail' hair care product so I'm always up for trying something new. 

When The Hut got in touch and said they'd like to send me some hair products to try out I was immediately excited. The Hut are like an online department store, stocking basically everything, including some pretty great beauty and haircare brands. I was sent some products from KMS California a brand I'd never heard of before but I was excited to try them, especially as I'd never really tried any high end haircare products before. 

KMS California Haircare products review Tame Frizz Silk Sheen The Hut

First up from KMS California were two items from the Tame Frizz range, the Conditioner and the De-Frizz Oil. The Tame Frizz De-Frizz Oilclaims to provide frizz and humidity control for up to 3 days, now I can't say whether this works for up to 3 days as normally I wash my hair after 2 days, however this oil definitely works! I've never tried a haircare product and been immediately impressed by the results until this product. I just apply a few pumps of this oil onto towel dried hair, I focus mostly on the ends and then run my hands through the hair on my head and my hair is immediately noticeably less frizzy, and once dried I can definitely tell a difference than from when I don't use it. 

Normally I find oils can make my hair a bit greasy, heavy and sticky, but not with this product which is light weight and non greasy, my hair doesn't feel heavy or like I've got product in it which is exactly what I want. It keeps my hair smooth but still fresh and it also smells really good which is definitely a bonus. Another amazing thing about this product is how long it lasts, I received a 100ml bottle and even though I've used it regularly since it arrived I've barely used any! 

Unfortunately I haven't been able to give the Tame Frizz Conditioner* the trial it fully deserved because I have a sneaky suspicion my house mate has tried it for me! I did get a couple of washes out of it and I think there is enough for one more so I did get to form an opinion, and I do like this conditioner. I always find it hard to review shampoos and conditioners because I can never see too much of a difference, however the first thing I noticed was how amazing it smelt, I could just sniff the bottle it's that good! 

It's formulated with the same unique de-frizzing system as the oil and works to detangle and condition while improving the hair structure and smooth the surface of the hair. Now I'm not sure how well this conditioner has improved my hair structure, I wouldn't even know what to look for, but it did condition my hair and detangle it. Along with the De-Frizz Oil this has made my hair less frizzy but I don't know how much of that is down to the conditioner. I think to really test this I'd need to use it for a few weeks along with the shampoo. 

KMS California Haircare products review Tame Frizz Silk Sheen The Hut

Along with the other KMS California products I was sent the Silk Sheen Polishing Serum* which helps to tame frizz and adds a silky shine. This can be used on damp hair or on dried hair to add some shine and softness whilst controlling split ends. Again this product is non greasy and lightweight, I tend to keep it to the ends of my hair and then lightly run it over the top of my hair to add some silkiness. I've been loving using this product when I've straightened my hair as it just adds a gorgeous shine but without feeling heavy or making the hair look greasy. 

The Hut also sent me a product from Redken, the Iron Shape 11* is a finishing thermal spray used to protect your hair from heat damage. Although both the Tame Frizz Oil and the Silk Sheen Serum have heat protection in I always like to have a heat protecting spray as well, as I don't always put the oils or serums in all of my hair, and therefore need some protection on the bits I've missed. Again it's hard to tell how well a heat protecting spray works but this one was lightweight and not at all sticky, I'd be likely to use this on dry hair when I don't want to use any other product but want to protect my hair from heat. This is also a great size for travelling so I'll probably save the rest for my next holiday. 

Overall I was really impressed with these products, especially the De-Frizz Oil and the Polishing Serum, I'll definitely be checking out the KMS California products available on The Hut, this Create.Straight Kit would be a great gift for someone with frizzy hair problems and is a really great price! You can also currently get a Free Selfie Stick with a Redken purchase from The Hut, which is a pretty cool offer. 

If you're a frizzy haired girl like me I'd love to hear your tips and favourite products for taming the frizz! Does anyone else struggle to see the benefits promised by different shampoos and conditioners, or is it just me?! I'd love to find out your favourite haircare products or what your hair struggles are. 

*I was sent these products for review by The Hut however all opinions are my own.


  1. These products seem so cool


  2. I have frizzy hair so this sounds great!! I will have to have a look on their website! Xx

  3. I love KMS - I've been using their products for years. They work well and smell gorgeous. Leah x


  4. I really want to try KMS - a few people have recommended their products to me and I'm always after a good serum! xx

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  5. I tried a KMS texturising spray recently that I got in a Birchbox and was really impressed! I'd not tried anything from them before that so definitely one to watch :)xx


  6. Frizzy hair is the bane of my life! I've recently started using Paul Mitchell products again and I'm getting on really well with them, I've noticed a big change so looking forward to trying out the shampoo & conditioner too! I love the sound of the De-Frizz Oil - although I feel like my hair gets greasy quick, I quite like using oily products in wet hair. May have to give it a go :) xx

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  7. Girl, I haven't been able to get the frizz under control in my entire life. I have curly hair and live in the tropics - humidity central - so you can imagine my life. Very few things have worked even a little. But I have been impressed with the pricey Living Proof line.

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  8. That Redken heat protectant sounds great, some sprays are really sticky and not great on dried hair!

    Kat | www.kathorrocks.com

  9. A free selfie stick - well now that's something I could get onboard with!


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  10. I love hair oils - but I have come to realise that some products just don't work with your hair and you shouldn't always follow directions for use as too much or too little can have different affects! My favourite hair care brand is Kerastase although a bit pricey it is definitely worth the money!

    I most recently done a post on my hair care tips and tricks - amongst them how I control my frizz - I'll leave the link below if you'd like to check it out. Great post!

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