Saying Goodbye To My Childhood Crush

My early teenage years (and my later teen years) were spent loving a certain band. A band whose music I loved, they made me happy through my struggle with teenage life, I made some amazing friends through them and I had some brilliant experiences. I was however, sightly obsessed, not crazy obsessed, but I did see them live multiple times, waited outside their hotel to meet them and entered every competition I could possibly find related to them. 

That band was the Jonas Brothers. I normally get one of two responses when telling people I was a big fan of the Jonas Brothers, it's either an "OMG I loved them too!" or more likely it's a "you liked the Jonas Brother?!" accompanied by some serious judgement. Ultimately I don't care what people think, I loved loving them, a band of attractive talented and dedicated men boys. My obsession for them lasted until I was about 18, I still have a lot of love for them but Im an adult now and obsessing over a boyband is something I just don't have the time for. 

However a few weeks ago I stumbled upon a competition to win a trip to London with Capital Fm to see Nick Jonas perform his new solo song Jealous in a intimate session. I entered on a whim, but I actually ended up winning! A minor fangirl freakout later and I was on the phone persuading my best friend to take one for the team and come along with me. Once she heard 'free travel and accommodation' she was up for it! 

We arrived into London after a hilarious train journey sat opposite a mother and daughter who were getting pretty drunk and had some pretty great stories. Not expecting much from the hotel we made our way there but we were totally shocked when we arrived, this place was classy! They even had ice cold pineapple water at reception which tasted pretty damn amazing, we were even upgraded to a deluxe room which came with a free easter egg, which we enjoyed while lying in our very comfy beds. The Radisson Blu was in a great location, just off of Oxford Street and being used to staying in Hostels or the cheapest possible location it was a really nice change for Hannah and myself. 

Once we'd dropped our bags off we headed to Leicester Square where the Capital Fm Station is, it was a beautiful sunny day so the radio station was really warm, however we were provided with some snacks and me and Hannah felt like kids drinking capri suns and eating mini bags of hairbo! We got chatting with some of the other competition winners who were also fans which was nice, and then after a little wait we were called into a room where cameras were set up to film Nick's little set. 

With only a few of us in the room we were really close and it was so awesome to hear him play. I did get a little excited but eventually relaxed and enjoyed listening to him play, he's got a really great voice. He performed his new song Jealous which is so catchy, as well as one from his new album called Wilderness which has a really nice bluesy vibe. He also did a cover of Sam Smith's Lay Me Down which again sounded amazing. 

After listening to him perform a few songs, and be interviewed we were all lucky enough to get a photo with him, which you can see above. It's not the best photo but I felt really lucky to have been able to meet him again and in a way say goodbye to part of my childhood and teenage years. My 16 year old self would have been freaking out, so it felt nice to feel relaxed and to realise that I was actually over my 'Jonas days'. 

The Up Close Session was sponsored by Clearasil and when we left we all got given a little goodie bag with a mug, a rain mac and some clearasil goodies which I've been making use of. As it was such a gorgeous day we headed up to the park where we joined the masses of people enjoying the sunshine. 

Spending a few days with my bestie in London was so much fun, we mooched around the shops and enjoyed the sunshine, add in the fact it was all payed for and I got to see my childhood crush perform a few metres away from me, as well as get a photo, and well it was basically perfect. I'd definitely recommend giving Jealous a listen to, I think you'll be surprised. Also if you'd like to listen to all of the songs he performed you can watch them here.

I'd love to know what your thoughts are or were on the Jonas Brothers and if you've heard Nick's new song. Also make sure to enter competitions, you never know you might just win! 


  1. I'm so jealous haha! I was such a big fan of the Jonas Brothers and Nick was always my favourite. I'm glad you had a fab time though!

    Sian xx

  2. I was never a massive boyband girl but I defintiely had several of their songs on my iPod in my youth haha :D

    I'm much more excited about the fact that you got a C&W Easter Egg!!!! Aren't they divine?! <3

    Katy | Little Miss Katy

  3. I've never listened to the Jonas Brothers (don't hate me) but I do love Nicks song Jealous! Music is so catchy. Congrats for winning the competition hun, sounds like you had an amazing time in London :) the beds look super comfy!! xx

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  4. How cool that you got to meet one of your crushes and a musician you love. Especially when it's all paid for by someone else!
    I can't say I can remember a song by the Jonas Brothers, I'm sure I would have heard one back when they were super popular.

  5. I was never a fan, not going to lie! But it must have been so cool to meet him! And I would NOT be complaining about free travel and accommodation!

    Rhianna | robowecop

  6. Oh my God I can't believe it! You are so lucky! Great post&pictures x

    Much Love | Trillu

  7. Nothing wrong with loving Jonas Brothers! If one of my past favourite bands had a cool private gig I would totally go in for the competition!

    Looks like a great day, and I love the photos - especially the one of you with Nick in the background! Must've been a great experience :)

    Hazel xx