My Top 5 Ultimate OTPs

The idea of a OTP, a One True Pairing doesn't really lend itself to a Top 5 list, as then it's not your 'one' true pairing, its your five favourite true pairings. However I don't care and I wanted to talk about my Top 5 Ultimate One True Pairings

If you don't know what an 'OTP' is, it's basically your favourite pairing from any fandom, tv show, movie, book etc. They don't have to be romantic pairings, neither do they have to be real to the story, for example you could have Draco and Hermione as your OTP, even though their characters were never written as a pairing. It's ultimately just a bit of fun so I wanted to put together a list of my favourite pairings from different shows and movies. 

5. JD & Turk - Scrubs 
"It's Guy Love between two guys!" The cutest best friends there ever was. This 'broship' is one of my favourites, I love the overly comfortable and totally straight friendship these guys have and Scrubs will always be a show I love to watch. 

4. Seth & Summer - The O.C
I had the biggest crush on Seth, I loved a slightly geeky guy, and Summer was gorgeous, together they had the cutest relationship. When they weren't together I hated it and was always waiting for them to get back together, I also loved that the actors actually dated as well! Serious love for this couple, and that spiderman kiss though?! 

3. Troy & Abed - Community 
If you've never watched Community then I seriously urge you too, I never get into TV shows but this I binged 5 seasons in 3 days. It's hilarious and Troy and Abed in the morning basically make the show for me, they're best friends who do everything together and their friendship is so innocent, their only argument is over whether they should build a pillow fort or a blanket fort?! Who wouldn't want a relationship like that? This is the OTP I most wish were real, and I wish they were my friends!

2. Jim & Pam - The Office 
A couple that were so meant to be and have the most real relationship I've seen on TV. Obviously The Office is a 'mockumentary' so they're portrayed as real people, but their story has so many heart felt moments, but so many ups and downs as well. Jim's proposal episode makes me want to cry, and their wedding was beautiful. I love their story and I love them. 

1. Hermione & Ron - Harry Potter
They will forever be my number one OTP, I spent all of my childhood waiting for this moment to get together, I remember feeling so happy when I read the final book. Watching their relationship grow throughout the years was so lovely. I have serious feels over this relationship. 

Do you have a favourite OTP? I'd love to know what pairings you love. 


  1. Great post! I've not seen anything like this before & it was really refreshing. I'm definitely a huge fan of JD & Turk's 'bromance'! Caroline & Max from 2 Broke Girls are another of mine. One of my favourite shows, NCIS has so many great pairings, Ziva/Tony, Tony/McGee, Tony/Kate, Leon/Gibbs, Jenny/Gibbs, Fornell/Gibbs, Mike Franks/Gibbs, the list goes on & on! Xx

  2. Awww seth and summer! Man I miss the OC. Ron and Hermione are defo up there in my top 5, I think I'd also add Ross/Rachel from Friends and Mike/Susan from Desperate Housewives :)

    Beth x

  3. Love this post. I'm totally a Draco/Hermione shipper haha!!!

    Ross/Rachel from Friends are another perf pairing for me, as well as Susan/Caspian from Narnia! :D xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  4. LOVE THIS - Totally agree with Ron and Hermoine! Mine are Rachel/Ross, Rachel/Jess (from Glee) and Betty/Henry from Ugly Betty and Elena/Damon from Vampire Diaries!
    Abbie xx
    Another Student Blog

  5. Great post! Hermione&Ron are my #1 OTP too! The others are

    Monica&Chandler, Elena&Stefan, and Shelock&Watson bromance.

  6. Oh, JD and Turk. I used to absolutely love Scrubs. Following on from the bromance theme, I love Joey / Chandler from Friends.

    Christina x
    Christina Campbell Hughes

  7. Troy and Abed!!! They are my all time favourite bromance on TV, they're the only reason that I watch the show. So sad that Troy has not left, it's not the same :( x x x

  8. I love reading this post and I too love JD and Turk with their bromance. Their closeness to each other was always amazing to see in the show.

    Kristy |

  9. JD & Turk are my favourite pairing from these!
    And Ron & Hermione OBVIOUSLY!

  10. Love this! I've recently started watching Community and the Troy/Abed bromance is one of my favourite parts of the show. I'd also add Nick and Schmidt from New Girl :)

    ~ Kate xx

  11. Ohhhhhhh all the Jim and Pam feeelzz! That couple have broken my heart and put it back together more times than I can count! Haha. I love them! xx

  12. Hahaha, always a fan of GIFs. Definitely feeling Kate's comment - Nick and Schmidt <3 <3


  13. Brilliant! Always love me some GIFs! :)

  14. I could discuss OTPs until the cows come home! My favourites are Seth and Summer and obvs Pacey and Joey from Dawson's Creek, kicking it old school! Oh and Rory and Jess from Gilmore Girls which if you've not watched, you need to! Also Peeta and Katniss from Hunger Games!

    Sophia :) xxx

    Small and Happy lifestyle blog

  15. JIM AND PAM! JIM AND PAM! I was new to The US Office until a few months ago where I finally sat down and watched it. I actually only watched the finale last night. (I cried. I can't believe they got married and Michael came back and IT WAS SO PERFECT) I ship Jim and Pam SO HARD. #RelationshipGoals

    Also, Troy and Abed = yes. Community just isn't the same without Troy!

    Rhianna | robowecop