Cooper & Hill: My Purse, My Way.

Cooper & Hill Crowd Design Consumer Power Richmond Purse Review

I love my Cooper & Hill Richmond Purse*, mostly because I had a say in the design of it! When I was invited to be part of the Cooper & Hill User Group I wasn't sure what to expect, little did I know I'd be helping to test out the website before it went live, and take part in the creation of this purse along with other users. From the size to the number of pockets, the compartments to the name I've had my say, and as a thank you for my contribution Cooper & Hill kindly sent me my own Richmond Purse and I got to choose the colour combinations as well! 

Cooper & Hill are a new luxury handbag company, however they're a little bit different from most companies, and thats what really caught my eye about them. Firstly they offer bespoke bags meaning you can design a bag and send off your drawings or description and their design team will help create your dream bag. Secondly, they've cut out the middle man, Cooper & Hill directly manufacture all of their own products allowing for a better price for the consumer. Amongst all of this they're offering great, stylish well made products, and they're also doing something new!

Cooper & Hill Crowd Design Consumer Power Richmond Purse Review

One of their new concepts is Crowd Design, this means getting the public involved in the design of a new product, just like I did with the Richmond Purse. However their newest venture is Crowd & Co, a consumer power retail revolution! Basically through collective purchasing a large group of people can purchase an item at a reduced rate, the more people who buy the cheaper it gets. For example you could get this gorgeous clutch bag reduced from £125 to £39, or this mini portfolio down from £159 to £40! Not only are these prices amazing discounts, you get a great, well made product. 

My Richmond Purse is also available at a discount, down from £125 to £32! I really recommend having a look at the options available and registering your interest in this purse to get it at such a good price. I decided to go for a brown leather purse as I wanted something that would go with all of my many different coloured bags and look good for a long time, I love the embossing on the outside, and it even came packaged in this really nice box with a dustbag. 

Cooper & Hill Crowd Design Consumer Power Richmond Purse Review

Inside I chose one of my favourite colours, a soft mint green, which looks gorgeous with the brown leather and gold detailing. My favourite thing about this purse is the amount of space it has, there is multiple card slots, as well as two clear plastic slots for ID. The zip compartment is big enough for lots of coins and there are multiple extra compartments for all those bits and bobs you have in your purse. The purse is also big enough to hold my phone which means I can just take this out if I don't want to take my whole bag. 

I'm really impressed with my purse from Cooper & Hill and I've loved being involved in the design of it, especially being able to choose my own colours. I've also loved being part of the User Group and seeing the business expand and grow in the past few months. I definitely recommend checking them out and having a look at the Crowd & Co products available for a discount. Theres only 6 days left to get your interest in, and once it's closed the purse will no longer be for sale, so head over now! You can see the different colour designs the Richmond Purse is available in, and register your interest here

Cooper & Hill Crowd Design Consumer Power Richmond Purse Review

Make sure to head over to Cooper & Hill to check out their amazing products and register your interest to get an amazing discount. Also head over to their Facebook page where they are currently running a giveaway to win your own Bespoke Bag! You can also find them on twitter or on their own blog. I'd love to know what you think of my Richmond Purse, I'm so pleased with it and I've been loving using it. 

*Cooper & Hill sent me this purse as a thank you for taking part in their User Group. I was not required to review it and all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Healthy Living #16 The Slim Fast Challenge

Slim Fast Challenge Diet Plan Review

If you've been following this blog for a while then you will know that loosing weight is something I am constantly trying to do, and in the year I've been blogging I've lost and gained weight to a point where I am now at my highest weight, and I recently blogged about how I don't feel confident at my current weight. To try and loose some weight I've tried so many different things throughout the years, I'm currently on weight watchers and I try hard to stick to my points but it isn't always easy, so when Slim Fast got in touch and asked if I'd like to try the #SlimFastChallenge I immediately said yes, anything to try and loose some pounds! I actually started this plan a few weeks ago, but I then had a really difficult week and sticking to the challenge was too much to ask for. However I repurchased some of the products and I am starting the challenge again and this time I'm going to try my hardest to stick to it. 

The Slim Fast plan incorporates meal replacements, low calorie snacks and a healthy meal, this is done through the 3, 2, 1 plan. On the plan you are allowed 3 snacks a day, this can include the Slim Fast snacks or healthy options like fruit and veg. For 2 of your meals you have a choice of either a Slim Fast shake or a meal replacement bar and then for one meal you make your own 600 calorie balanced healthy meal. The plan is said to be flexible and to help you loose weight in a healthy and easy way. 

Slim Fast Challenge Diet Plan Review

So first up and in my opinion the most important thing is the products! I wasn't sure what to expect with these products but I was pleasantly surprised and I actually really enjoy everything I've tried. They are really yummy and taste just as good as full calorie versions, the milkshakes aren't powdery and have some great flavours, the meal bars are chewy and filling and there are some great snack options. This challenge is definitely catered to the sweet toothed dieter as most of the products are sweet, the options available are;

Meal Bars: Chocolate Crunch, Chocolate Peanut & Summer Berry
Shake Powders: Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate & Caramel
Bottled Shakes: Mocha, Cafe Latte, Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate & Vanilla
Snacks: Sour Cream & Chive Pretzels, BBQ Tortillas, Cheddar Bites, Chocolate Caramel Treat, Heavenly Chocolate Delight & Chocolate Nutty Nougat

All of the products are easy to eat, taste good and although not as filling as a big meal might be they're filling enough to get you through the day, especially if you fill up on nutritious fruit and veg for your snacks. So far I've been enjoying have a shake for breakfast, either from the bottle or using the powder mixed in a blender with milk and occasionally some frozen berries or a banana. My favourite shake is probably the Mocha flavour, but the Vanilla powder is great to mix with fruit as it goes with most things. For lunch I've been enjoying the Chocolate Crunch meal bar, and although crisps aren't my favourite snack I'm really enjoying all of the flavours and I like the fact the packets aren't too big as means I can get a little savoury fix. 

Slim Fast Challenge Diet Plan Review

So far I'm really liking the Slim Fast plan and products, it's easy to stick to, and although I did have to restart the plan that was due to personal reasons and I'm glad to be back on it and try again to loose some weight. I'm hoping to loose a few pounds to kick start me into healthy eating again and to feel a bit more confident about myself. I'm not sure how much I will loose because my PCOS doesn't like me eating sugar and a lot of these products are sugary, but hopefully I'll be able to shift a few pounds. I'm going to keep you updated on how I go with the plan which lasts for 2 weeks, I'll be posting my final thoughts on the plan and the products, and letting you know if I managed to loose any weight!

Have you even tried the Slim Fast plan? Or any other meal replacement diets? I'd love to hear what you thought about them, also if you have any recommendations or advice on how I can help my weight loss along I'd love to here them. 

*Slim Fast sent me 2 weeks worth of products for the Slim Fast Challenge, however all thoughts and views are my own.

Life Lately: Essays, Events & Hopeful Tea

Recently life has been a bit hectic. I've been a bit absent on social media and not consistent with posting, I've been busy with life this month and I've also been rather up and down emotionally. I've felt unconfident about me weight, and I've been learning how to cope with people I love being unwell. I feel like I haven't talked about what I've been up to recently for a while, so this is what my life has been like lately. 


I'm getting very close to finishing university forever. That is a very scary thought that I'm not ready to accept. Unlike most people I'm not yet finished, I'm going to be doing work over summer to submit in August, so I have a bit more time to hold on to the student lifestyle and not enter the real world. I've been working pretty hard on some of my final essays recently, which has meant a lot of sitting in front of my laptop trying to put words together to produce something that might hopefully get me a good grade. To get me through these painful hours I've had to resort to some snacking, hence the Bourbons, one of my favourite biscuits. I've finished one of my hardest essays, and I'm now moving on to my next one, but once it's done I'll be able to relax a bit more and focus on my dissertation which is due in August. 

Lake District 
My mum and her partner were on holiday in the Lake District at the beginning of May, and being pretty close to the Lakes I went up to visit them and stay the night, the weather wasn't anywhere near as good as my trip last April but it was still beautiful. Seeing my mum was really nice, she's my best friend and living so far away and not being able to see her regularly makes me sad, so I was happy to get the chance to see her. I've been to the Lake District 3 times now, and it's definitely somewhere I enjoy visiting and I'm glad I've managed to visit it during my time up North. 

Sophie's 21st

You'll probably already know Sophie, as her blog is amazing and she's one of the best people I know, if you don't know her I definitely recommend sending her a hello! Soph recently turned 21 and she didn't have much planned so I persuaded her that we should do something to celebrate. We decided to spend the day in Liverpool where Sophie lives, and Mara came up to meet us as well for a day of giggles, photo taking and sitting on our phones ignoring each other. 

Sophie had always wanted to visit Oh Me Oh My in Liverpool, an adorable place hidden away along the Liverpool waterfront. We'd originally planned for Afternoon Tea but as we were all starving we ended up having lunch, along with some cherry blossom tea in this awesome pot! This place is gorgeous, with a really individual and cosy with a definite pinterest feel to it, white wash walls, fairy lights, spiral staircases and it even had a roof garden! Although it was a gorgeous sunny day up on the roof garden things got a bit windy, however we had a lovely time celebrating Sophie's birthday. After a long day wandering around I ended up sleeping at Sophie's where we sat on our phones and didn't talk for a good few hours, that's blogging friends for you! 

The Press Tent Event 

On Wednesday I made my way into Manchester to meet Kayleigh for the Press Tent event. The event was held in The Escalator a really cool creative hub which has a really interesting vibe and would be a great place to hold meetings or events.  My favourite part of the event had to be the free cocktails, supplied by Cellar Trends and served up by the awesome bar tenders from Illuminati Bar in Burnley. They were offering a choice of Luc Belaire Rose wine, a Luxardo cocktail that was similar to a G&T, and a delicious vanilla flavoured liquor called Licor 43 mixed with ginger beer that tasted amazing! 

The event also showcased some fashion and accessory brands, including Rock on Ruby who make these amazing makeup bags, which can even be personalised! Definitely something on my wishlist. Twinface had some gorgeous jewellery on show and some pieces definitely caught my eye, I loved the unique feel as well as the theme throughout the collection. Other fashion brands with items on show included; Koko Couture, Llunaa, DML Jeans, Swade Clothing, Wicker Wings, Miss Foxy, Jailbird Jeans, What Emma Did & Naa Naa Clothing.

Meeting other bloggers is always one of my favourite things about events, although I got to speak to lots of bloggers, I didn't catch everyones name or blog so I'll have to do some hunting! I did get to meet these lovely girls; Alex, Divya, Katie, Hannah and Laura. We also got a nice goody bag to take home including hair dye from Colour Freedom, a little mini Licor 43 so I can make my own cocktail, and a Vita Coco drink which is one of my favourite drinks!

Overall it was a lovely event, and it was great to meet some lovely growing fashion brands, as well as sample some of the different alcohols made into yummy cocktails by the bar staff. Make sure to check out Press Tent for any future events, also make sure to sign up to their directory if you're a North West blogger. 

I've done some lovely things the past few weeks, and I'm very grateful to have such amazing friends to help me through the tough times. Also a huge thank you to the whole blogging community, I've never felt so encouraged and supported, there are always people there for me when I'm sad, unconfident or looking for advice, I hope I can be there for people in the same way. 

Lets Get Personal: Mental Health Awareness Week

So today marks the last day of Mental Health Awareness Week. It's been a tough week for me, and I've learnt a lot about mental health, both my own and of people's close to me. What I've come to realise is how many people suffer from varying levels and types of mental health problems, in fact I think of mental health as more of a scale and everyone sits somewhere on that scale. Some people may be right at one end either very mentally healthy or very mentally unhealthy, however most people are somewhere in the middle leaning towards the left or right sometimes slipping further towards one end. 

Personally I suffer from Anxiety. I'm currently on medication for it and have been since November, things have definitely improved for me and most days I cope well and don't feel too anxious. However some days can be difficult, I'm really stressed with uni work at the moment and I'm very emotional due to personal problems, and sometimes all of this builds up, I get very anxious and all I want to do is spend the day in bed. I'm doing okay though, I'm reminding myself how much better I feel now than I did a few months ago. I'm getting my eating on track, I've started yoga and I'm trying to look after myself. 

Some people close to me aren't doing so well though. I have friends who are somewhere in the middle of the scale, suffering slightly from various problems, but I also have people close to me who are nearing the end of the scale and not the good end. This week I've learnt that you never really know how someone is coping until they reach a breaking point. A very good friend who I knew suffered from depression told me of how badly he is coping, we thought he was doing well but in fact he wasn't. I'm glad he spoke to me because now we can do our best as his friends to be there for him, to show him how much we care for him and how much his friendship means to us. Hearing him talk about how lost he felt, amongst other things, made me realise how important it is to listen, really properly listen to what people close to you are saying, and also what they're not saying. If he hadn't have been in a situation where he broke down and let me in, we might not have ever realised how badly he was struggling, we wouldn't have realised how much he needed us, just to be his friends, to show him love, to give him a hug and be the big spoon while he cried. That's what friends are for

Someone else close to me is also suffering from depression, however they've yet to be diagnosed and I can feel them slipping away from me. I've struggled with knowing what to say or do, whether to be distant and give them space or whether that will just mean they suffer more. I'm struggling to cope with a lack of contact, love or affection, with such a sudden change in personality and their total lack of emotion. I know it's not their fault, and I don't blame them for not being there for me, they can't do it right now. Depression is selfish, it doesn't let you care about someone else in the way you would have done, it doesn't let you think about how your actions or words could hurt someone you love. I'm an emotional person, I need attention but their depression isn't allowing them to give me that. It hurts

I'm trying to rationalise, to not be paranoid or demanding or emotional. I'm trying to understand, to help, to love even when it hurts. It's not easy, but you don't just love someone for the good times, you love them through the shit times too. You're there to be the big spoon, to let them cry and tell you just a little bit of whats going on in their brain. You're also there when they don't seem to want you, and when they don't even have it in them to fake loving you. I'm there because I have to try, even though it hurts me too. 

Mental health is scary, it's unknown, it's hidden, and it's going to stay that way if people don't start to talk. This is my story at the moment, and yes I'm not doing too badly, I'm coping, but I'm also trying to learn how to help other people in my life who aren't doing so well, and thats part of the story. It's about learning how to help ourselves, but also learning about how to help others. At the moment I'm not sure what to do, or say or how to act. I'm trying to do my best and help as best as I can, but I'm also trying to look after me. Ultimately, looking after yourself is always the most important thing, it has to be because you are the most important person in the world to yourself. No one knows you like you do, and no one will be able to help you if you don't start with helping yourself. 

If you're anywhere on the mental health scale and you need someone to talk to there are some great helplines. Or you can leave a comment, or send me a tweet. I'd love to hear your mental health story, whether it's how you're coping, how you've coped with a loved ones mental health, or any advice or words of wisdom you have for me, or for anyone else who might be struggling and who happens to read the comments. 

Dusty Girls Mineral Foundation Review

Dusty Girls Mineral Foundation Review MooGoo

I've always been interested in mineral makeup, especially mineral foundations as I love the idea of wearing something more natural and lightweight as a base. I hate the heavy, pore clogging feeling you can get when you're wearing a heavy liquid foundation and thats not something you get with mineral makeup. However I am always a bit skeptical when I try new foundations and I don't think I'll ever find my dream foundation! 

This Natural Mineral Foundation* (£17.50) from Dusty Girls is probably the closest I'll ever get to natural skin while wearing makeup! As with all of the Dusty Girls makeup products this foundation is all natural and chemical free, this might sounds similar to another product I've reviewed and that's because Dusty Girls is the sister brand of Moogoo whose Blemish Cleansing Moisturiser I recently raved about! Before hearing about these brands I'd never paid much attention to what was in the products I was using, but now I definitely think about it a lot more, and I'm starting to want to use natural products more often, especially when they're as good a quality as these are! 

It would be fair to say it's taken me some time to get this review up, as I received the foundation not long after the #nyLDNmeet where I was introduced to the brand. However I really wanted to give the foundation a proper trial, and as I'd never used a mineral foundation before I wanted to really get the hang of it before I made any judgements. 

Dusty Girls Mineral Foundation Review MooGoo

The great thing about this foundation is its shade range, not only can you get either fair, medium or dark shades but they are also organised by your undertone, whether thats neutral, yellow or pink. I personally think this is such a great idea as not many companies take undertones into account, when it's such a big factor. 

Unfortunately I think I ended up with the wrong shade and I've come to the conclusion that I definitely have pink undertones and would be more suited to the Fair with Sunset Tones rather than Pink Sunrise Tones. However the colour match isn't so bad that it's unusable in fact I think this will be the perfect foundation for the summer when I have just that little bit more colour in my face. To make sure you don't end up with the wrong shade like me, Dusty Girls actually offer samples so you can test out the shade before buying the full size product! 

Dusty Girls Mineral Foundation Review MooGoo

One thing that I couldn't get over was the brilliant design, not only is the packaging gorgeous, with lovely colours and names, but the actual pot itself has a plastic top that covers half of the pot therefore stopping all the product coming out! The whole product, including the box it came in and the colour and design is so gorgeous and really shouts "natural". 

The foundation itself is obviously a powder, and contains no irritating chemicals which could lead to pore clogging. The coverage is a very light one and I've found it applies best to skin that is dry, so I like to give my moisturiser time to sink in before applying, i've also found it sits best with no product underneath. I do use concealer on spots or redness as this wouldn't give the coverage I'd look for alone, and the powder does still blend in well without clinging to the concealed areas.

I've used a buffing brush with this product and it does apply nicely, however after purchasing a kabuki brush I can see why it's recommend for this product. It applies smoothly and evenly with gentle blending and it doesn't take long to get a light even coverage. This is slightly buildable but it's never going to reach a medium coverage however I love having the option of a lighter coverage that doesn't feel heavy on my skin. 

Dusty Girls Mineral Foundation Review MooGoo

I love this product, it isn't one I will always turn to especially on bad skin days, but when my skin is clearer and I'm looking for a light coverage that isn't going to feel cakey or heavy this is definitely my go to product. It gives an even coverage and a nice warmth to my skin, that will hopefully match me perfectly once I've spent a few days in the sun! I wouldn't say this product is great for oily skin like mine, I definitely experience some shine creeping through but I usually combat this with a good mattifying powder lightly dusted over my T-zone. 

I feel like this foundation will be perfect for someone looking for a light coverage and a natural non cakey finish. It's not perfect for me but it's pretty great and It's definitely filled my need for a light coverage natural foundation. My heart is gradually being won by the Dusty Girls and Moogoo brands, their packaging is adorable, their products work really well and I'm starting to take more of an interest in looking after my skin, less of the nasty chemicals and more of nature's goodness! 

Dusty Girls have some gorgeous products, so if the mineral foundation doesn't sound like your cup of tea then take a look at the rest of their range. Top of my wishlist is the "Pink Ladies" Mineral Blush and the "Earth Cream" a tinted cream for blemish prone skin! 
*I was sent this product by Dusty Girls for review however all views and opinions are my own. 

Six Eggs, Six Ways

British Lion Eggs

Eggs are something that until recently have never been a huge part of my diet, not because I didn't like them but because I never really knew how to cook them, so when British Lion Eggs got in touch and asked if I'd like to try out some egg recipes I figured I'd try out a few and see what I could make with six eggs. As someone who isn't a vegetarian but isn't the biggest fan of meat I'm always looking to get more protein into my diet, and eggs are a great source of protein and vitamins and they're pretty filling too. 

You can tell a British Lion Egg by it's red lion stamp, it's found on almost 90% of all UK eggs and insures high standards of quality and higher animal welfare requirements. It ensures a quality egg so you don't need to worry about Salmonella which the scheme has effectively eliminated! Personally I always buy Free Range eggs as I like to be conscious of animal welfare and do my best in protecting it. British Lion have a huge range of Egg Recipes, so I decided to try a few classics and a few twists. Most of the recipes I took inspiration and then made them my own, which I always think is the best thing to do. 

Dippy egg and soldiers is something I haven't had in years and I'd forgotten how comforting it is, this is definitely a meal I'll be making more often. Even as a mid afternoon snack it's great, really filling and tasty but quick and easy to make. My second meal was slightly more adventurous, baked eggs in peppers, this was a really interesting recipe and I didn't have much faith in it working out, but all I had to do was crack an egg into a deseeded pepper and bake for 20 minutes and it worked perfectly! 

British Lion Eggs Recipe Boiled Egg and Soldiers

British Lion Eggs Recipe Baked Egg in Pepper

A fry up isn't compete without an egg. Another simple, classic recipe but always a good one, I like my fry up with bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms, perfect for a hangover, or a lazy breakfast, or even dinner. Another recipe that caught my eye was baked eggs with roasted vegetables, here I took the idea behind the recipe and just made it my own with the veggies I had in the fridge. Add on some grated cheese and you've got a low calorie super fulling plate of yumminess! 

British Lion Eggs Recipe Fried Egg Fry Up

British Lion Eggs Recipe Baked Egg Vegetables

Poached egg is something I've always stayed away from as it just seems far too complicated, however with this electronic egg boiler/poacher* I didn't have to worry about things getting messy as I just cracked it in and let it poach. It doesn't come out looking as pretty because it's a triangle shape, but it tastes just as good! This is my attempt of this amazing looking meal, however I made do without a bagel and with a triangle shaped egg! With my final egg I had to make something sweet and pancakes were the perfect option, easy to make and with hardly any ingredients, I managed to make 5 thin ones with only 1 egg! I didn't have the most exciting toppings, banana, coconut and sugar, but they still tasted amazing and I'll definitely be making them again. 

British Lion Eggs Recipe Poached Egg on Toast

British Lion Eggs Recipe Pancakes

Overall my experimenting with eggs has definitely opened my eyes to the different recipes, my favourite was probably the dippy egg and soldiers, even though it's so simple. I'm glad to have found a healthy low calorie way to get protein into my diet and I can't wait to make some more egg based meals. 

Are you a big egg eater or have any recipes caught your eye? I'd love to know how you like your eggs (in the morning), and any recipes you think I should try out. 
*British Lion Eggs provided me with an electronic egg boiler in exchange for this post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Healthy Living #15: My Weight & Me Part 2

I am fat. Right now the body I have is a fat body, it's not the fattest body, and to some it might not be considered fat at all, but I am fat. Not only am I medically obese (according to my BMI) but I am also at a weight where I personally feel fat. This is a topic that can cause a lot of controversy and I will say I do not intend to offend anyone, Im not pushing any standards upon anyone, I am merely writing about my weight and me. 

So I'm fat. I've been fat before, and even when I was at my smallest, a weight I would now kill to be at, I felt fat. I've always felt fat and my mind has been my own worst enemy when it comes to my weight and how I feel about myself. Over a year ago I posted my first Healthy Living post and part 1 of My Weight & Me, although I'd lost some weight from what was then my highest weight, I was still struggling and felt unhappy about my size. I am  now currently 4 stone heavier than my lowest weight, I gained most of this weight, and went from my lowest weight to putting on 3-4 stone in around 3 months, since then I've been up and down but pretty much at a constant gain. 

This weight gain was sparked by a pretty difficult time in my life when I was really struggling with anxiety and I turned to food for comfort in a dramatic way. I binged, overate and felt disgusted at myself, I reached a point where I'd never been before where I literally hated myself but couldn't drag myself out of it. In fact, even though I've had some amazing counselling and I'm coping with my anxiety a lot better my mind is still my worst enemy and my relationship with food is still a very unhealthy one. At the beginning of this year I set myself some Healthy Living goals and a month a go I did a little catch up of how those goals were going. However It's now 5 months in and I just keep gaining. I've had to buy a whole new wardrobe because the chance of me fitting into my size 12 clothes was just laughable! I am now a size 16-18, my body is covered in stretch marks from gaining weight so quickly and I get shocked when I look in the mirror or see photos and I realise how fat I actually am. 

[Me: Feb - April 2015]

Some days I don't feel terrible, some days I feel great, I see other gorgeous amazing bloggers who are similar sizes or bigger than me, and I think damn they look amazing, and I want to feel as amazing as they look. I joined in the #WeAreTheThey hashtag that was recently created in response to fat shaming comments, I've seen how positive people can be about their bodies and I've received so many compliments and words of encouragment, and I've felt brilliant and bloody flawless because of it. I want to embrace my fat and love it, love myself and feel gorgeous because I know I am beautiful!

But it's not actually that easy. In fact, it's really hard! How do you change a mindset that has been with you for as long as you can remember, how do you love yourself but also want to change yourself? How do you eat well when all you want to do is curl up in bed with a bar of chocolate? When you stand on the scales and cry, you try on old clothes that will never fit or you see photos of you at a size that now seems unattainable, how do you cope with these moments, how do you love yourself through these moments, when all you can feel is sadness, anger and disgust. 

I think body positivity is so important, we should all feel beautiful no matter our size, and more importantly we should not feel shamed or made to not feel worthy because of our size, but what about when the person doing that shaming is yourself? I'm at a point where I really don't know what to do anymore. I tell myself that I am beautiful and gorgeous and my size doesn't matter, but I don't really believe myself, I'm actively trying to loose weight, but then Im also sabotaging myself by eating 3 packets of biscuits in a day. It's like I loose control, I just keep eating even though I know I shouldn't, I'm addicted and I feel like I'm at a point where i've either got to sort myself out, or I'm just going to spiral into an unhealthy obese mess who isn't happy and doesn't love herself. 

This post isn't me seeking attention, nor is it me insulting myself, it's just the truth about how I feel right now. I'm never going to tell anyone to loose weight if they don't want to, I strongly believe self love is more important and if you love yourself then thats amazing, but personally I don't want to be the size I currently am, I don't feel comfortable and I don't feel like myself, the person I see in the mirror isn't me and I don't know what to do about it. Obviously I am trying to loose weight, I'm probably not trying hard enough but my self loathing and dislike for myself is growing and I can't seem to stop it from taking over. 

I think I just need a kick up the backside to get me back into my healthy lifestyle. If anyone has been in a similar position of gaining weight after having lost some then I'd love to hear how you coped. Also spread the positivity in the comments. <3 

This Material Culture: Unique Jewellery for the Price of a Bottle of Wine

This Material Culture Small UK Jewellery Business

The beauty of jewellery is it can be so individual and personal, it can say so much and have a different meaning for everyone. It can also be beautiful, pretty, awesome and unique. The only problem is, finding those special pieces, well I'm here to help. This Material Culture are a handmade jewellery company based in Liverpool they're just starting out but they've got some amazing pieces. 

With the ambition to change the way the jewellery industry works, their aim is to produce beautiful bespoke pieces at affordable prices. This means being able to get the perfect item of jewellery you've always imagined but without the ridiculous price tag that normally goes along with that, and while knowing you're helping out a small UK business. For the price of a bottle of wine you can find a necklace that is exactly what you've been looking for. As This Material Culture say, 'jewellery can have value without being stuffed with diamonds, it's about thought, concept and individuality' 

Their mission is to allow everybody to own a unique piece of handmade jewellery that reflects their personality, and even though they're still growing they've managed to create pieces that will appeal to so many people, whether you're a princess at heart, a potterhead or you dream of living in Paris, there will be something for you, and if there isn't get in touch. This Material Culture will do their best to create you the perfect piece. 

This Material Culture Small UK Jewellery Business

This gorgeous Songbirds Necklace* (£7) immediately jumped out at me. I've never been much of a bracelet girl and my ears have closed up after years of getting irritated by cheap earnings, so I knew a necklace would be for me, and as soon as I saw this one I was sold. Firstly it's so adorable and I love the style, it's nothing like I already own, as I normally go for long necklaces and this is a shorter style, however it's so dainty and pretty I  just had to have it. I can see myself wearing this all the time, with simple outfits just to add a bit of fun, or as a delicate piece. 

At only £7 I think this is such a bargain, as are all of the items available on This Material Culture most being between £5 and £10. I'll definitely be looking for presents for friends from them and maybe some more things for myself! At such great prices you don't even need to feel guilty  and it feels so great to help out a small business that's just getting started. 

I've loved working with This Material Culture, they're a really great brand run by some lovely people, you can tell the love and handwork that has gone in to the business and their desire to really create amazing unique pieces that people will really love. 

What do you think about helping small businesses grow? Let me know your favourite small business in the comments, and make sure to head over to This Material Culture and see if you can find something you'd love. Also check them out on twitter and instagram and send them some love. 

*I was sent the Songbirds Necklace by This Material Culture to review on my blog, however all thoughts and opinions are my own and I really do think they are a great company.