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Cooper & Hill Crowd Design Consumer Power Richmond Purse Review

I love my Cooper & Hill Richmond Purse*, mostly because I had a say in the design of it! When I was invited to be part of the Cooper & Hill User Group I wasn't sure what to expect, little did I know I'd be helping to test out the website before it went live, and take part in the creation of this purse along with other users. From the size to the number of pockets, the compartments to the name I've had my say, and as a thank you for my contribution Cooper & Hill kindly sent me my own Richmond Purse and I got to choose the colour combinations as well! 

Cooper & Hill are a new luxury handbag company, however they're a little bit different from most companies, and thats what really caught my eye about them. Firstly they offer bespoke bags meaning you can design a bag and send off your drawings or description and their design team will help create your dream bag. Secondly, they've cut out the middle man, Cooper & Hill directly manufacture all of their own products allowing for a better price for the consumer. Amongst all of this they're offering great, stylish well made products, and they're also doing something new!

Cooper & Hill Crowd Design Consumer Power Richmond Purse Review

One of their new concepts is Crowd Design, this means getting the public involved in the design of a new product, just like I did with the Richmond Purse. However their newest venture is Crowd & Co, a consumer power retail revolution! Basically through collective purchasing a large group of people can purchase an item at a reduced rate, the more people who buy the cheaper it gets. For example you could get this gorgeous clutch bag reduced from £125 to £39, or this mini portfolio down from £159 to £40! Not only are these prices amazing discounts, you get a great, well made product. 

My Richmond Purse is also available at a discount, down from £125 to £32! I really recommend having a look at the options available and registering your interest in this purse to get it at such a good price. I decided to go for a brown leather purse as I wanted something that would go with all of my many different coloured bags and look good for a long time, I love the embossing on the outside, and it even came packaged in this really nice box with a dustbag. 

Cooper & Hill Crowd Design Consumer Power Richmond Purse Review

Inside I chose one of my favourite colours, a soft mint green, which looks gorgeous with the brown leather and gold detailing. My favourite thing about this purse is the amount of space it has, there is multiple card slots, as well as two clear plastic slots for ID. The zip compartment is big enough for lots of coins and there are multiple extra compartments for all those bits and bobs you have in your purse. The purse is also big enough to hold my phone which means I can just take this out if I don't want to take my whole bag. 

I'm really impressed with my purse from Cooper & Hill and I've loved being involved in the design of it, especially being able to choose my own colours. I've also loved being part of the User Group and seeing the business expand and grow in the past few months. I definitely recommend checking them out and having a look at the Crowd & Co products available for a discount. Theres only 6 days left to get your interest in, and once it's closed the purse will no longer be for sale, so head over now! You can see the different colour designs the Richmond Purse is available in, and register your interest here

Cooper & Hill Crowd Design Consumer Power Richmond Purse Review

Make sure to head over to Cooper & Hill to check out their amazing products and register your interest to get an amazing discount. Also head over to their Facebook page where they are currently running a giveaway to win your own Bespoke Bag! You can also find them on twitter or on their own blog. I'd love to know what you think of my Richmond Purse, I'm so pleased with it and I've been loving using it. 

*Cooper & Hill sent me this purse as a thank you for taking part in their User Group. I was not required to review it and all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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