Healthy Living #16 The Slim Fast Challenge

Slim Fast Challenge Diet Plan Review

If you've been following this blog for a while then you will know that loosing weight is something I am constantly trying to do, and in the year I've been blogging I've lost and gained weight to a point where I am now at my highest weight, and I recently blogged about how I don't feel confident at my current weight. To try and loose some weight I've tried so many different things throughout the years, I'm currently on weight watchers and I try hard to stick to my points but it isn't always easy, so when Slim Fast got in touch and asked if I'd like to try the #SlimFastChallenge I immediately said yes, anything to try and loose some pounds! I actually started this plan a few weeks ago, but I then had a really difficult week and sticking to the challenge was too much to ask for. However I repurchased some of the products and I am starting the challenge again and this time I'm going to try my hardest to stick to it. 

The Slim Fast plan incorporates meal replacements, low calorie snacks and a healthy meal, this is done through the 3, 2, 1 plan. On the plan you are allowed 3 snacks a day, this can include the Slim Fast snacks or healthy options like fruit and veg. For 2 of your meals you have a choice of either a Slim Fast shake or a meal replacement bar and then for one meal you make your own 600 calorie balanced healthy meal. The plan is said to be flexible and to help you loose weight in a healthy and easy way. 

Slim Fast Challenge Diet Plan Review

So first up and in my opinion the most important thing is the products! I wasn't sure what to expect with these products but I was pleasantly surprised and I actually really enjoy everything I've tried. They are really yummy and taste just as good as full calorie versions, the milkshakes aren't powdery and have some great flavours, the meal bars are chewy and filling and there are some great snack options. This challenge is definitely catered to the sweet toothed dieter as most of the products are sweet, the options available are;

Meal Bars: Chocolate Crunch, Chocolate Peanut & Summer Berry
Shake Powders: Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana, Chocolate & Caramel
Bottled Shakes: Mocha, Cafe Latte, Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate & Vanilla
Snacks: Sour Cream & Chive Pretzels, BBQ Tortillas, Cheddar Bites, Chocolate Caramel Treat, Heavenly Chocolate Delight & Chocolate Nutty Nougat

All of the products are easy to eat, taste good and although not as filling as a big meal might be they're filling enough to get you through the day, especially if you fill up on nutritious fruit and veg for your snacks. So far I've been enjoying have a shake for breakfast, either from the bottle or using the powder mixed in a blender with milk and occasionally some frozen berries or a banana. My favourite shake is probably the Mocha flavour, but the Vanilla powder is great to mix with fruit as it goes with most things. For lunch I've been enjoying the Chocolate Crunch meal bar, and although crisps aren't my favourite snack I'm really enjoying all of the flavours and I like the fact the packets aren't too big as means I can get a little savoury fix. 

Slim Fast Challenge Diet Plan Review

So far I'm really liking the Slim Fast plan and products, it's easy to stick to, and although I did have to restart the plan that was due to personal reasons and I'm glad to be back on it and try again to loose some weight. I'm hoping to loose a few pounds to kick start me into healthy eating again and to feel a bit more confident about myself. I'm not sure how much I will loose because my PCOS doesn't like me eating sugar and a lot of these products are sugary, but hopefully I'll be able to shift a few pounds. I'm going to keep you updated on how I go with the plan which lasts for 2 weeks, I'll be posting my final thoughts on the plan and the products, and letting you know if I managed to loose any weight!

Have you even tried the Slim Fast plan? Or any other meal replacement diets? I'd love to hear what you thought about them, also if you have any recommendations or advice on how I can help my weight loss along I'd love to here them. 

*Slim Fast sent me 2 weeks worth of products for the Slim Fast Challenge, however all thoughts and views are my own.

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