Life Lately: Essays, Events & Hopeful Tea

Recently life has been a bit hectic. I've been a bit absent on social media and not consistent with posting, I've been busy with life this month and I've also been rather up and down emotionally. I've felt unconfident about me weight, and I've been learning how to cope with people I love being unwell. I feel like I haven't talked about what I've been up to recently for a while, so this is what my life has been like lately. 


I'm getting very close to finishing university forever. That is a very scary thought that I'm not ready to accept. Unlike most people I'm not yet finished, I'm going to be doing work over summer to submit in August, so I have a bit more time to hold on to the student lifestyle and not enter the real world. I've been working pretty hard on some of my final essays recently, which has meant a lot of sitting in front of my laptop trying to put words together to produce something that might hopefully get me a good grade. To get me through these painful hours I've had to resort to some snacking, hence the Bourbons, one of my favourite biscuits. I've finished one of my hardest essays, and I'm now moving on to my next one, but once it's done I'll be able to relax a bit more and focus on my dissertation which is due in August. 

Lake District 
My mum and her partner were on holiday in the Lake District at the beginning of May, and being pretty close to the Lakes I went up to visit them and stay the night, the weather wasn't anywhere near as good as my trip last April but it was still beautiful. Seeing my mum was really nice, she's my best friend and living so far away and not being able to see her regularly makes me sad, so I was happy to get the chance to see her. I've been to the Lake District 3 times now, and it's definitely somewhere I enjoy visiting and I'm glad I've managed to visit it during my time up North. 

Sophie's 21st

You'll probably already know Sophie, as her blog is amazing and she's one of the best people I know, if you don't know her I definitely recommend sending her a hello! Soph recently turned 21 and she didn't have much planned so I persuaded her that we should do something to celebrate. We decided to spend the day in Liverpool where Sophie lives, and Mara came up to meet us as well for a day of giggles, photo taking and sitting on our phones ignoring each other. 

Sophie had always wanted to visit Oh Me Oh My in Liverpool, an adorable place hidden away along the Liverpool waterfront. We'd originally planned for Afternoon Tea but as we were all starving we ended up having lunch, along with some cherry blossom tea in this awesome pot! This place is gorgeous, with a really individual and cosy with a definite pinterest feel to it, white wash walls, fairy lights, spiral staircases and it even had a roof garden! Although it was a gorgeous sunny day up on the roof garden things got a bit windy, however we had a lovely time celebrating Sophie's birthday. After a long day wandering around I ended up sleeping at Sophie's where we sat on our phones and didn't talk for a good few hours, that's blogging friends for you! 

The Press Tent Event 

On Wednesday I made my way into Manchester to meet Kayleigh for the Press Tent event. The event was held in The Escalator a really cool creative hub which has a really interesting vibe and would be a great place to hold meetings or events.  My favourite part of the event had to be the free cocktails, supplied by Cellar Trends and served up by the awesome bar tenders from Illuminati Bar in Burnley. They were offering a choice of Luc Belaire Rose wine, a Luxardo cocktail that was similar to a G&T, and a delicious vanilla flavoured liquor called Licor 43 mixed with ginger beer that tasted amazing! 

The event also showcased some fashion and accessory brands, including Rock on Ruby who make these amazing makeup bags, which can even be personalised! Definitely something on my wishlist. Twinface had some gorgeous jewellery on show and some pieces definitely caught my eye, I loved the unique feel as well as the theme throughout the collection. Other fashion brands with items on show included; Koko Couture, Llunaa, DML Jeans, Swade Clothing, Wicker Wings, Miss Foxy, Jailbird Jeans, What Emma Did & Naa Naa Clothing.

Meeting other bloggers is always one of my favourite things about events, although I got to speak to lots of bloggers, I didn't catch everyones name or blog so I'll have to do some hunting! I did get to meet these lovely girls; Alex, Divya, Katie, Hannah and Laura. We also got a nice goody bag to take home including hair dye from Colour Freedom, a little mini Licor 43 so I can make my own cocktail, and a Vita Coco drink which is one of my favourite drinks!

Overall it was a lovely event, and it was great to meet some lovely growing fashion brands, as well as sample some of the different alcohols made into yummy cocktails by the bar staff. Make sure to check out Press Tent for any future events, also make sure to sign up to their directory if you're a North West blogger. 

I've done some lovely things the past few weeks, and I'm very grateful to have such amazing friends to help me through the tough times. Also a huge thank you to the whole blogging community, I've never felt so encouraged and supported, there are always people there for me when I'm sad, unconfident or looking for advice, I hope I can be there for people in the same way. 

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  1. Hang in there Emma, you're doing well.