Kimono Versatility: 3 Ways to Wear

How To Wear A Kimono New Look
Kimonos have become a Summer staple over the past couple of years, everyone is wearing them and I can see why, they're versatile and add something extra to an outfit without being a thick and heavy layer, not what you want in the Summer. New Look challenged me to style a Kimono three different ways to show just how versatile they are. I chose this gorgeous Cream Embroidered Tassel Hem Kimono*, I thought it would be really nice to dress up an outfit and be a great evening cover up for when you feel like you need another layer.

As a slightly larger girl, and having recently gained quite a lot of weight I'm not feeling hugely comfortable in my self and now it's coming in to Summer the thought of showing off my body is quite scary, so having an option of putting a Kimono on over an outfit is great. I can cover my arms and draw attention away from my problem areas but without getting hot or feeling silly for wearing lots of layers on a warm day. I'm definitely going to be investing in more Kimonos! 

How To Wear A Kimono New Look
The first look I went for is a very casual day look, something you'd wear when you're just heading out and comfort comes first. I live in Denim short over the Summer and I love these ones from New Look, they're not too short and they're really comfy. Paired with a grey vert and flip flops this could be a very plain outfit, however the Kimono really adds something extra to a simple outfit, and allows me to feel more confident and comfortable. 

How To Wear A Kimono New Look

This outfit is one I wear all the time in Summer, it's a bit smarter than my casual look, especially with the Kimono. I love wearing Joggers like these during the Summer, they're not as thick as jeans but not as exposing as shorts, I don't get too warm but I don't need to worry about showing off my legs. I think this is the look I would wear the Kimono with the most, I think it fits really nicely and would be lovely for so many occasions. 

How To Wear A Kimono New Look

My final look is definitely more of an evening look with a floral dress pulled in at the waist with a belt and some mint green block heels. Here the Kimono really stands out, it shows off the gorgeous floral embroidery and I feel beautiful in it. I'm less self conscious wearing this outfit, and without the Kimono I'd probably be worrying about how my arms looked or if the dress was too short. 

I love this Kimono for adding something to a plain outfit, covering up my insecurities and being an extra layer but not making me too hot. I can see myself wearing this all Summer and I'll definitely be looking at getting some more. New Look has a great range of Kimonos this season, I'd definitely recommend having a look, I've got my eye on this one and this one

Are you a lover of Kimonos? If you've got any outfit posts featuring Kimonos I'd love to see them and get some more ideas on how to style mine.
*New Look sent me this Kimono to style as part of this post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. That kimono is so pretty! Especially love the last look. :)