I'm a #RehomingAngel Are You?

RSPCA Rehoming Animals #RehomingAngel

It’s become a bit of a running joke in my family that all of our pets have some how come into our lives without much planning, in fact most of our pets chose us, we didn’t choose them! Despite them not being pets we had picked out they all became part of the family and were very much loved, and all of them were in need of homes and we took them in. Unfortunately I only have pictures of Tilly, a gorgeous, loving and devoted Staffie who was our first and only dog, and despite being a bit scared of her when we were first introduced she soon became my little baby girl and I loved her a lot. You can see some more photos of her in this post

Tilly came upon us after a friend of a friend of my mum’s partner at the time (you know how these things are), could no longer look after her. Coming from a home with a few dominating male dogs, and also having witnessed domestic violence Tilly was very protective and a bit difficult when we first got her, but she soon calmed down and settled in to our lives perfectly. We ended up with her after my mum’s partner brought her home one day, no warning and just asked if we’d like to keep her, and that was that, we had a dog. Staffs often get a bad rep, but they have won my heart over, Tilly was a bit crazy, but she had a huge personality and she loved so much. She was demanding and a bit of a Princess, and we gave in to her far too much, especially me, I couldn’t say no to her which led to her getting used to sleeping not next to my bed, not on my bed, but IN my bed, under the covers! She liked to be as close to you as she could and I loved to spoil her. 

Unfortunately Tilly died in January, but she lived a happy life and was very loved and even in her old age when she was deaf, couldn’t walk very well and slept most of the day she still loved a good old cuddle! Before Tilly quite literally landed on our doorstep we had homed two beautiful kittens that didn’t have a home, accepted by my nan while my mum was on holiday 11 year old me was VERY excited at the prospect of having two adorable kittens to play with! Mitzi died quite young which was really sad, but her brother Hash lasted a lot longer and became my baby, I was his mumma and he would meow at my window in the early hours to be let in for a cuddle after he’d spent the day running around the fields, jumping on to my pillows with his wet muddy paws!

Probably the most unexpected pet came from our cat Rusty who came much before Tilly and before the kittens. We acquired her after she followed me home from school one day, my friend and I may have slightly enticed her in to the garden but she was loving the attention! It was obvious Rusty belonged to someone so my mum wandered up the road to see if she could find out who she belonged to, luckily living in a village, everyone knows everyones business and we quickly found out who the cat belonged to. However we also found out that Rusty was owned by an elderly gentleman whose wife who had looked after the cat had recently died and he couldn’t cope. So here we were with a cat looking for a home and that’s how we ended up rehoming our first pet! 

Although all of these pets had been rehomed or in need of a home they all quickly became part of the family and gave us as much love and enjoyment as a pet we might have paid for. As I’m now trying to persuade my mum to let me have two little kitten’s once I’ve moved home from uni, I’ve once again realised the importance of rehoming. After checking out my local RSPCA website I’ve fallen in love with some beautiful kittens looking for a home, I’m hoping their cuteness will help persuade mum! Rehoming rather than buying is so important when looking into getting a pet, so many animals are without homes for so many reasons, many that are well behaved and are just looking for someone to love them. It’s also important to remember that older animals still need homes too, although I’m hoping to get kittens, I’d definitely be open to getting an older cat too. 

You might think you’d only want a dog of a certain breed, but don’t limit yourself! You never know whose wagging tail might steal your heart! I’m a huge advocate of Staffies, especially as they’re so misunderstood and a breed that seems too often to be looked over with so many ending up looking for a new home. If you've decided to let a pet in need join your family then head over to the RSCPA's Rehoming & Adoption Page to get more information on adopting one of their pets in need of a home. They also have some great advice on looking after different animals, you can also type in your postcode and the animal you're looking for and yo'll be shown a list of all the pets avaliable in your local area.

Are you a #RehomingAngel? Have you given a pet in need a home? Or would you consider it in the future? I'd love to know a bit about your pets, past or present! Feel free to tweet me photos, I'd love to see them!  
*This post was written in collaboration by RSPCA however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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