#FF My Favourite Beauty Blogs

If someone said what is your favourite type of blog to read I'd always say lifestyle. I love a mix of different types of posts and I love getting to know the person behind the blog. However I also really enjoy reading beauty posts, in face since I've started blogging my beauty and makeup collection has probably doubled in size! It's only been recently however that I've started to feel confident to include more beauty posts on Writing Essays With Wine, and that confidence has come from reading some amazing beauty blogs. 

Most of these blogs predominately showcase beauty, however they also occasionally mix it up with some lifestyle posts, which is why they are some of my favourites. As its always nice to share the love and I personally love finding new blogs to read I thought I'd bring you another Follow Friday post and give you guys my top 5 favourite beauty blogs. 

First up and probably my favourite beauty blogger is Jasmine from Jasmine Talks Beauty. I basically adore everything she posts, her photos are amazing and I love the way she writes, it's so easy to read. She makes me want to buy everything she talks about and if she recommends something I know its going to be good. Her Drugstore Starter Kit is brilliant and she brings in some lifestyle with posts like her Top European Cities To Visit.

Pint Sized Beauty is run by the gorgeous Lily. She mostly posts about beauty and makeup and I love the layout and design of her blog, very clean, fresh and easy to navigate. She incorporates budget and high end products and keeps things simple and to the point but you still get a glance at her personality through her writing. Her Products Worth The Price post has me wanting to put in an order right now!

If you want to be constantly updated on whats new in the beauty world then you need to be following London Beauty Queen. Hayley is my go to for finding out about a product, and I trust what she says, she is honest and isn't afraid to speak her mind about a product that might not have lived up to her expectations. It's also not all high end, Hayley regularly posts about drugstore products and has a collection of budget beauty posts. It's not all beauty though with regular advice posts or letting you know why Periscope is the next big thing!

Georgie's blog is one of my favourites to scroll through, she always has a great variety of posts and it's easy to navigate around and find something else that looks interesting to read. Bean's Beauty Blog even has a page for New Readers where she has links to some of her most popular posts as well as an A-Z of all the products she has reviewed! If you're looking to find a specific review this is where you need to go!

Finally is Miss Makeup Magpie. A blog that always catches my eye with great photos, in-depth reviews and regular giveaways which is always fun! I love checking out Gemma's popular posts of the week and also scrolling through her instagram, it always makes me want to go shopping! 

I hope you've found some new beauty blogs to check out, and I'd really love to hear who your favourite beauty bloggers are, big or small! I'm always on the look out for new blogs to follow and fall in love with, and at the moment I've got a bit of a beauty obsession! 

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