Slim Fast 3,2,1 Plan Review

Slim Fast Plan Weight Loss Diet Review

Just over 2 weeks ago I posted about joining in the Slim Fast Challenge*, I was hoping to loose some weight and feel a bit more confident about myself, and I said I'd keep you updated on how I got on. So here is my review of the Slim Fast 3,2,1 Plan, on this plan I was allowed 3 snacks a day, 2 Slim Fast meal replacements which included their meal bars or shakes, and then finally 1 healthy balanced meal. 

This plan is pretty easy to follow, it's not confusing and everything tastes really good, however it's not super filling which was definitely where my downfall came. Although I really enjoyed all the shakes and meal bar options and I did find that I could last all day on plan, I also felt pretty hungry and found myself thinking about food a lot of the time! One of my main criticisms of this plan is that the majority of products are sweet, which is great for someone who loves chocolate however it's not going to help you if you're a bit of a chocolate addict as you're not cutting down and you'll be back to wanting chocolate once you've completed the plan! 

Personally I struggled with the high sugar content. Like most sweet 'low fat' options these products had quite a lot of sugar in, for most people this wouldn't be too much of a problem, but I know my body doesn't process sugar well and it hinders my weightloss quite considerably. This isn't really a criticism of the plan, as for most people the sugar content wouldn't effect them in the same way, but as I have PCOS my body works a bit differently and through trying different dieting methods I've come to the conclusion that less sugar is the best option. 

Slim Fast Plan Weight Loss Diet Review

Unfortunately I didn't loose any weight on this plan, but I don't think that is down to Slim Fast. My body's dislike of sugar, along with my lack of determination to stick to the plan has resulted in me not loosing any weight. I do think the Slim Fast Plan would work well for other people, and I've seen some people have incredible losses, it's not a long term solution, but if you want something easy to follow with some good tasting, sweet options then this is definitely for you. 

Although I'm pretty gutted I didn't loose any weight it has confirmed to me that the best way for me to loose weight if through cutting back on sugar especially the processed kind! I've tried this before when I Quit Sugar and I saw some great results. Hopefully this plan worked well for others, and if you've given it a go let me know. Also if you also suffer from PCOS I'd love to know if you have any weightless tips! 

*Slim Fast sent me 2 weeks worth of products for the Slim Fast Challenge, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. I did the Slendershake plan recently (replacing one meal with a shake) and it did nothing for me either. Like you said about this plan the shake wasn't filling enough and just left me looking longingly at the fridge, trying to resist raiding it. It just didn't suit my lifestyle either, and I fell off the wagon a few times. I guess just love food more than I long to be slim!