Summer Salads with Florette

Florette Summer Salad

Florette Summer Salad
I may not be the healthiest person in the world, I can easily demolish a tub of Ben & Jerrys or finish a whole packet of Bourbon biscuits, but I love salads. They're so versatile and you can basically add anything to them and they're super quick to throw together when you need food asap! Although I do love a good iceberg lettuce a bag of lettuce leaves is so useful and means even more variety. 

When Florette got in touch and asked if i'd like to get creative with some of their salad bags, and whip up one of my favourite Summer Salads I immediately said yes. They kindly sent me a Florette Goodie Bag including A Salad for All Seasons recipe book which has some amazing looking recipes in it that I can't wait to try. Florette have loads of different salad bags, and although I really wanted to try out the Baby Kale it proved rather illusive and I couldn't get my hands on it. They have a great range with lots of mixes, I went for a Mixed bag as well as a bag of Sweet Crispy

Florette Summer Salad

Although I think the more adventurous salads, with quinoa, prosciutto or other fancy things look amazing and do taste amazing, I love a simple easy salad that still tastes great and is easy to throw together with products you've already got in your fridge. I went for a chicken and bacon salad with a generous drizzle of honey and mustard dressing. Starting off with a bag of Sweet Crispy Florette salad that has a mix of fresh crispy leaves, and adding in cucumber, cherry tomatoes, celery, roasted chicken and bacon. 

After scrolling through Florette's website which has a huge list of Summer Salad Recipe's I definitely want to expand my salad repertoire and I'll be making lots of salads throughout the year. If you've got any awesome salad recipes please leave them below, and let me know what your favourite salad or addition to a salad is? 
*Florette sent me a Goodie Bag and vouchers to purchase 2 bags of salad, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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