Wish List: I'm Not Going on a Summer Holiday

Embellished Patterned Kimono - George at Asda £16
Chevron Print Bandeau Swimsuit - New Look £26.99 
Strappy Tie Dye Playsuit - Missguided £15
Watermelon Print Cropped T Shirt  - Missguided £12
Sunflower Print Runner Shorts - Missguided £18

So I may not be going on a Summer holiday this year, but that doesn't mean I can't spend hours scrolling through the Summer Collection section on various websites right? I figured since I can't afford to go away I'd tease myself and create a wishlist of all the things I'd buy if I was going away. First up is this gorgeous Kimono from George at Asda, if you saw my recent outfit post featuring a Kimono then you'll know how great I think they are during Summer. They're a great cover up if you're feeling a bit unconfident about yourself and they can also dress up a plain outfit, I love the pattern on this one. Swimwear is a necessity on a summer holiday, and as I've gained some weight recently, I'm not feeling as confident in a  bikini so a swimsuit like this would be a great alternative. 

I'm loving Missguided's summer holiday collection this year, some really nice pieces and as always, at pretty good prices. They've also got a good voucher code offering 30% discount which you can check out on the Fashion Beans website here. I normally don't wear playsuits as I feel like they don't suit me, but I love this one, and on holiday I always feel I can get away with things I might not be so confident wearing normally. The Watermelon Cropped T Shirt is something easy to pair with a denim shorts, but I love these Sunflower print shorts they'd look so nice with a tan, which is basically impossible for me in this country where the sun comes out very briefly! 

If anyone wants to surprise me with a summer holiday I definitely won't be complaining! If you're off on holiday this summer then let me know where so I can live vicariously through you!                                                                                                                                       *

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  1. The sunflower shorts and the watermelon top are my faves!
    The weather will be decent enough here (fingers crossed!) to splash out anyway!

    Tania / www.teabee94.blogspot.co.uk