Review: Trek Protein Bars

Trek Protein Bars Review Natural Balance Foods

I was recently contacted by Natural Balance Foods, the company behind the Nakd bars, and asked if I'd like to try some of their new Trek Protein Bars. As a huge lover of the Nakd bars I was really excited to give their protein based offering a try. I've never really tried any high protein products as I always imagine them to taste a bit rubbish or be filled with non natural things that aren't really very good for you. However these bars are far from that, with 100% natural ingredients you're not going to find anything nasty in these bars made with a combination of fruits, nuts and oats. 

A bonus to these bars being so natural is that they're Gluten, Wheat & Dairy Free as well as being 1 of your 5 a day, and containing no added sugars or syrups. You're probably thinking there must be a downside to these bars, but I can promise you there isn't! Taste wise I was very impressed, apart from the Banana Blast, which wasn't my cup of tea due to hating bananas, they all tasted really good. Peanut Power was my favourite, tasting of peanuts (unsurprisingly) but not being too overpowering, Cocoa Chaos is a bar of chocolatey goodness and Berry Burst has a light berry flavour. 

Trek Protein Bars Review Natural Balance Foods

I guess the most important thing about a Protein Bar is how much protein it contains, and at 10g a bar these are definitely packed with protein and would be perfect for a post workout snack. I've found them to be a substantial bar and definitely a filling and nutritious option to refuel and reenergise. It's claim that it 'keeps you going' is definitely true, I've found these to be the perfect grab and go snack for when I'm in a rush or I want something to keep me going between meals. It's also a nice little snack with a cuppa as it genuinely tastes nice and is an enjoyable treat. 

Trek Protein Bars Review Natural Balance Foods

If you're looking for a new post or pre workout option, you're trying to find ways to get more protein in your diet, or you're just looking for a healthy natural snack then definitely check out Trek Protein Bars, you can order them online with a mixed box of 16 costing £16.99, or you can find them in store at Holland & Barrett or Boots.
*Natural Balance Foods sent me a selection of Trek Protein Bars to review however all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Meet SOO: My First Car

I have someone to introduce you too, she's been in my life for the past few years and despite a few ups and downs we've had a pretty good relationship, slightly demanding on my side, but she's always there for me. Meet Soo! (named thanks to her number plate) As a 14 year old Ford KA she's going strong and has seen me through almost 5 years of driving, but as my first car she's coming to the end of her life and soon I will hopefully be upgrading to something a little bit newer and a little bit more reliable. 

I'm not a huge fan of driving. I can do it, and I'd like to think I'm a pretty good, safe driver, I also love the independence of it, but in general I'm not a lover of driving. I don't get any enjoyment out of it, I especially don't like long journeys, I hate not knowing the route I'm going, and motorway driving is just so mundane and long. Even when I started learning to drive I wasn't a lover of it, I was quite an anxious driver and I took a very long time to learn (8 months) but I did pass first time and with only 3 minors! 

Soo and I have had our share of near misses and 'whoops I shouldn't have done that' moments, but luckily no crashes, although I did reverse into a bollard and Soo now has a lovely dent to forever remind me of that moment! In my opinion learning to drive only starts happening once you've passed, and through all those near misses and whoops moments you gradually become a better and safer driver. Now I can still remember things when driving on the same roads where those moments have occurred, and it always reminds me not to do it again! 

Having a 14 year old car also means breakdowns, luckily I haven't had too many in the 5 years we've been cruising together. My first breakdown happened right on the busiest roundabout in my town, on a dual carriageway and in the middle of the road, I may have burst in to tears pretty quickly. Luckily some kind men ran over from the other side of the roundabout and helped push Soo onto the verge where I sat in tears and waited for my mum to arrive and sit with me until the breakdown service turned up. My only other breakdown was when I was a little bit older and slightly savvier, I realised something wasn't right and managed to pull into a car park, the car park just happened to be for a pub where I sat and had some lunch for the next few hours! 

Soo has also had a few minor repairs and is just about managing to make it through her MOTs. One of the things I always make sure to check is her tyres! Not only do I always check the tyre pressure before a long journey (you should always do this, or check them regularly!), but I make sure they have a good amount of tread on them so they've got grip, very important to stop skidding! 

My tyres were all recently replaced as they were looking a bit worse for wear, but if your car needs new tyres and you want to find the best deal head over to Point S Tyre Dealers. All you need to do is type in your Reg number and they will tell you the tyres you need and show you a list of different tyres from different brands so you can choose the best for you. Then you just type in your postcode and it will allow you to book an appointment at a local garage where you can have the tyres fitted! Simple, and if you buy the tyres yourself you won't get scammed when the garage just fit the most expensive ones without asking you first! (Lesson learnt!)

I'd love to know what was your first car, or if you've got any car related stories? Did you name your first car? It seems like everyone does, especially when they're a bit old and need some TLC to keep them going! 
*This is a collaborative post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


Last weekend myself and 5 other lovely blogging ladies got together for a little trip away to the countryside. It involved lots of tea, laughter, food and more photos than should ever be taken. It was perfect. A Blogger Sleepover was exactly what I needed! 

If you follow me, or any of the other lovely girls involved in this trip, then you'll probably already have heard a lot about this, and seen many photos, a lot probably very similar! After wanting a little mini holiday, and also wanting to meet up with some of my favourite bloggers and very good friends I decided to give it a go and try and organise a little blogger holiday! I got in touch with Sykes Cottages who were amazing and patient and kindly offered us a discount on our stay, after we'd spent hours debating which cottage we wanted to spend the weekend in! We finally settled on the gorgeous Honeystone tucked away in a little village in the Peak District that had gorgeous views across the hills. 

This cottage was gorgeous! It was spacious and open but still had a lovley cottage feel with lots of wood and white bedding, a bloggers dream really, Sophie has taken some amazing photos of the rooms. We we're also kindly treated to a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates on arrival, as well as a vase of fresh flowers that seemed to find their way into almost every photo! Being the first to arrive I got to greet all the girls as they arrived, Sophie, Rhianna & Lou arrived soon after me followed by Alex & Kayleigh later on in the evening.

After a trip to Sainsburys for essentials like fake Nutella and a box of wine the day was spent just catching up and enjoying being with each other, and there might have also been a cheeky dominoes once Alex and Kay arrived! Then the night was spent chatting away about everything and anything until we couldn't keep our eyes open any more. 

After a morning cuppa sat outside in the garden in our PJs we got ourselves ready for the day, and I realised I spend far too much time on my makeup after I was the first to start and the last to finish! Once everyone was ready we packed up Lou's picnic basket full of goodies and headed off to the Reservoir where we set up camp and set about taking so many photos! It turns out a group of bloggers need to spend at least half an hour photographing everything from every possible angle before they can sit and eat! We we're very kindly provided with some goodies to keep us going over the weekend including so many bags of Propercorn Popcorn, in flavours I'd never even heard of, and some delicious Chocolate Corn Cakes from Metcalfe's Skinny, perfect for a picnic.

Filled with food we headed for a little wander down to the water, where I tried to make friends with the ducks. We didn't stay for long though because we'd all totally underprepared for the weather and the thought of a warm cosy cottage where we could get in to our PJs and have tea and cake called us back. The next few hours were spent chatting, blogging and watching Rhianna make us Spag Bol for dinner, until Alex suggested we head out to try and catch the sunset. Having driven past some huge rocks the evening before and seen a man standing on them we decided to give it a go ourselves. 

Although watching the sunset was a huge fail thanks to the clouds we did manage to climb the rocks to be treated to some amazing views of the Peak District as well as a perfect opportunity for some group shots! Being a super brave and adventurous person, I made the first step across a slightly scary gap and to the top of the highest rock where I was gradually followed by the rest of the girls. After another, slightly more scary photoshoot we made our way back down and back home to Rhi's delicious dinner, followed by a night of wine, 90s tunes, terrible dancing and a hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity 

Waking up the next morning in desperate need for a wee, but not wanting to wake a peacefully sleeping Sophie, I crept downstairs and decided to give the place a bit of a tidy up before everyone else woke up. This gradually led into prepping for our amazing breakfast/brunch. Croissants  pancakes, fruit & yoghurt, bagels and peanut butter (thanks to Meridian) and a whole lot of tea. Hours went past before we actually sat down to ate, with waiting for people to wake up and then spending far too long rearranging things to get the best possible photo it was more of a lunch than a breakfast! 

Our day was then spent in the laziest way possible. Soph and myself snuck off for a nap, we watched Matilda and Rhi made a gorgeous cake whilst we snacked on our personalised boxes of goodies from Urban Fruit and some new bars from Meridian. The perfect way to spend a Sunday. There was also some blogging going on for whoever could cope with the slow wifi! With the sun shining we decided to head outside and make the most of it, by taking outfit photos of course! One of the joys of holidaying with bloggers means no one judges you for taking photos of everything, running inside to change into another outfit so you can have lots of outfit posts ready to go or sitting on your phone editing photos for instagram! 

After a delicious roast dinner and then sadly having to say goodbye to Alex we spent the evening chatting until we were all too pooped and headed off to bed. The next morning was definitely a sad one and no one wanted to say goodbye, after a quick clean up we all gradually left and headed back to our homes across the country. 

The Blogger Sleepover was such an amazing weekend, I can't describe how much I enjoyed it. Spending time with girls I talk to on a regular basis, who are kind and caring and funny and amazing, is just so great and I feel so lucky to have been able to have a weekend away with them! It was also so awesome going away with fellow bloggers, being able to talk about blogging related things and take a million photos without feeling like an idiot! 

I had the best time and I'd like to say thank you so much to Sykes Cottages for having us and to Urban Fruit, Propercorn, Metcalfe's Skinny & Meridian for supplying us with goodies to keep us going all weekend. As this weekend was such a success I'm hoping to organise more Blogger Sleepovers across the country so everyone can get involved! If you think you'd like to come along to a Blogger Sleepover then let me know! 

Also credit to Soph & Alex for some of these photos, the group shots we're too cute not to add in! 

*Sykes Cottages provided us with a discount on the cost of the cottage. Urban Fruit, Propercorn, Metcalfe's Skinny & Meridian all contributed goodies for us to enjoy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

#BloggerBlogAwards: My Top Choices

It's been the talk of the Blogging community since Hayley announced it last week, of course I'm talking about the Bloggers Blog Awards! Created by Hayley from Tea Party Beauty as an alternative to other Blogger awards, this is a chance for Bloggers to nominate other Bloggers and share the love within the community. I personally think this such a great idea as I think as bloggers we know who the 'best' bloggers out there are, and they're not always the 'famous' blogs with thousands of followers. 

So here is a chance for some of the little guys to get their names out there and be recognised for how great they are. Hayley has split the awards in categories of Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle with nominations for the Best Long Standing Blog, the Best Up and Coming Blog and the Best International Blog, within each category. Theres also a nomination for Best Social Media Account, which is a great addition. 

To get involved and help promote the awards as best as I can I've decided to let you guys know my top choices in each category and to maybe help give you some inspiration of who you might vote for. These blogs are some of my favourite and they range in 'size'. I've probably mentioned a lot of these blogs in my #FF posts before, but I do love them all so I'm happy to mention some of them again! 

Best Long Standing Beauty Blog 
- London Beauty Queen by Hayley  
- Porcelain Beauty by Heather  
- Beauty By Alice by Alice

Best Up and Coming Beauty Blog
- Jasmine Talks Beauty by Jasmine 
- Seeking ElleJay by Caroline 

Best International Beauty Blog 
- Beauty Isles by Kimmy
- Aisling's Beauty Bytes by Aisling
- Haul & Dupes by Em

Best Long Standing Fashion Blog 
- The Love Cats inc by Helen
- Hello Miss Jordan by Jordan 

Best Up and Coming Fashion Blog
- Ally in Blunderland by Ally  
- Life as a Petite by Izzy
- The Velvet Black by Alice 

Best International Fashion Blog 
- Run Away in LA by Kelsey
The Pink Wings by Gina 
- Gal Meets Glam by Julia 

Best Long Standing Lifestyle Blog 
- Tea Party Beauty by Hayley 
- Queen Beady by Bee
- Becky Bedbug by Becky 

Best Up and Coming Lifestyle Blog
- Robowecop by Rhianna  
- Broomfie by Rachael 
- Little Miss Katy by Katy  

Best International Lifestyle Blog 
- Inked Hibiscus by Colette 
- Renée Alexis by René
- Rachel Elsewhere by Rachel 

Social Media 
Best Social Media Account by a Blogger 
- Sophie's (Avenue de SophieInstagram 
- Olivia Jade's (Dungaree's & Donuts) Twitter 
- Becky's (Becky Bedbug) Twitter

These are the blogs and bloggers I have narrowed down to choose from for my nominations. Some I've been reading for a long time and some are new to me, but all of them are really great blogs and I definitely recommend checking them out, and voting for any of them! You can also vote for me if you would like, and I'd be very very grateful for your support, I fit in to the Up & Coming Lifestyle Blog category and I know I've got a lot of competition with some amazing blogs!

Even if you don't want to vote for me, or any of these amazing blogs it would still be amazing if you could vote for your favourite blogs, and help share the love, you never know you might get nominated too! Make sure to head over to Tea Party Beauty and read all about the Awards, and you can submit your votes here. Also use the #BloggerBlogAwards hashtag on twitter and let me know who you've voted for in the comments! Thank you very much to Hayley for organising this, and for letting me post about it to tell you guys all about it! 

LighterLife Fast Review: The 5:2 Diet The Easy Way

Lighter Life Fast Diet Review 5:2 Fasting

If you've been following this blog for a while then you'll know I am forever on a mission to loose weight. It's a constant battle in my life and since gaining a lot of weight I've been trying out some different diet plans to see how I find them, and also to review them for anyone else who might be looking to shift a few pounds. LighterLife Fast sent me over a selection of their products* so I could trial their plan and post about how I found it along with any weight loss I may have had. 

First up let's talk about the plan. Exclusive to Superdrug, this plan is a little bit different to some of the other meal replacement diets available, this is because its taking a slightly different angle. The 5:2 Fast is a well known and well loved eating plan, it is based on the concept of eating normally for five days of the week, and then on 2 days reducing your calorie intake. This intermittent fasting diet style has worked really well for a lot of people, and can definitely be an easier 'diet' to maintain. LighterLife Fast helps you with this plan by providing meal replacements for your two fasting days, they contain 100% of your daily nutrition and your 4 daily meals comes in at 600 calories. It's an easy, convenient way of sticking to the 5:2 diet without calorie counting, cooking or worrying about how much nutrition you're getting! 

Lighter Life Fast Diet Review 5:2 Fasting

So we know how the plan works, but how did I find sticking to it? Well firstly there is a great range of products, from shakes to pasta, chocolate bars to soup. I loved that there was a choice of savoury and sweet options meaning I didn't feel like I was eating chocolate bars for every meal. Sticking to a reduced calorie meal replacement plan for only 2 days of the week is a lot easier than every day, I found I could plan my fast days around events or when I knew I'd be wanting a real meal, this freedom is definitely a big bonus for this plan. Also as you're only using 8 products a week (4 a day for 2 days) the packs last you a lot longer. I spent 3 weeks on this plan, meaning I had 6 fast days spread out across the weeks. I found it pretty easy to stick to due to this flexibility and less of a commitment than an every day diet. 

The products themselves are very similar to other meal replacements I've tried, as always they're not very big, they're not hugely filling and they're not an amazing tasting meal, but they're not bad, they're edible and if you're like me and can't stand the thought of a meal without a fruit or vegetable involved then you can easily add in some extras to bulk them up a bit, although this isn't recommended by LightLife Fast. I added tomatoes to my pastas, bananas to my shakes and whatever fruit or vegetable I fancied to my meal bars. I think if you're wanting to try a meal replacement diet then you're going to understand and accept what is involved in that, which is packet meals. 

Lighter Life Fast Diet Review 5:2 Fasting

Overall the taste of these meals are average in my opinion. The main selling point for me is the ease and convenience, 2 days a week is a lot easier to commit to, and if you eat reasonably healthy the other 5 days then you are likely to see a result. So that leads me on to the final part of this review, was I successful in loosing weight? YES I finally managed to loose some weight, although I feel like I've put it all back on after the Blogger Sleepover the past weekend (post coming soon!) However it was definitely a motivator to have lost some weight and has inspired me to watch my portion sizes and get back to a healthier lifestyle. 

This plan isn't going to be for everybody but I would definitely recommend it for someone who was looking to try something new to kick start their weight loss. It would work best for someone who already eats reasonably healthy, and LighterLife Fast have a good range of products to add to your diet. They've also suggested incorporating the 5:2 concept into other areas of your life, whether it's taking 2 days out of the work for 'me time' or getting an early night twice a week. I think I need to try a digital detox 2 days a week as I spend far too much time in front of my laptop! 

You can find out more about the LighterLife Fast plan here. The products are only available at Superdrug, either in store or online

I'd love to know your thoughts on meal replacement diets like this? Or maybe you've tried LighterLife Fast or the 5:2 diet? I enjoy trialling these diets and plans however I am a believer in healthy eating and exercise as the best way to loose weight healthily! If you'd like me review any other diet plans you've heard about then leave me a comment and i'll see what I can do! 

*LighterLife Fast supplied me with these products to trial and review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Being a Better Blogger: My Products Wishlist

When I first started blogging I was happy just making do with what I had, and I totally believe you don't need to spend any money to be a successful blogger, nor do you need to follow any trends or 'rules' to have good quality content. However, I've been blogging for over a year now and there are a few things I'd really like to have that I think would help improve my blog. First up is:

A Good Camera
My trusty iPhone5 has done me well so far but I'm getting to a point where I really want to improve my photography and there is only so far an iPhone can take me. So the main thing I'd love to get is a good camera. I'm definitely not at a DSLR level but I'm on the hunt for something that will help me learn a bit more about taking good photos, something I know very little about. I also know almost nothing about cameras, so I'll definitely be doing lots of research before I make a purchase, but Panasonic have a great range of digital cameras at a range of prices. This Lumix DMC-LX7 looks like something I'd be looking for. 

A Blog Planner
I like to be organised, so a dedicated blog planner is a must to help keep me organised and plan ahead, something that is key in helping me be a better blogger. I love this one from The Bloggers Planner. I think a specific blog planner, rather than a general diary would be really useful in helping to stay organised and motivated. 

 Decorative Stuff
This is probably a weird one, and definitely not something you need to be a better blogger, but I can't help but feel like other bloggers photos always look so good when they have the added decorative extras, whether its a small plant, a candle or something awesome like  this copper '&' sign. They add something to photos when it might be a bit simple without. I know not everyone likes that style, but it's something I think looks really nice so for me it's made it on to this list. These also add something extra to my bedroom, so thats a bonus! 

What blogging related products are on your wish list? I'd love to know what you think of mine, and whether you're a fan of the 'adding decorative stuff to your photos' trend? Also if you've got any camera recommendations or things to look out for while I'm doing some research then please let me know! 
*This post was written in collaboration with Panasonic however all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Life Lately: Goodbyes

It's been an emotional few weeks. I've officially moved home and no longer live in Preston. No longer living with my uni family or having my own independence, and it's weird. Living back at home with my mum and brother is definitely going to take some adjustment and it's already been a bit difficult, but luckily I get on well with my family and we give each other space. Although I've moved out I actually still haven't finished my degree, I have a few final bits left to do including my dissertation which is what I will be spending the next month working on! 

Saying goodbye to these wonderful people who have been a family to me for the past year was definitely hard. I'm missing them already, they've been there for me through so many ups and downs and we've had some awesome times the past year, even if it's just been sitting in the living room watching Charlie play Skyrim. Im hoping we will all be able to see each other often even though we're going to be a bit spread out across the country, but I know we're going to stay great friends, living with people brings a different friendship and it can grow so quickly. Also, please check out my wonderful friend Sarah's blog, she's just started out and I can tell she's going to have an amazing blog. 

My life lately has involved a lot of procrastination and emotions, and my go to favourite thing to do when I'm feeling emotional or procrastinating on something important is to have a little play with makeup. Nothing drastic, but I adore putting on makeup, trying out some new eyeshadow looks and maybe putting on more makeup than I might normally do, but it makes me feel good and theres nothing wrong with that in my opinion! This photo was taken on my last night out in Preston with all of my 'squad', and it was another standard night out including dancing, a few tears and "Ms Jackson'ing" once we got home (don't even ask!)

So my life hasn't been too exciting, but I'm looking forward to seeing some of my 'home friends' and visiting the Peak District to see this little guy, and also my boyfriend, but mostly this monkey! I'm also hoping to use my time as an, unemployed no longer student, but still doing uni work, and focus on my blog a lot more, I have some big ambitions and I want to give my blog a real chance!

If you like these style of posts you can catch up on my previous Life Lately's here and here. I'd love to know whats been going on in your life lately, catch me up, or link me to some of your recent posts so I can read all about it!

Making the Most of Your Uni Bedroom

Making the Most of your University Bedroom

I've just moved home from my third and final year of university, and although I'm happy to be back in a clean, warm, tidy house where the fridge isn't filled with suspicious looking things that might once have been food, I'm definitely having withdrawal symptoms and missing having my own independence! So when Age UK got in touch and asked if I'd like to do a post on some tips about making the most of your home, I figured I'd get involved, not only because it's a great charity, but also because I can reminisce on my university bedroom! 

Living at university is different for everyone, you might be in halls or a shared house, it might be really nice or it might be a bit grotty. I lived in all of these, first year I was in halls, second year I had a really lovely house and my bedroom was very pretty, and third year I was in a not so nice house. It was a typical student house and after a few months staring at my horrible yellow walls I decided to do something about it. Screw the no Blu Tac rule, I wanted something on my walls to make me smile! So here we have my little wall display, consisting of a collection of things that make me happy, inspired or loved, perfect for those days struggling through final year. 

Making the Most of your University Bedroom

Top Tips for Making the Most of Your Uni Bedroom 

Probably the most obvious, but in all of my uni rooms I've made sure to have a selection of photos, in first year I covered almost every available space with photos of my friends from home, it made moving away a little bit easier. This year I had a selection, with some photos in frames on my desk, a few normal photos above my desk and then for my wall display I picked out some of my favourite photos and had them printed to look like polaroids, along some Photo Booth strips of me and Josh in Berlin, as well as me and the lovely Sophie from the My Bag Event

Homely Items
Student houses don't come with many luxuries, and with moving back and forth from home so often it cane tempting to bring as little as possible, but I think the best way to make the most of your uni bedroom is to make it as homely as possible. For me that meant throws, cushions, posters like this Harry Potter one my boyfriend made me for, and my Simba. Whatever it is for you that can make your room feel as homely as possible then do it. 

If you're anything like me then you probably have a lot of stuff! That means finding spaces for everything when you move into your student room, always try my hardest to get organised as soon as possible and work out where I want things to live. If possible I like for everything to go away, but thats not always possible, so you've got to make the most of your space. I stored things under my desk, at the bottom of my wardrobe and under my bed. I also had a 'Shoe Runway' with all my shoes lining the corridor to my room, which definitely made me realise I have far too many shoes! 

Stay motivated and inspired at uni can be hard, when your room becomes your workspace, relaxing space and sleeping space it can become very easy to crawl back into bed when work gets hard, or to spend all day on netflix rather than working. To try and combat that use your room to help inspire you! I love these postcards with sayings on from Paperchase, and I love my little "Everything Is Better In Your Pyjamas" sign, made me feel a bit better about living in my Christmas PJs all year. I've also used my bedroom to help me learn a language, I've also got a whiteboard for keeping track of things. Also if your working in your room then make sure it's tidy. A tidy room is a tidy mind. 

Fairy Lights 
My final tip for making the most of your uni bedroom is definitely fairy lights, they're just awesome and make your room feel so much cosier and they look so nice! I loved having these little flower ones on while watching a film, and I had another string of heart fairy lights around my shelfs above my desk. I've also had them around my bedhead and window before.

Making the Most of your University Bedroom

So there are my tips for making the most of your uni bedroom! Let me know if you have any top tips for making the most of your bedroom. Age UK have put together some tips on how to make the most of your home so you can check them out for more inspiration. 

Wish List: Summer Sale Shopping

Paisley Print Dress - Dorothy Perkins £35 £22
Black Embellished Shorts - George at Asda £14 £8
Blue Floral Print Border Kimono - New Look £19.99 £14.50
Black Hackney Casual Sandals - Jones Bootmaker £69 £34
Eva Mirror Clutch Bag - Accessorize £25 £12.50

The sales seem to have sprung up really quickly this year, it doesn't feel like 5 minutes since the summer stock starting hitting the shops and now it's all reduced! Not that i'm complaining, I definitely love a bargin and as I've been scrolling through the sale sections of so many websites recently I figured I'd put together a wish list of some of my top picks from the Summer sales. Firstly is this Paisley Print Dress from Dorothy Perkins, not a shop I usually buy from, mostly because I don't have one to pop into near me, however this dress really caught my eye. I've been loving the paisley print this season and think this dress would be a great way of bringing some print into my wardrobe without being too out there. These Embellished Shorts from George at Asda would look great with a tan and some sandals but could also be really nicely dressed up, and at £8 they're definitely a bargain!

Since recently styling a kimono I've been eyeing them up everywhere and I definitely want to get another one, I love the print on this one from New Look as it's floral but not too summery and again not too bright. I think this would transition into Autumn really well. As soon as I saw these Hackney Casual Sandals from Jones Bootmaker I fell in love, so simple but would look really smart with the right outfit but can also be paired with something casual. They also come in a mink/brown and white which I also really like. Finally and from one of my favourite shops is this Mirror Clutch Bag from Accessorize, I don't even need to explain this one, just look how pretty it is! I need this in my life. 
*This post was written in collaboration with Jonas Bootmaker