Last weekend myself and 5 other lovely blogging ladies got together for a little trip away to the countryside. It involved lots of tea, laughter, food and more photos than should ever be taken. It was perfect. A Blogger Sleepover was exactly what I needed! 

If you follow me, or any of the other lovely girls involved in this trip, then you'll probably already have heard a lot about this, and seen many photos, a lot probably very similar! After wanting a little mini holiday, and also wanting to meet up with some of my favourite bloggers and very good friends I decided to give it a go and try and organise a little blogger holiday! I got in touch with Sykes Cottages who were amazing and patient and kindly offered us a discount on our stay, after we'd spent hours debating which cottage we wanted to spend the weekend in! We finally settled on the gorgeous Honeystone tucked away in a little village in the Peak District that had gorgeous views across the hills. 

This cottage was gorgeous! It was spacious and open but still had a lovley cottage feel with lots of wood and white bedding, a bloggers dream really, Sophie has taken some amazing photos of the rooms. We we're also kindly treated to a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates on arrival, as well as a vase of fresh flowers that seemed to find their way into almost every photo! Being the first to arrive I got to greet all the girls as they arrived, Sophie, Rhianna & Lou arrived soon after me followed by Alex & Kayleigh later on in the evening.

After a trip to Sainsburys for essentials like fake Nutella and a box of wine the day was spent just catching up and enjoying being with each other, and there might have also been a cheeky dominoes once Alex and Kay arrived! Then the night was spent chatting away about everything and anything until we couldn't keep our eyes open any more. 

After a morning cuppa sat outside in the garden in our PJs we got ourselves ready for the day, and I realised I spend far too much time on my makeup after I was the first to start and the last to finish! Once everyone was ready we packed up Lou's picnic basket full of goodies and headed off to the Reservoir where we set up camp and set about taking so many photos! It turns out a group of bloggers need to spend at least half an hour photographing everything from every possible angle before they can sit and eat! We we're very kindly provided with some goodies to keep us going over the weekend including so many bags of Propercorn Popcorn, in flavours I'd never even heard of, and some delicious Chocolate Corn Cakes from Metcalfe's Skinny, perfect for a picnic.

Filled with food we headed for a little wander down to the water, where I tried to make friends with the ducks. We didn't stay for long though because we'd all totally underprepared for the weather and the thought of a warm cosy cottage where we could get in to our PJs and have tea and cake called us back. The next few hours were spent chatting, blogging and watching Rhianna make us Spag Bol for dinner, until Alex suggested we head out to try and catch the sunset. Having driven past some huge rocks the evening before and seen a man standing on them we decided to give it a go ourselves. 

Although watching the sunset was a huge fail thanks to the clouds we did manage to climb the rocks to be treated to some amazing views of the Peak District as well as a perfect opportunity for some group shots! Being a super brave and adventurous person, I made the first step across a slightly scary gap and to the top of the highest rock where I was gradually followed by the rest of the girls. After another, slightly more scary photoshoot we made our way back down and back home to Rhi's delicious dinner, followed by a night of wine, 90s tunes, terrible dancing and a hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity 

Waking up the next morning in desperate need for a wee, but not wanting to wake a peacefully sleeping Sophie, I crept downstairs and decided to give the place a bit of a tidy up before everyone else woke up. This gradually led into prepping for our amazing breakfast/brunch. Croissants  pancakes, fruit & yoghurt, bagels and peanut butter (thanks to Meridian) and a whole lot of tea. Hours went past before we actually sat down to ate, with waiting for people to wake up and then spending far too long rearranging things to get the best possible photo it was more of a lunch than a breakfast! 

Our day was then spent in the laziest way possible. Soph and myself snuck off for a nap, we watched Matilda and Rhi made a gorgeous cake whilst we snacked on our personalised boxes of goodies from Urban Fruit and some new bars from Meridian. The perfect way to spend a Sunday. There was also some blogging going on for whoever could cope with the slow wifi! With the sun shining we decided to head outside and make the most of it, by taking outfit photos of course! One of the joys of holidaying with bloggers means no one judges you for taking photos of everything, running inside to change into another outfit so you can have lots of outfit posts ready to go or sitting on your phone editing photos for instagram! 

After a delicious roast dinner and then sadly having to say goodbye to Alex we spent the evening chatting until we were all too pooped and headed off to bed. The next morning was definitely a sad one and no one wanted to say goodbye, after a quick clean up we all gradually left and headed back to our homes across the country. 

The Blogger Sleepover was such an amazing weekend, I can't describe how much I enjoyed it. Spending time with girls I talk to on a regular basis, who are kind and caring and funny and amazing, is just so great and I feel so lucky to have been able to have a weekend away with them! It was also so awesome going away with fellow bloggers, being able to talk about blogging related things and take a million photos without feeling like an idiot! 

I had the best time and I'd like to say thank you so much to Sykes Cottages for having us and to Urban Fruit, Propercorn, Metcalfe's Skinny & Meridian for supplying us with goodies to keep us going all weekend. As this weekend was such a success I'm hoping to organise more Blogger Sleepovers across the country so everyone can get involved! If you think you'd like to come along to a Blogger Sleepover then let me know! 

Also credit to Soph & Alex for some of these photos, the group shots we're too cute not to add in! 

*Sykes Cottages provided us with a discount on the cost of the cottage. Urban Fruit, Propercorn, Metcalfe's Skinny & Meridian all contributed goodies for us to enjoy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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