Life Lately: Goodbyes

It's been an emotional few weeks. I've officially moved home and no longer live in Preston. No longer living with my uni family or having my own independence, and it's weird. Living back at home with my mum and brother is definitely going to take some adjustment and it's already been a bit difficult, but luckily I get on well with my family and we give each other space. Although I've moved out I actually still haven't finished my degree, I have a few final bits left to do including my dissertation which is what I will be spending the next month working on! 

Saying goodbye to these wonderful people who have been a family to me for the past year was definitely hard. I'm missing them already, they've been there for me through so many ups and downs and we've had some awesome times the past year, even if it's just been sitting in the living room watching Charlie play Skyrim. Im hoping we will all be able to see each other often even though we're going to be a bit spread out across the country, but I know we're going to stay great friends, living with people brings a different friendship and it can grow so quickly. Also, please check out my wonderful friend Sarah's blog, she's just started out and I can tell she's going to have an amazing blog. 

My life lately has involved a lot of procrastination and emotions, and my go to favourite thing to do when I'm feeling emotional or procrastinating on something important is to have a little play with makeup. Nothing drastic, but I adore putting on makeup, trying out some new eyeshadow looks and maybe putting on more makeup than I might normally do, but it makes me feel good and theres nothing wrong with that in my opinion! This photo was taken on my last night out in Preston with all of my 'squad', and it was another standard night out including dancing, a few tears and "Ms Jackson'ing" once we got home (don't even ask!)

So my life hasn't been too exciting, but I'm looking forward to seeing some of my 'home friends' and visiting the Peak District to see this little guy, and also my boyfriend, but mostly this monkey! I'm also hoping to use my time as an, unemployed no longer student, but still doing uni work, and focus on my blog a lot more, I have some big ambitions and I want to give my blog a real chance!

If you like these style of posts you can catch up on my previous Life Lately's here and here. I'd love to know whats been going on in your life lately, catch me up, or link me to some of your recent posts so I can read all about it!

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  1. Awww your little doggy is so cute!! Ahh I know how hard it is to move back home, I just finished uni aswel a few months ago, it's so sad to leave behind a life you got so comfortable in for 3 years, but you're right those friendships will never die! :)

    Heather Xx