Making the Most of Your Uni Bedroom

Making the Most of your University Bedroom

I've just moved home from my third and final year of university, and although I'm happy to be back in a clean, warm, tidy house where the fridge isn't filled with suspicious looking things that might once have been food, I'm definitely having withdrawal symptoms and missing having my own independence! So when Age UK got in touch and asked if I'd like to do a post on some tips about making the most of your home, I figured I'd get involved, not only because it's a great charity, but also because I can reminisce on my university bedroom! 

Living at university is different for everyone, you might be in halls or a shared house, it might be really nice or it might be a bit grotty. I lived in all of these, first year I was in halls, second year I had a really lovely house and my bedroom was very pretty, and third year I was in a not so nice house. It was a typical student house and after a few months staring at my horrible yellow walls I decided to do something about it. Screw the no Blu Tac rule, I wanted something on my walls to make me smile! So here we have my little wall display, consisting of a collection of things that make me happy, inspired or loved, perfect for those days struggling through final year. 

Making the Most of your University Bedroom

Top Tips for Making the Most of Your Uni Bedroom 

Probably the most obvious, but in all of my uni rooms I've made sure to have a selection of photos, in first year I covered almost every available space with photos of my friends from home, it made moving away a little bit easier. This year I had a selection, with some photos in frames on my desk, a few normal photos above my desk and then for my wall display I picked out some of my favourite photos and had them printed to look like polaroids, along some Photo Booth strips of me and Josh in Berlin, as well as me and the lovely Sophie from the My Bag Event

Homely Items
Student houses don't come with many luxuries, and with moving back and forth from home so often it cane tempting to bring as little as possible, but I think the best way to make the most of your uni bedroom is to make it as homely as possible. For me that meant throws, cushions, posters like this Harry Potter one my boyfriend made me for, and my Simba. Whatever it is for you that can make your room feel as homely as possible then do it. 

If you're anything like me then you probably have a lot of stuff! That means finding spaces for everything when you move into your student room, always try my hardest to get organised as soon as possible and work out where I want things to live. If possible I like for everything to go away, but thats not always possible, so you've got to make the most of your space. I stored things under my desk, at the bottom of my wardrobe and under my bed. I also had a 'Shoe Runway' with all my shoes lining the corridor to my room, which definitely made me realise I have far too many shoes! 

Stay motivated and inspired at uni can be hard, when your room becomes your workspace, relaxing space and sleeping space it can become very easy to crawl back into bed when work gets hard, or to spend all day on netflix rather than working. To try and combat that use your room to help inspire you! I love these postcards with sayings on from Paperchase, and I love my little "Everything Is Better In Your Pyjamas" sign, made me feel a bit better about living in my Christmas PJs all year. I've also used my bedroom to help me learn a language, I've also got a whiteboard for keeping track of things. Also if your working in your room then make sure it's tidy. A tidy room is a tidy mind. 

Fairy Lights 
My final tip for making the most of your uni bedroom is definitely fairy lights, they're just awesome and make your room feel so much cosier and they look so nice! I loved having these little flower ones on while watching a film, and I had another string of heart fairy lights around my shelfs above my desk. I've also had them around my bedhead and window before.

Making the Most of your University Bedroom

So there are my tips for making the most of your uni bedroom! Let me know if you have any top tips for making the most of your bedroom. Age UK have put together some tips on how to make the most of your home so you can check them out for more inspiration. 

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