Meet SOO: My First Car

I have someone to introduce you too, she's been in my life for the past few years and despite a few ups and downs we've had a pretty good relationship, slightly demanding on my side, but she's always there for me. Meet Soo! (named thanks to her number plate) As a 14 year old Ford KA she's going strong and has seen me through almost 5 years of driving, but as my first car she's coming to the end of her life and soon I will hopefully be upgrading to something a little bit newer and a little bit more reliable. 

I'm not a huge fan of driving. I can do it, and I'd like to think I'm a pretty good, safe driver, I also love the independence of it, but in general I'm not a lover of driving. I don't get any enjoyment out of it, I especially don't like long journeys, I hate not knowing the route I'm going, and motorway driving is just so mundane and long. Even when I started learning to drive I wasn't a lover of it, I was quite an anxious driver and I took a very long time to learn (8 months) but I did pass first time and with only 3 minors! 

Soo and I have had our share of near misses and 'whoops I shouldn't have done that' moments, but luckily no crashes, although I did reverse into a bollard and Soo now has a lovely dent to forever remind me of that moment! In my opinion learning to drive only starts happening once you've passed, and through all those near misses and whoops moments you gradually become a better and safer driver. Now I can still remember things when driving on the same roads where those moments have occurred, and it always reminds me not to do it again! 

Having a 14 year old car also means breakdowns, luckily I haven't had too many in the 5 years we've been cruising together. My first breakdown happened right on the busiest roundabout in my town, on a dual carriageway and in the middle of the road, I may have burst in to tears pretty quickly. Luckily some kind men ran over from the other side of the roundabout and helped push Soo onto the verge where I sat in tears and waited for my mum to arrive and sit with me until the breakdown service turned up. My only other breakdown was when I was a little bit older and slightly savvier, I realised something wasn't right and managed to pull into a car park, the car park just happened to be for a pub where I sat and had some lunch for the next few hours! 

Soo has also had a few minor repairs and is just about managing to make it through her MOTs. One of the things I always make sure to check is her tyres! Not only do I always check the tyre pressure before a long journey (you should always do this, or check them regularly!), but I make sure they have a good amount of tread on them so they've got grip, very important to stop skidding! 

My tyres were all recently replaced as they were looking a bit worse for wear, but if your car needs new tyres and you want to find the best deal head over to Point S Tyre Dealers. All you need to do is type in your Reg number and they will tell you the tyres you need and show you a list of different tyres from different brands so you can choose the best for you. Then you just type in your postcode and it will allow you to book an appointment at a local garage where you can have the tyres fitted! Simple, and if you buy the tyres yourself you won't get scammed when the garage just fit the most expensive ones without asking you first! (Lesson learnt!)

I'd love to know what was your first car, or if you've got any car related stories? Did you name your first car? It seems like everyone does, especially when they're a bit old and need some TLC to keep them going! 
*This is a collaborative post, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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