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Polaroid Photo Wall Display

As you'll probably know, this Summer I moved home from uni for good. This meant coming home to a room that I hadn't really lived in for 3 years. It didn't really feel me any more and needed a good organise and tidy, so when Room4 Interiors got in touch and invited me to take part in the Blogger Desk Challenge it was the perfect opportunity to sort my desk out. I was tasked with giving my desk a makeover with £20. I use my desk as both a dressing table and a desk for working at, so I wanted to try and organise things to make the most of my space, and also to add some personality and start making my room feel a bit more like me. 

This is what my desk looked like to begin with. A mess. I had letters, notebooks, makeup and perfume all over the place. It also just did look very nice, I was storing my makeup brushes in bright red cups! I decided I wanted to work on making it look a little bit prettier and finding better ways to present the things I wanted to keep on my desk. After scouring the internet for days, seriously my pinterest board was filed with photos of makeup storage and desks, although, most of those photos are serious house goals but they're not really doable with the desk I've already got and the budget I have! I eventually decided on what I wanted to do and started hitting the shops to try and find exactly what I wanted. I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out to be honest. I also moved some bits off my desk and added some bits I'd yet to unpack from moving back home. 

Polaroid Photo Wall Display Desk Dressing Table Inspiration

Desk Dressing Table Inspiration Makeup

This is the finished result. The right side of my desk is my dressing table. I've taken off my jewellery and random bits and bobs including the big photo collage I got for my 18th birthday. To display my perfumes I picked up this cake stand from Hobby Craft for £6 which is such a bargain, it's white with a detailed edge and is perfect for adding some height and displaying perfume. You could also use it for cakes I guess. For my makeup brushes I had been on the hunt for alphabet mugs for ages, but they were all expensive, so when I saw this 'e' mug in Tiger for £2 I grabbed it! I had wanted an 'm' as well but they didn't have any. Instead I picked up these white pots, also £2 each, one with a black triangle design and one with black lines. The one with black lines is being used as a pen pot on the 'work' side of my desk. I also picked up the tiny white bucket which Im storing cotton buds in, and the cardboard 'E' and 'M' coming to £2. 

Polaroid Photo Wall Display

The wall above my desk is definitely the main feature and I love it. For this I brought some pretty pastel coloured twine and some tiny pegs coming to £5. I then strung pieces across my wall and pegged up some polaroid style photos I had, as well as some postcards you will have seen on my uni room wall. I added in some daisy fairy lights, as well as some heart fairy lights draped around my desk and it finished it off perfectly. With my laptop in the middle and my line a day diary, notepads and pens to the left my desk was finished off.  

Altogether I spent £19 so a little bit under budget, but I'm really happy with what I've done. My desk is a lot more appealing to sit at and do some blogging now! If you're looking to give your desk a bit of a makeover, Room4 have some really nice desks, and Qwerkity have some great creative gifts that might work great on your desk. 

What do you think of my desk? Do you have a multifunctional desk/dressing table? How would you like to spruce up your desk? 
*Room4Interiors provided me with £20 to purchase these items as part of the challenge. 

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