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Three Rescue Make It Right

It feels like Summer is coming to an end, but we've still got a few more weeks, and September has potential too! One major aspect of Summer has got to be spending more time outside, whether it's festivals, camping, summer holidays, road trips, pub gardens or bbqs it's all about getting out in the sun and enjoying yourself. However, spending time outside can come with a few phone related risks, so Three have taken a stand and decided to do what they can to Make It Right. 

Three put together this Festival Survival Pack* and kindly sent it over for me to review and help you keep your precious phone protected this Summer. Phones have become the number 1 item to have with you, it's your camera, music system, contact with friends, update on the world, you can even pay for things with it. So when something happens to your phone it can feel like the worst thing in the world. 

I put the pack to the test, and although I'm not a festival girl (too much of a princess for camping as my friends like to point out), I've found ways to try out the products. Starting with the bright purple fluffy selfie stick. Yes that is the hand of Jackson, Three's Make It Right mascot you've most likely seen in their adverts. It may be a bit loud but selfie sticks aren't particularly 'sly' so why not go for it and let everyone know you're having a good time! Running out of battery is basically a daily battle for me and my 3 year old iphone 5, so the White Diamonds Liquids Battery portable charger was a lifesaver on my day out to Liverpool, it's small, slim and lightweight, so easy to have in your bag and it charged up my phone multiple times, although I'm not sure about the stuck on diamonds, not the classiest option!

Three Rescue Make It Right

I haven't made it to the seaside this summer which sucks, but Waterproof Phone Pouch would be really useful for a Summer holiday, you no longer have to worry about dropping your phone if you want a sea selfie! The Tech21 Screen Protector is definitely a must have, everyone has that moment of dread when they pick up their phone after dropping it, with this you don't need to worry about a cracked screen ruining your day. The X-mini portable speakers were perfect for a chill in the park with some friends, and at such a small size they're not going to take up much room in your backpack or suitcase, making pre drinks a lot more fun! 

Although I'm yet to use the purple bum bag, I definitely think they're a must have for festivals, you can fit all your essentials in there, including this tiny bottle of water, and not have to worry about having your phone stolen which has probably happened to far too many people at festivals. The little mini ball holds a plastic anorak type thing, perfect for those unexpected downpours, you can just clip it onto your bum bag and always be ready for a change in the weather. 

Three Rescue Make It Right

Three knows that your phone is important to you, and that when it breaks, cracks, is lost or stolen you can't go long without a new one. So they're campaigning to take on everything that sucks with the mobile industry and #MakeItRight! Three Rescue is the protection you need, with worldwide cover against loss, theft and damage to your phone, they'll even replace your phone the next day and back it up with all your contacts, photos and music so you can just get right back on with having a good time. They've even got rid of data roming costs so you don't have to worry about coming home to a huge bill from spending your evenings on twitter! 

Three Rescue Make It Right

I personally think not only does this Festival Pack contain all the essentials for your Summer, Three have also understood customers needs. Our phone's are our lifelines, we'd be a little bit lost without them, maybe quite literally (thank you goggle maps!) So if you've got lots of phone risking activities planned for the rest of the Summer, make sure to check out Three Rescue to protect your phone. 

Make sure to head over to Three's Twitter Page and use the hashtag #MakeItRight to tell them what you'd like fixing in the mobile industry! Also let me know if you've been, or are planning to go to any festivals this Summer and whether you've had any phone related mishaps! 
*Three provided me with the Festival Pack to review, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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