Summer Legs with Veet Wax Strips

Veet Natural Inspirations Wax Strips Review Summer Legs

It feels like Summer has already been and gone even though we've only just got in to August, however with the hope of sun coming our way for the rest of the month I've decided to prepare my legs for Summer. Since my Summer so far has consisted of spending all day at my laptop attempting to finish my degree, my legs haven't really had the pamper they deserve, nor are they ready to be seen by the world! Although I do like to shave my legs, as society has ingrained it into my head that hairy legs aren't attractive or even acceptable (that's a whole other blog post), I don't think it's necessary to 'prepare' any part of your body for Summer, just remember, you do you, if you don't want to get rid of your leg hair or fake tan, or even paint your toe nails you don't have to! 

Anyway, I personally feel pretty great when I've had a bit of a pamper, especially when Im wearing a dress. So when Veet got in touch and asked if I would like to try out their Natural Inspirations Wax Strips* I figured I'd bite the bullet and give them a go. To prepare I had a bath and used this The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish that I won in Robowcop's giveaway. It smells amazing, exactly like strawberry and is a nice light exfoliant. After dying off it was on to the next step. 

Veet Natural Inspirations Wax Strips Review Summer Legs

Veet Natural Inspirations Wax Strips Review Summer Legs

I've had my legs waxed professionally once I think, but I've never used an at home kit, but I figured I'd give it a go. These Veet Wax Strips claim to 'give you long-lasting smoothness for up to 28 days', this is quite a big claim, and as shaving seems to last like a day I'm hoping this will last a little a bit longer for me. Containing aloe vera these strips are supposed to leave your skin moisturised and soft. Firstly, these strips are very easy to apply, and easy to rip off, once you work up the courage of course! 

I found that one strip would work on 2-3 sections, having very pale leg hairs did make it a bit more difficult as I couldn't see where I'd already been, its also a slightly time consuming activity but I guess you only have to do it once every few weeks so that makes up for it. I guess what you're all wanting to know, is how much does it hurt? To be honest, not that much, I mean the immediate ripping the strip off, does sting but not so much that you don't want to carry on. It's ok. 

Overall I think these products are great for at home waxing and a good way of guaranteeing hair free legs for a longer period of time, however I've definitely missed a few bits, and some areas are a little bit prickly so I don't know if thats down to me not getting all of the hairs or the strips not working as well. I think if you have dark hairs these would be easier to use as you can kind of see where you've been! As it's only been a few days since I braved it and waxed my legs I can't tell you how long it lasts for, but they're still pretty smooth now. 

MooGoo How Now Brown Cow Gradual Tan

Now my legs are (pretty much) hair free, it's time to give them a bit of colour. I'd always say to wait at least a day between waxing and applying tan to your legs as your skin will be sensitive post waxing.  I've been loving the MooGoo How Now Brown Cow gradual tanning moisturiser for giving my legs a gorgeous natural, streak free tan, it's not a heavy colour but is perfect for me as I'm very pale! Look for a review of this coming soon! Finally to finish off I'll paint my toes to add a bit of colour and so they look pretty in sandals. I love bright colours on my toes in Summer and this Barry M Gelly High Shine in Blue Grape is the perfect shade. 

After all these many steps my legs are finally ready for Summer! I do love a little pamper so this is something I like to do every once in a while and to help me feel more confident. I'd love to know what your steps are for getting 'Summer Ready'? Or your favourite thing to do when you want to give yourself a little pamper? 
*Veet provided me with the Wax Strips for a review. However all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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