I Wanted To Be... #WEChildhoodDream

As a child I always knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, I was going to be a teacher. I was never drawn in by the more exciting jobs like astronaut, pop star or artist, possibly because I didn't care about space, couldn't sing and my drawing skills weren't anything to stick on the fridge, although my mum still did of course! I think the main thing I wanted to do when I was an adult was help people, I was never sure in what way, but once I stumbled upon Human Rights and started my degree I knew I'd found what I was meant to do.
Although teacher was always my top choice I also considered musical theatre (despite not being the greatest singer), being a lawyer and working with animals. Instead I've ended up using my blogging experience to get a job working in online content creation, not exactly a job I dreamed of doing as a child, but hey, blogging will do!
Workwear Express realised that as bloggers, we don't have a uniform, so they wanted to provide us with one, and they got it just right. A big comfy hoodie is exactly what I wear when I blog, so this hoodie will be the perfect uniform to pull on when I'm getting my blog on! They also sent me over a few bits and bobs to add to my desk for added blogging inspiration!
Blogging has given me a chance to get a job doing something I love, although at the moment I'm not working in Human Rights I know that this job will take me a step closer to getting the job I want and helping people across the world. My dream job now might not be a teacher, but I still have a desire to help people and hopefully make a difference.
I'd love to know what you wanted to be when you grew up, and you can use the #WEChildhoodDream hashtag to get involved. Also let me know what you think of having a blogging uniform? Do you wear comfy clothes to blog?

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*Workwear Express sent me the #WEChildhoodDreams pack in exchange for a post discussing the pack.

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