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So. It's been a while I know, in fact it's a good few months since I properly did this whole blogging thing. I'm not one for excuses, and I'm not going to apologise because this little space is all mine and I can do with it as I please, and part of doing as I please is allowing myself to take breaks and not feel guilty for doing so.
My main news is that I am officially employed! I am a Junior Content Producer for an online content creation company which basically means I write online content and do social media for other businesses, amongst other things. I'm really enjoying it so far, we're a small team but we have a good laugh and get on well which definitely makes the 5:30am starts a bit more manageable!
Probably the main reason for my distance from blogging and the internet is my recent heartbreak. Josh and I broke up and although it was very sad and my heart hurt a lot, it was the right thing to do for both of us right now. I still love him, and he will always have a space in my heart, but sometimes love isn't enough. Timing and personal problems meant it just wasn't the right thing for us to be together and although I've accepted that its still pretty difficult. I'm hoping more than anything that we can stay friends as he means the world to me. We're still on really good terms as there was no anger between us, it's not going to be easy but we both want to try and make it work as friends so hopefully we can.
Despite it being a kind of sad few months it's also been pretty great. I got to attend the Bloggers Blog Awards which was such a fun event and some of my favourite bloggers picked up awards, and I got to finally meet some lovely bloggers I've been talking to and admiring for a long time! I've also joined and then deleted tinder after realising I can not be bothered fighting through the assholes to find a good guy to talk to. I've also started Slimming World with my mum so hopefully I'll loose some weight and start feeling more healthy and better about myself.
So, sorry for the distance, for not replying to comments or reading other blogs, I needed some time, but I'm ready to get myself back into the swing of things, although now I need to learn how to manage a blog while working full time! So if you've got any tips, please send them my way!
Thank you for being such a supportive bunch, blogging and the community and the friends I've made genuinely mean the world to me and I've really missed being a part of it all recently.

Lots of Love.

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