#CharacterChic: Cruella De Vil

I'm a bit late to the party with this one i'll admit, but a few months back Sophie challenged me to take part in her Character Chic Challenge that she created with Karissa. It seemed like such a great idea, and after brainstorming a few ideas I finally settled on something I thought I could make work.  

"The #CharacterChic challenge is a style challenge with a bit of twist. A fictional character twist. Fiction can be such a big part of your life, and with that comes inspiration, I mean, there are some super cool characters out there, right? I've grown up wanting to be like so many of my favourites, which is why I loved the idea of this challenge. Pick a character, style yourself like them, and run with it."

I picked Cruella De Vil. Not the nicest of fictional characters I know, but I thought she would be a great style inspiration. Whether in cartoon form or real life, Cruella has a serious classy style, red lipstick, gloves, and a little bit of animal print. She mostly stays true to her signature monochrome look with pops of red. 

Although I wanted to take inspiration from her, I wasn't going to go out and skin 100 dalmatians for a coat, instead I made use of this beige, fur lined coat that my mum has had for years. Adding in a full length, black dress with a side split from Boohoo, and a pair of black heels from New Look

Of course, taking inspiration from Cruella De Vil, I had to get an adorable furry friend involved. So little Bee, one of my kittens joined me for the photo shoot and some pretty adorable shots! All together I think this outfit worked really well, I felt very sophisticated and definitely a bit fierce channelling some aspects of such a terrible (fictional) woman. 

I'd like to thank Sophie, for not only challenging me to get involved, but for being my photographer for a day, sorry it's taken so long to get the post up!  Make sure to head over to Soph's and Karissa's blog to see which characters they took inspiration from. If you'd like to join in with this then please do, I'd love to see who you take style tips from. 

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