Life is a Lesson Learnt: 2015

2015 Taught Me That: 
Timing is everything.
Friends should be listened to. 
There is always a positive. 
It's ok to need to cry. 
Healing takes time. 
Coping with your own mental health can be hard. 
Loving someone with depression is very hard. 
I suit lipstick. 
Gaining weight doesn't make me unattractive. 
Friends can come about in the most unusual way. 
Best friends can be made quickly. 
I am talented. 
Dating sucks. 
Having your heart broken is painful. 
Sometimes I am to blame. 
My friends are my world. 
Jennifer Lawrence is amazing. 
Love isn't always enough.
Makeup makes me happy. 
I am very lucky. 
I deserve happiness and love. 
Life goes on. 

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