Blogger Beauty Box: February

Beauty subscription boxes have been everywhere the past year or so, and I've debated ordering them before but I'm always a bit hesitant due to the price and the risk of getting things I'll just never use. The Blogger Beauty Box stood out to me though, and I knew I had to give it a try. 

Created by the amazing Vix Meldrew the Blogger Beauty Box is still in it's early days, but it's definitely going to take off. So many bloggers rave about it, and at only £10 for a box, (that's including P&P!) you're really getting a great deal. It's also really nice to support a friend and fellow blogger and see her business grow. 

I've ordered a box before and although I didn't blog about it I was really impressed so I decided to put in an order for the February box.

The box came packed with goodies, mostly from brands new to me which is always a nice way to be introduced to something. First up is the Madame La La Tan West Coast Face Bronzing Serum which retails for £25. Infused with Coco Water and Green Tea this bronzing serum claims to lift and brighten while giving your face an 'LA-worthy glow'. This product will get more use in Summer, but for now I'm embracing my pale white skin for as long as I can. 

Next up is the DHC Mineral Mask at £29. This is a pore-purifying mud mask, it contains clay which is a great product for drawing out impurities. As someone with oily, spot-prone skin I usually look for clay masks so I have high hopes for this product. Another full size product in this months box is the Merumaya Bi-Phase Plus Eye Make-Up Remover for £14.50. This claims to 'combine the effectiveness of a bi-phase with the gentleness of a cream/gel', I'm excited to give this a go and see how well it removes my makeup.

I'm not the biggest wearer of fake lashes, mostly because I just can't do it, but I'll be giving these Be-Bop Lashes from Threads (£9) a go, and hopefully not looking like an idiot! This Lip Treat by Puriskin is a really nice moisturising treatment, I received the clear one which will be nice for everyday where when my lips need a bit of TLC. At £16.99 I'm expecting some pretty great things from it!

The last item in the box is two sample sized products from JR Naturorganics Mandarin & Chamomile range. This range is all vegan and cruelty free as well as free from a bunch of different things. I received the Gentle Cleansing Milk and the Hydrating Mist. I think these will be good on days when my skin is playing up and needs something gentle to help calm it down. 

Overall I'm really impressed with this months box, I can't believe the products in this box come to almost £100, it's such a bargain! I'd really recommend checking out the Blogger Beauty Box and ordering yourself a box if you're interested in trying new beauty products, and supporting an amazing and lovely blogger along the way. 

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23 While I'm 23

Today is my 23rd birthday!! To celebrate I thought I'd set myself some goals for the next year, because I really like goals, I find they motivate me to get stuff done. So here are some of the things I really want to get done in the next 365 days. They range from goals I can complete in one day, to things that are open ended, or that might involve a little bit more planning and thought. 

1. See more of the world. 

2. Spend more time with my grandparents. 

3. Take a social media break. 
4. Start to love my body.
5. Visit 5 cities in the UK I've never been to before. 
6. Exercise regularly.
7. Fill my time more productively. 
8. Write.
9. Love reading again.
10. Buy a new car. 
11. Feel like a real adult. 
13. Explore the countryside. 
14. Cook more and try new recipes. 
15. Go on a road trip.
16. Do something to work toward the career I want.
17. Feel totally beautiful for a day. 
18. Start saving money.
19. Get a massage. 
20. Make the effort to see friends in different places. 
21. Write in my Line a Day Diary every day. 
22. Do something that scares me once a month. 
23. Go to see a play/musical I've never seen before. 

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23rd Birthday Wishlist

Mulberry Bayswater Double Zip Tote - £1,500
Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt - £85
Alphabet Bags Wash Bag - £24
The Lion King on West End
Nars The Modern Minimalist Collection - £60
Olivia Burton Bee Watch - £135
Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Perfume - £44

On Monday 22nd of Feb I will be turning 23, an age I am actually totally ok with being. I currently don't have any plans for my birthday, other than having the day off work to do whatever I want with. I haven't asked for anything for my birthday from anyone, nor do I really expect to get anything, but I do always love putting together wish lists of things I want, so even If I want to treat myself I can.

First on my wish list is definitely something I don't expect to ever receive on my birthday, but I can dream! Ever since I worked on the handbag section at John Lewis I've had a little bit of a thing for Mulberry bags, and this Bayswater Tote is a slight variation on the classic but is exactly my style of handbag. Although I'd probably be scared to ever use it if I did own it! 

Two perfumes made it onto my list; my all time favourite from Marc Jacobs, the Daisy Dream perfume is one I've recently finished and would love to have it replaced. Slightly more expensive is a Jo Malone cologne, before choosing a scent I would need to head to my local John Lewis and give them all a good smell, but I know I like the Wood Sage & Sea Salt scent. 

This wash bag from Alphabet Bags is one I've wanted since last years birthday, so I might have to treat myself to it. This watch from Olivia Burton is beautiful and I struggled to narrow down my choice as they're all so lovely, but the Bumblebee won me over on this one. I've never tried anything from Nars so this beauty box would be a great way to sample some of their products, the foundation included sounds perfect for me and I'd love to finally try the Orgasm blush! 

Finally, and what would probably be the best birthday present would be to be taken to see The Lion King on the West End. Lion King is my favourite film, and I've seen the stage version twice before and it is beyond amazing. If you know me well you'll know why it means so much to me, but I even have a tattoo of lyrics from one of the songs. So it means a lot to me, and I would LOVE to go and see it again. 

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8 Things Tinder Has Taught Me

Having your heart broken sucks. There is no two ways about that, but there is one sure way to make you feel a little bit less shit, some of the time at least. Getting back out there and into the dating scene once again is both terrifying and liberating. It's by no means the perfect way to get over an ex partner, but it's a step in the right direction for a lot of people. 

As a twenty something I have no idea how to do 'traditional dating', I mean how does that even work, where do you meet people without the internet?! Tinder was my dating app of choice, of course. It's the most populated, it's easy to use, and you can skip through multiple men in just minutes narrowing down the 'hot damns' from the 'no thanks'. 

In the 6 months I've been single I've deleted and re-downloaded Tinder more times than is healthy. I've been stood up, catfished, insulted, complimented and had some pretty awkward conversations. After a few months of going a bit dating crazy, which is almost compulsory following a breakup, I've decided to pull back on dating, and Tinder has become more something I do when I'm bored than to actually look for dates. 

Despite taking a bit of a break from the dating world, I've definitely learnt some things over my past 6 months of tinder'ing. 

So here are 8 Things Tinder Has Taught Me: 

1. People aren't always who they say they are. 
For me this one is literal, people really aren't always who they say they are. I was catfished by someone pretending to be a drummer of a band I'd never heard of, and I only found out when a friend recognised the band photo and I was able to find the real drummer's twitter and message him. An interesting conversation, but it showed me the importance of confirming someone's identity before you meet them. Snapchat is the perfect tool for this!

2. It's not all about looks. 
The whole point of Tinder is that its based on looks and immediate attraction. Most people swipe based on the first photo, without even checking out their other photos or bio, if they even have one. Looks aren't everything though, some of the best conversations I've had were with guys I didn't immediately swipe right, and instead checked out their bio and maybe gave them a chance based on that. Also, some of the hottest guys I swiped were poor conversationalist, or just straight up twats. 

3. Attraction does matter. 
Although it's not all about looks, attraction does matter. Tinder has shown me the importance of being physically attracted to someone, and has shown me that everyone has different taste of what they're attracted to, and you can't blame someone for that. I'm not going to be everyone's cup of tea, and that's ok, because someone out there will think I'm the best thing they've ever seen.

4. People want sex. 
It's true, people use Tinder for sex. To be honest there is nothing wrong with that, you've just got to be upfront with what you want. Whether it's an immediate, 'I'm just looking for fun' or something a bit more explicit. It's never going to be to everyone's taste, but better someone is up front than finding out a few weeks down the line, once they've got what they want and never speak to you again!

5. Don't trust too quickly. 
It's far too easy to lie on the internet, so keep your guard up. Whether it's someone pretending to be someone they're not, lying about their intentions, or being a cheating asshole. I've learnt not to put my trust in someone too quickly because they've not earned it yet. 

6. It's ok to enjoy the attention.
Tinder is the perfect place for when you just want a bit of a confidence boost. Who doesn't love to see a match pop up on their phone, or have someone tell you they think you're gorgeous. It's nice, and there is nothing wrong with enjoying that attention. 

7. People can be mean.
Although people can be nice and compliment you all day long, it's not the only type of attention you're likely to get on Tinder. Whether it's someone's 'friend' telling you your eyebrows are crap, or some misogynistic douchebag who get's upset when you tell him you're not interested, and calls you fat and ugly. People can be mean, so you've got to have a thick skin to keep your confidence intact.

8. There are plenty more fish in the sea. 
For every rejection that made you want to crawl into bed and cry that no one would ever love you, theres someone messaging you telling you they think you're amazing. The beauty of Tinder, internet dating, or life in general, is there is always more people out there, and within a few swipes you will have forgotten that asshole, and moved onto someone new, and the whole thing starts again!

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Life Lately: Moving On

It's been a while since my last Life Lately update, so I guess it's time to fill you all in on how things are going. Mostly things are good, sometimes things are great, occasionally things are amazing. I'm getting stuck into the adult life now, I wouldn't say I've fully got there yet, but I'm making my way there. 

After taking a few months break from blogging, which was totally needed, I'm more confident in saying I'm back! Having a full time job, and a (limited) social life does mean I'm blogging less, and not as consistently as I had previously, but ultimately this is my little space for me and even if it's just once a week thats fine with me. 

Heartbreak got me hard, you'll know that if you follow me on twitter or if you read my last Let's Get Personal post. I think I'm getting to a place where I'm ready to move on and stop missing my previous relationship. It's really hard to know how I feel, I'm trying to separate my feelings and work out what I'm feeling. Whether I'm missing him as a friend, missing being loved, or missing my relationship with him. It's starting to feel a bit more clear, but I don't know if love ever truly goes away, or if it just gets smaller until that person only has the smallest part of your heart. I know I'll always care about him, and I hope one day we're at a place where friendship can be possible. 

Another pretty big life update for me is that I've come off medication for my anxiety. It was something I'd been thinking about doing for a few months but I wanted to make sure I was in a stable place in my life before I did. The first two weeks were hard, mostly due to the physical withdrawal symptoms, with a few emotional days. In the 2 weeks since I stopped taking it I've only had one day where I felt really anxious, but it was still considerably less than how I've felt in the past and it was much more manageable. My anxiety isn't ever going to fully leave me I don't think, but I do think it will become much easier to manage and hopefully creep up less and less. 

I'm trying to find the positive in every day, to feel happy and to embrace the good moments. Life is confusing and unknown and I could overthink every little moment, but that's not going to help anything. Life happens, sometimes you can't plan it and you just have to go with the flow. So that's what I'm trying to do, go with the flow, start moving on with my life and accept that this is the start of a new chapter. 

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A Pop of Red

Winter is without a doubt still here. If anything it's seems to just be getting colder! So although all the shops seem ready to start selling biknis and flip flops I'm staying right where I am wrapped up in layers, with a bobble hat and some comfy boots! 

You might recognise a few of these items as having made an appearance before on my blog. Most of them featured in a recent wishlist, which inspired a quick online order almost immediately after hitting publish. The jumper, hat and scarf are all new purchases, and I am totally in love with them all. Gorgeous neutral colours that look great with a pop of colour from my red boots and new lipstick

Jumper: New Look
Jeans: New Look (sale)
Boots: New Look
Hat: New Look
Necklace: Gift
Lipstick: Essence - 04 On The Catwalk!

I'll be honest, when my photographer, the amazing Soph of Sophie Rosie, sent these photos over to me I wasn't very happy. All I could see was a chubby face, chunky legs and a body that didn't look like me anymore. When I look back at old outfit posts I see how much slimmer I was and I feel really disheartened. My weight gain is my issue, and is something I need to try and work on because I'm not happy with the way I look. 

Ultimately though, after questioning if I should even post these, I decided that my chubby face and chunky thighs are just part of who I am right now. I always want to be honest and real on my blog, and that includes being honest about what I look like, whether I'm happy with it or not. So I've decided instead to focus on other things like my smile, knowing that it came from a best friend making me laugh, and how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful area surrounded by nature, and that I worked my (big) butt off doing something I'm talented at to earn the money to buy these clothes! 

Sometimes you've got to turn things around and find the positive. This is what I look like right now, and thats ok because I am happy, blessed and talented, amongst so many other things. 

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A Little Beauty Haul

I often go through phases of spending money. I mean, as anyone who knows me will be able to tell you, I am a spender, I like stuff and I like buying new things, but sometimes I have moments where spending gets a bit out of hand and I go on a bit of a splurge. This was one of these times. 

It's usually unlike me to buy makeup or beauty products without doing my research first. I watch a few youtube videos, read some blog posts and work out if the product is going to suit me, but on a splurge like this one, I usually just hit up boots and pick out anything that takes my fancy. 

[Collection Primed & Ready Mattifying Pore Minimiser // Barry M Speedy Quick Dry in Supersonic Blue Shimmer // Rimmel Magnif'eyes in Queens of the Bronzed Age // Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold // Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in Bitch Perfect // Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Mascara  // Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara // Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation // L'oreal Colour Riche Lipstick in 256 Blush Fever  // Essence Lipstick in 04 On The Catwalk! // Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Quad in Dolce Vita // Collection Cream Puff Lip Cream in Cotton Candy]

I've had a play with most of these products and so far I'm pretty happy with all of them, despite not having read much about them before buying. The Maybelline mascara hasn't been brilliant but I think I need to try it out for longer before I make a judgement. The Rimmel eyeshadow stick seems to be a really great formula and the colours are really lovely, it also stays on really well. 

If you follow me on twitter you might already know that I had a little bit of a high end splurge. The Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quad in Dolce Vita is something I have seen everywhere, and after going back and forth for a few days I decided screw it I needed it in my life, so now that baby is mine! Along with it I also ordered the Bitch Perfect lipstick, firstly because I love the name but also because it's a beautiful wearable coral shade and unlike anything I own. 

[Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect // Essence Walk The Catwalk! // Loreal Blush Fever // Collection Cotton Candy]

All of these lip products are really great. I adore Bitch Perfect and just want to wear it all the time, it feels so lovely and is such a beautiful colour. Essence's lipsticks are considerably cheaper but they are a brilliant formula and one of my favourite drug store lipsticks. The L'oreal lipstick I picked up from Tesco as it was reduced down to £3 and I'm always looking for a bargain, I've yet to wear it, but it looks like a nice easy to wear shade. The Collection Cream Puff is something I've seen raved about a lot, and I can see why, it's such a beautiful consistency and feels sort of velvety, the colour is a really pretty pink and I can't wait to get more use out of it. 

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