23rd Birthday Wishlist

Mulberry Bayswater Double Zip Tote - £1,500
Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt - £85
Alphabet Bags Wash Bag - £24
The Lion King on West End
Nars The Modern Minimalist Collection - £60
Olivia Burton Bee Watch - £135
Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Perfume - £44

On Monday 22nd of Feb I will be turning 23, an age I am actually totally ok with being. I currently don't have any plans for my birthday, other than having the day off work to do whatever I want with. I haven't asked for anything for my birthday from anyone, nor do I really expect to get anything, but I do always love putting together wish lists of things I want, so even If I want to treat myself I can.

First on my wish list is definitely something I don't expect to ever receive on my birthday, but I can dream! Ever since I worked on the handbag section at John Lewis I've had a little bit of a thing for Mulberry bags, and this Bayswater Tote is a slight variation on the classic but is exactly my style of handbag. Although I'd probably be scared to ever use it if I did own it! 

Two perfumes made it onto my list; my all time favourite from Marc Jacobs, the Daisy Dream perfume is one I've recently finished and would love to have it replaced. Slightly more expensive is a Jo Malone cologne, before choosing a scent I would need to head to my local John Lewis and give them all a good smell, but I know I like the Wood Sage & Sea Salt scent. 

This wash bag from Alphabet Bags is one I've wanted since last years birthday, so I might have to treat myself to it. This watch from Olivia Burton is beautiful and I struggled to narrow down my choice as they're all so lovely, but the Bumblebee won me over on this one. I've never tried anything from Nars so this beauty box would be a great way to sample some of their products, the foundation included sounds perfect for me and I'd love to finally try the Orgasm blush! 

Finally, and what would probably be the best birthday present would be to be taken to see The Lion King on the West End. Lion King is my favourite film, and I've seen the stage version twice before and it is beyond amazing. If you know me well you'll know why it means so much to me, but I even have a tattoo of lyrics from one of the songs. So it means a lot to me, and I would LOVE to go and see it again. 

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