A Pop of Red

Winter is without a doubt still here. If anything it's seems to just be getting colder! So although all the shops seem ready to start selling biknis and flip flops I'm staying right where I am wrapped up in layers, with a bobble hat and some comfy boots! 

You might recognise a few of these items as having made an appearance before on my blog. Most of them featured in a recent wishlist, which inspired a quick online order almost immediately after hitting publish. The jumper, hat and scarf are all new purchases, and I am totally in love with them all. Gorgeous neutral colours that look great with a pop of colour from my red boots and new lipstick

Jumper: New Look
Jeans: New Look (sale)
Boots: New Look
Hat: New Look
Necklace: Gift
Lipstick: Essence - 04 On The Catwalk!

I'll be honest, when my photographer, the amazing Soph of Sophie Rosie, sent these photos over to me I wasn't very happy. All I could see was a chubby face, chunky legs and a body that didn't look like me anymore. When I look back at old outfit posts I see how much slimmer I was and I feel really disheartened. My weight gain is my issue, and is something I need to try and work on because I'm not happy with the way I look. 

Ultimately though, after questioning if I should even post these, I decided that my chubby face and chunky thighs are just part of who I am right now. I always want to be honest and real on my blog, and that includes being honest about what I look like, whether I'm happy with it or not. So I've decided instead to focus on other things like my smile, knowing that it came from a best friend making me laugh, and how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful area surrounded by nature, and that I worked my (big) butt off doing something I'm talented at to earn the money to buy these clothes! 

Sometimes you've got to turn things around and find the positive. This is what I look like right now, and thats ok because I am happy, blessed and talented, amongst so many other things. 

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