Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture

I'm a sucker for photos. I remember as a young teenager covering my wall with photos I'd had printed out of me and my friends. They can capture a memory or a feelings so perfectly, and transport you back to that time. 

The sad thing about taking photos nowadays is that they're digital and not physical. You can view them on a screen but you rarely get them printed out to see. So when Cheerz got in touch and asked if I'd like to print out some of my favourite photos I had to say yes. 

Cheerz wanted to make printing quick and easy but with fun high quality products. They offer a range of products which put a twist on your usual printed photos. From a Cheerz Box holding up to 35 polaroid style photos, to individual prints, magnets and photo albums. They even offer photobooth style strips.

I decided on a Cheerz Box featuring a bunch of my favourite photos. You might have seen I'm already loving these polaroid photos in my Desk Makeover post, where I created a display above my desk. I wanted to add to this and include some newer photos, as well as finding other spots to display pictures I love. 

The polaroids are really good quality, and unless the original image is low resolution they all came out really clear. The boxes themselves are really cute and small enough to easily store if you didn't want to display the photos but wanted to save them to look at in the future. 

The process for choosing the photos is really easy, you can choose from your phone or laptop, or sync with Facebook, Instagram or Dropbox. You then just click the photos you want and once you reach the limit you can review them, the site also alerts you if a photo is too low-res, and gives you the chance to crop it to the preferred area. You can even add a filter, change the box colour and add text. 

I was also lucky enough to receive another Cheerz product. The Little Square is a frame featuring four photos and is the perfect size. I decided it was a great way to show some of my favourite photos from my trip to Australia with my best friend a few years ago. 

The quality of the photos wasn't the best resolution, but because the square isn't too big it still looks good. I love that the frame is white, but you can choose between a few finishes, and its made of a lightweight wood so isn't hard to hang or display.

Overall I was really impressed with Cheerz, I think they offer a really great range of products at reasonable prices. They would make such lovely gifts, or are just a nice way to display some of your favourite snaps. 

I've even got a discount code for you, if you use EMMLUE you'll get £4 off your order! I'd definitely recommend checking them out. 

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*Cheerz sent me these products to feature on my blog, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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