A Day at the Races: Outfit

So, if you've been following me and my blog for a while you'll know my weight has been a constant hurdle in my life. It has been up and down, and during my 2 years of blogging i've weighed the lowest I've ever been and the highest I've ever been. My body confidence has been pretty bad almost regardless of what size I am, but especially being back up to the biggest size I've ever been right now. 

Regardless of my weight and size, I'm trying to improve my body confidence and self esteem, and to remind myself that at this size I am still beautiful and sexy. Also that who I am as a person is still the same, and that is what makes me attractive. 

A Day at the Races: Al Shaqab Lockinge Day

Dating is...

I've been single for about 9 months now. Having my heart broken was hard, as it is on anyone I'm sure, but I'm doing ok. I've been dating, as you'll know from previous posts, and if you follow me on twitter where I post far too much about my life. 

In those 9 months i've liked someone, i've been hurt, i've been stood up, and invited on dates I've turned down. I've felt special and wanted, and I've felt used and rejected.