A Day at the Races: Al Shaqab Lockinge Day

I've never been to the races, so when Newbury Racecourse in Berkshire invited me along to their Al Shaqab Lockinge Day I was thrilled! A new experience, a chance to get dressed up and be treated like a VIP in the hospitality suite, it sounded like a great day out. 

Being the most un-orgasnised person in the world, I almost forgot about the event until the day before, when I remembered what it was I was doing with my weekend. At this point I had no one to go with me and nothing to wear, which wasn't the best situation, but what is a best friend for if not to book a train a few hours before it leaves, pack up a suitcase and come stay with you for the weekend, right? Luckily Soph had no plans and could come and join me for a weekend in the posh part of the country.

Arriving at the race course we were directed to the Fred Winter Suite, which was a VIP suite with a balcony looking out on to the race course. They had drinks avaliable throughout the whole day, and they would fill up your glass as soon as it was empty. Food was brought around constantly throughout the day, and it was such amazing food, check out the mini cupcakes! 

Honestly, I felt slightly out of place, surrounded by some of the poshest accents I've ever heard, gucci bags, beautifully dressed women, and oddly enough, a group of 18 year olds who didn't look old enough to be drinking the amount of rose champagne they were! 

Eventually Soph and I settled in and felt a bit more like we belonged, and just enjoyed the experience. We also went for a wander, partly to explore, partly to people watch, and partly to find somewhere to take outfit photos. 

It was so lovely seeing so many dressed up men and women, and I felt beautiful myself. We probably enjoyed the people watching more than the actual races, in fact we didn't make any bets, mostly because we're not betting people, and because we didn't have a clue how to do it! 

The races themselves weren't my favourite part of the day, I don't particularly see the appeal, in fact I much preferred seeing the horse without a rider on their backs, and seeing a horse being rushed away in a 'horse ambulance' kind of put a dampener on the day. I wasn't sure how I felt about horse racing, I know people are strongly passionate on either side, but I don't have a strong enough view to make any case for or against. 

For me, the day was more about the experience, it was a lovely day out, apart from the drunken men shouting "take your clothes off" as we walked past them. I guess, unfortunately, a somewhat to be expected comment to be heard from a lot of very drunk men surrounded by very beautiful women. 

The rest of the day was wonderful though, the horses looked so beautiful, and there was such a fun atmosphere, everyone was merry and enjoying themselves. I'd definitely recommend a day at Newbury Racecourse if you're interested in horse racing, it was a lot of fun, and although it made me realise horse racing isn't for me, I know some people absolutely love it. I feel very lucky to have been invited along, and to have experienced something so different. 

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*Newbury Racecourse invited me along, with a plus one to spend the day at the races in the VIP suite. However all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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