A Day at the Races: Outfit

So, if you've been following me and my blog for a while you'll know my weight has been a constant hurdle in my life. It has been up and down, and during my 2 years of blogging i've weighed the lowest I've ever been and the highest I've ever been. My body confidence has been pretty bad almost regardless of what size I am, but especially being back up to the biggest size I've ever been right now. 

Regardless of my weight and size, I'm trying to improve my body confidence and self esteem, and to remind myself that at this size I am still beautiful and sexy. Also that who I am as a person is still the same, and that is what makes me attractive. 

This outfit, that I wore to the races at Newbury Racecourse, is something that even at my smallest size I might never have felt comfortable in, but that I actually felt really beautiful, sexy and confident in. A feeling I'm not always used to, but that I definitely welcome! 

Denim Jacket [old] - George at Asda
Black Maxi Dress - Boohoo Plus
Necklace [old] - Accessorize
Black bag [old] - New Look 
Blue flats - Primark  

A floor length, tight black dress with a side split up to the thigh isn't what a lot of people would think a size 16-18 girl would feel most confident in. It shows off every lump and bump, doesn't skim over problem areas and leaves nothing to the imagination, and I loved it.

I did wear some sucky-in underwear from New Look to smooth things out a little bit underneath this Boohoo dress. I debated wearing heels, but I thought it might be a bit too much with such a tight dress, and I also honestly hate wearing heels, so instead I just went for a pair of blue flats from Primark that worked ok. 

On top I decided to go for this very old (I'm talking 7 years) denim jacket, that I'm surprised still fits me, turning my outfit slightly more summery, along with sunnies and a pendant necklace.  

Luckily, I took a fellow blogger, and best friend, along with me to the races so spending a good chunk of our day taking outfit photos wasn't a problem! Sophie looked beautiful, so make sure to check out her races outfit over on her blog

Being dressed up and feeling confident surrounded by other beautiful dressed up men and women was really fun, a lot of people watching, admiring some amazing outfits, and some very expensive handbags. 

Although horse racing might not be for me, I definitely enjoyed the day, and I loved spending it with my best friend feeling beautiful and confident. 

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