Revolución De Cuba Milton Keynes

I love cocktails. I love food. I love drinking cocktails while I'm eating food, and I can officially say, Revolución de Cuba does this pretty bloody well. A pina colada is always my drink of choice, in case you were wondering, I'm all about the tropical flavours, and the rum of course. 

A few months back I was invited along to Revolución de Cuba for dinner and drinks, unfortunately no dancing - school night. Arriving to the restaurant you're immediately greeted by music and a relaxed atmosphere, I was pretty excited by the display set out on our table welcoming me!

You might have guessed from the name, but Cuban food is their game, and although I've never been to Latin America before, for me the food definitely filled the criteria. We started with Tapas because sharing is caring, and we definitely made the right choice. I would definitely recommend the tapas, in fact I'd go all out and say screw a main meal, order all the tapas and you'll be very happy! 

The classic Patatas Bravas, little potatoey bites of heaven coated in a spicy tomato sauce, were first on the list, followed by Roasted Chorizo in a red wine and honey sauce, and finally Sticky Chicken Skewers in a honey and lime glaze. This combination was incredibly tasty, and also really good portion sizes, 3 between two was definitely enough, and I could easily see that 6 would fill you for a main meal. 

We debated over our mains for quite some time, before deciding on Chicken Enchilada for me and Chimichanga for my friend, with a side of sweet potato fries for me and rice and beans for my friend. After our delight for the tapas, the main course was a slight let down, the flavours weren't completely there, and it felt a tad more chain restaurant style than the tapas had.  

It wasn't bad, it just could have been better was our overall feeling towards the main. The sweet potato fries were gorgeous though, will be back for a plate of them again soon! 

Overall our meal was lovely, the atmosphere was much more exciting and individual than most of Milton Keynes's restaurants. The cocktails were cracking and the staff were wonderful. I'll definitely be back to sample more of the tapas menu, and probably more of the cocktail menu too!

We were very lucky to be offered our meal for free in exchange for a review, but honestly is always my policy. Revolución de Cuba is a great restaurant, especially against the many other chains Milton Keynes has to offer. Not only is it a great atmosphere for a fun dinner, it's also great for drinks and starting off a night of dancing. 

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